Monday, December 2, 2013

Inspiration Comes From Many Sources

   Well, I'm back again. Back in early November, I read a charming post at IMAO, Princess Bride Playing Cards, which inspired me to create 2 new designs.

(I think there might be something beyond professional courtesy developing between Harvey and Anonymiss, but I could be mistaken. But if I ain't, it's all good.)

Anyway, the post was promoting a new item, a deck of playing cards featuring characters from the movie, The Princess Bride. My first design might do as a design for the back of the playing cards, but it's actually a maze - You have to try to get from 1 big red diamond to the other by following one of the paths that touches their borders. You can't change colors, or cross the black lines. If the path you're on goes under a cross, you continue straight through to the other side and continue. I calculate you may find yourself bending through twelve angles of orientation, but the two blocks Are connected, so good luck with that.

The Princess and the Pirate - A Love Story.
   This is as big as I can post it here. Sorry. Anyway, the maze represents the Pirate's quest to rescue the Princess, or something, but it's also another attempt to wrap my mind around that zig-zag net design I've been working on. Besides the diagonal and vertical lines I'd used before, I added horizontal lines, and hence up to 12 angles of orientation. Ha! Those "String Theory" geeks think there are 11 dimensions of space-time, but in My World there are 12! This one is for Harvey.

   So, using this new version of the zig-zag net, my thoughts turned to the charming Anonymiss. Previously I'd bent the net into a circle and created The "Idea" of Cookies. (see previous post). But I couldn't just give her another cookie, could I? No, I really had to stretch my creative muscles for this one!

The "Idea" of Cupcakes.
Please note the addition of the circular lines, in place of the horizontal lines of the previous design. Pretty cool, eh? Eh?

So, that's 2 pictures down, about 400 more to go. This was a good exercise for me, as it gave me my first opportunity to scan a picture into my computer without my brother looking over my shoulder. Gee, I hope I got it right.

It's become my custom over the last few years to spend the month or so between Thanksgiving and Christmas drawing pictures to give away to my co-workers at the bank I guard. I reckon if they know they're gonna get cool pictures from me at Christmas, they won't mind me drawing on the job during the rest of the year. Hey, it works for me! So, in that spirit, I'll be mailing these to Harvey for the holidays. If it helps him score some gallantry points with Anonymiss - well, I'm glad to help a brother out, ya know what I mean?


  1. 4of7 you have OUTDONE yourself!

    I love the maze idea. I think I'm gonna go crazy trying to get through it. So fun.

    The curved lines in The "Idea" of Cupcakes are amazing. It's both ridiculously complex, and yet so simple. The colors are some of my favorites. Love them both so much. :)

    Keep on drawing...and Merry Christmas :)

  2. Anonymiss - Thank you! And congratulations; you are my firstest ever commentor! No matter how far fame and fortune may carry me, nothing can take that away from you! Today is a Good day!

  3. Wow. Your work is (I won't say Amazing) really good. I haven't burned this many mental calories in a non-reading pursuit in I don't know how long.
    Many years ago my friends and I would stare at TV screens trying to find our way through mazes, but they were created by me on a Commodore Vic-20 by printing "/" and "\" randomly, top to bottom. The idea was to find a path from one edge to another. Thank you for reminding of some good times.

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

  4. Steve H: Thanks! I'll let you in on a creative secret - I didn't realize that I had created a maze until I started to color it in! I used a really sharp colored pencil (deep yellow) and started tracing along 1 edge of 1 path (next to one of the red diamonds) and determined that I wouldn't stop until that line came back to where it began. Well, it wandered all over the place and eventually made contact with the other red diamond, when I said to myself, "Self, you've done it again! Now it's a maze! You can use that!". The rest, as they say, was easy! That's how I've learned to use the randomness - the unexpected confluences that create surprising results beyond my initial expectations. Sort of like life. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you too!

  5. Hi Don! I was the guy you met at Pier One last night! Your work is fantastic. Go over to Blue Canvas to promote your work and get feed back from other artists. Your work is unique- make sure you let everyone know that it is created by hand and not software.
    I found it intriguing to see that you also did some comic strips- cool! That was always a dream of mine, but never did go forth with it.
    You can look at some of my photography and paintings over at :
    It was good meeting you and hope to see you on blue canvas selling some work!
    Craig Lafferty

  6. Craig - Thanks. I'll check it out.