Monday, December 9, 2013

New Stuff - 2013 Fresh.

Harvey, At IMAO, who I promised 10% of my first million to (in bacon) in exchange for all his advise and encouragement, has made my humble little blog his Link Of The Day at IMAO twice (Link and Link) already with a heads-up that it shall be again on Monday. So to give the fans a little more to savor, I'm going to start showing off my new stuff (all primo 2013).
   Tonight I'll begin with what I chose as my cover design for my 2013 collection. In prior years it was something in black and white, but I decided to go with color this year.

Almost There But Close Enough. 4/8/13
Would you believe it started out as a cube?

   This is the first picture completed in January of 2013 that I didn't give away. (I had a backlog of people I'd kinda sorta promised pictures to for Christmas last year.)

Distant Beauty. 1/18/13 
I did a little experimentation here, trying to add an organic element to the weave pattern; possibly suggesting vines or thorns, but I didn't quite figure it out this time. Maybe that's why the beauty is so distant?

Did you ever hear about the Quantum Weather Butterfly? Terry Pratchett  made use of them in some of his Disc World novels. The theory goes that the beating of a butterflies wings in one part of the world can have the accumulative effect of causing hurricanes, tornadoes and floods in another part of the world.
Quantum Weather Butterfly. 1/24/13
 So don't blame SUVs for climate change, blame those dang butterflies!

   I did quite a few basket weave (what I call them) pattern designs last year and this year - there's just so many possible variations to play with. This one turned out quite well, I think.

Variation on a Basket Weave. 1/31/13
   And finally, a glimmer of an idea of a hunch of a speculation about a possible web comic...

Hand drawn, in ink, with only slight recourse to white-out when absolutely necessary. Why? Because it's harder that way!

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