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February 2013 Art Plus Extras

   Another link at, bless'em! (Bonus Link)  The general tone of the comments there was that they want to learn more about the penguin! (See previous post - look closely at 2nd panel of the cartoon at the bottom.)
   So I'll be including more of the Adventures of Kevin Koastie along with my pictures. I've also had a suggestion from Anonymiss in her comment at my post "Old and New" that makes me think I should search my folders for more snowflake related designs before Christmas, so folks can use them for decorative purposes. I guess that's do-able.
   But, for now, here's some art I did in February of this year.

Carosel 2/5/13
I meant to name this Carousel - you know, like a merry-go-round? But I misspelled it, so now it's Carosel.

Bronze Cross, Wings of Fire, and One, Random, Raindrop. 2/11/13
A recurring hazard of drawing outside is having a drop of rain landing on the page, causing the ink to run, or making the paper soggy so it abrades when I try to erase the pencil lines. That's what happened here. I think I covered it over pretty well, but just in case, I included mention of the raindrop in the title to explain the imperfection in the design. See how my mind works?

The Last One 2.0 (Ash Wednesday). 2/13/13
This is the second picture I've titled 'The Last One'. So what's the deal? I've found that 9x11 acid-free card stock is ideal for drawing my designs. It's stiffer that most drawing paper, won't yellow with age, and comes in different colors. This was the 'last one' in a package of 50 parchment patterned card stock I bought at Hobby Lobby the year before. I get sentimental about my art supplies sometimes. Having a favorite pen run dry is like loosing a pet hamster. You know it's going to happen someday, but it still makes you sad for a minute. Not the end of 'Old Yeller' sad, of course, but still I like to pay some sort of homage to the ends of things.
    I also finished it on Ash Wednesday. (Lent came early this year, didn't it?)
Note that I finished this one only 2 days after the last one. Did I really do all this work in 2 days? Nope. I'll sometimes have several designs in various stages of development at the same time. The date refers to the date of completion, but doesn't indicate how long it took to complete. In these two designs, I tried continuing the weave pattern right through the center of the picture. I think it needs a little more fiddling before I get it exactly right, but it still turned out 'pretty good'.

Shelter and Shield. 2/21/13
This one is another 'stretched' circle, with modifications, and also includes what I call the 'those with eyes to see, will see' method of religious iconography. (It was Lent, after all.)

Oh, like this next one, for instance.

Those With Eyes to See, Will See. 2/23/13
In this design, I combined the stretched circle with modifications design element, the basket weave pattern with modifications element, the illusion of curvature with modifications element, and the infinite convergence pattern element. It would have been a fine design except for the inclusion of the Fifth Element - in this case I mean it rained again, dang it!

Beaded Dream Catcher. 2/26/13
I drew this one on a page from a 9x6 drawing pad. I call designs like this 'Dream Catchers' because that's what they look like to me. I added little round dots at the major junction points, initially as a guide to the next step of the pattern development, then I decided they looked kind of cool, so I left them in there and called them 'beads'.

   I developed the 'bead' design element in this next design ...

Crazy Sky. 2/28/13
   ... and after I finished it, I never used it again. It was an experiment, but it didn't lead anywhere interesting, so I let it go.  (for now.)

   Well, that's everything I can show you art-wise from February. And now, since you twisted my arm (Ow! Ow! Let go!) Here's another few panels of Kevin Koastie!

AOKK, pg. 3 & 4
AOKK, pg. 5 & 6
To be continued ...

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