Friday, December 20, 2013

How I Did It, and What I've Done.

   Back in 2004 when I first tried to create some works of art that might, possibly, could-be, maybe, someday be worth someone actually buying for like, cash money, I prepared a step-by-step guide to how I create my designs because people kept asking me how I did it.

Step 1: Draw the foundation lines.

Step 2: Set the structure.

Step 3: Block the design.

Step 4: Add detail.

Step 5: Ink, shadow & texture.
Step 6: Erase pencil lines. Step 7: Add color. (try to stay inside the lines)
How I do it. 10/3/04
   Tah Dah!
    I may have left out a step or two, and I may have added a step or two since I drew this, but that's the basic process. I'm always trying something different, and gradually adding to the complexity of what I can achieve on a piece of paper.
   Here's a few examples from previous years - sort of a "Best Of" selection: (mostly from 2010).
Tribes. 12/16/09
Inner Strength. 4/5/10
Pulse. 5/27/10
Pulses. 6/1/10
5.833 times around. 6/5/10
Dream Catcher #2. 7/7/10
Dream Catcher #3. 7/12/10
Wrecked Tangles (rectangles). 7/15/10
Collide-a-scope. 8/3/10
Awkward Spirals. 8/6/10
Incursions. 8/19/10
Release the Kraken! 8/24/10
Autumn Moon. 10/1/10
Autumn Dream Catcher. 10/5/10
Lavender Spiral. 10/7/10
The Last One. 10/19/10
"The Last One" refers to it being drawn on the last of a package of 50 cream colored card stock sheets. I did some good drawing on those sheets, they deserved some sort of commemoration. (Sigh) 2010 was a good year, all things considered. Well, I hope you like the lesson and the examples!
   And now, Kevin Koastie:
To be continued...
See? I told you there would be more penguins! :)


  1. Ooooh! I really like "Tribes" :)

  2. Anonymiss, "Tribes" was inspired by the 2008 election cycle, which seemed to go on forever, and which included a lot of talk about "red states", "blue states" and "purple states". So I mashed them all together in one lump and called it "tribes". In the lower right corner you can see one lonely door leading into the side of a hill - That's Ralph Nader and the "green party". Heh.