Wednesday, December 4, 2013


   Here's the deal, OK? Every picture I've shown so far on my brand-new, sparkly blog spot is one I've given away. I've sold some in the past, and because I didn't have a scanner or copier handy back then, I can't show you those. (and some of them where danged good, let me tell you!)
   I'll be displaying my new stuff, and some of my 'golden oldies', in the days ahead and maybe even offer them for sale to those who want more than pretty pictures on a screen to enjoy. For now I just want a venue to show off my stuff. It's an ego rush, for sure.
   Harvey at IMAO says he's going to make my Little Worlds the Link of the Day tomorrow, Dec. 4, which is great, but I reckoned I should have a little more 'product' on display for the 'Grand Opening'.
   Well, it turns out I have a "Special Collection" of work from the past few years which is 'On Hold' because a friend wants to buy them but can't afford them just yet, so I promised to set them aside until she asks for them. So that's what I'll show off today. The 'Tease' is that even if you wanted to buy them, you can't, so just enjoy!

The first one, from 2010, is what I called a fractile because I didn't know how to spell fractal.
Blue Crosses. 5/17/10
My scanner trimmed the bottom of some of the pictures a bit close, but I guess it looks good enough.

   The next one is a sort of a first in two ways. It's the first in which I used metallic colored pencils, and the first in which I experimented with wing-shapes.

Wings of the Arc-Angel. 4/4/11
I drew this one on the back of a FDIC info page I found lying on a counter at the bank. They were free to customers, printed on good card-stock, and I was out of drawing paper that day.

   Several of these I would classify as part of my "Fun With Circles" series. The middle of these designs is pretty straight forward, even repetitive. The challenge is answering the existential question, "What do I do with the center and the edges?"

Order receding. 3/2/12
 The center here is not small, it's just very far away.

   The title of this next one is a play on words, and partially a protest of the way TV shows tend to represent Angels. The devils, vampires, werewolves and other boogie-monsters get to dress in leather, and be all big and bad, but angels get the 'Florence Nightingale - I'm just here to help' treatment. Seriously, no one messes with Angels if they know what's good for them!

Torched by an Angel. 3/26/12
Yeah, that's supposed to be a planet getting the 'egg in a microwave oven' treatment down there at the bottom.

   This next one represents an idea I got from a short story I read years ago. According to the story, when war broke out in Heaven, all the angels chose sides, except for one. Because he couldn't decide which side to support, Randomness was unleashed into the universe. His punishment was to supervise an infinite number of monkeys tapping randomly at an infinite number of typewriters until they managed to produce a complete folio of the works of William Shakespeare. personally, I use randomness in most of my designs to some degree. The fun is using the randomness to bring out aspects of the design I couldn't have foreseen if I'd meticulously planned every pen stroke. So here's a tribute to the random element.

Uncommitted Angel. 4/1/12
 It also features an early version of the zig-zag net in the background.

This one shows the serendipity that appears when I let the randomness run wild (or at least on a loose leash). The control comes back in when I decided to add a layer of yellow between the brown and the black, but it works, I think.

I Saw it With My Eyes Closed 2. 5/4/12
But seriously, I Did see it with my eyes closed!

This one was going to be titled "Tesla's Tower" but serendipity stepped in again. Do you see that tiny little pointed bit at the top, center of the design? I thought it looked like the great pyramid at Giza, seen from a distance. So, I colored it in a two-tone sandy motif, to help along the pyramid idea, and counted on all the hype about ancient astronauts and 'pyramid power' that's going around to help sell the implied story.

Beneath the Pyramid. 5/8/12
Tesla is cool too.

   In this one I tried to combine 2 very different kind of designs, what I call a dream-catcher (fun with circles) and a 3-D-ish structure.

Soul of the City (Civic Spirit). 5/22/12
   This one is a triple-reverse pulse spiral design with fiddly-bits at the top and the bottom. The structure was quite precise, but I chose the colors at random and the selection ended up kind of heavy with dark greens. But I made it work.

Green Lantern. 5/24/12
(No association with DC Comics or any of their copyrights is implied.)

   This one falls into the "Fun With Cubes" category.

New & Improved Hyper-Cube. 6/21/12
    Cubes are cool because our minds insist on seeing them as boxes, no matter what we do with them. In this case, the cube is in the colors, not in the structure of the design.

   This next one is a personal favorite of mine. I drew the design, then picked two sets of colors, one light and the other dark, and started coloring the design from the top and bottom, alternating layer after layer, in a race to the center. It turned out kind of Ying-Yang-ish.

Which One Wins? The One You Feed. 7/1/12
The title refers to an ancient Indian legend I read on the internet last year. As the story goes, we each have two wolves inside us. One is good and noble and brave, and the other is vicious, cruel and evil. These beasts fight for control of us. Make sure you feed the right one.

   This one is sort of Yingity-Yangity also.

Having grown weary of circles, I began playing with spirals, which are easy to do poorly, but difficult to do well. I'm still working on it.

   I wondered what would happen if I stretched a circle into an oval. Now I know.

Arena. 10/26/12
I added two multi-colored little circles to the sides of the main design, but my scanner cut them off; dang it! One was to hide a nasty tobacco-stained thumb print along the edge of the page, and the other was to balance the first one. Since then I've learned it's important to wipe my hands well after dipping snuff while drawing.

   This one is just kind of weird, but the colors are pretty.

Ghost Circle. 11/5/12
If you can't see the circle, it's OK. The circle is more implied that expressed, but like that old spaghetti sauce slogan, "It's in there!"

   Last but not least, another Cube with attitude. Note the date of this composition.

Fundamentals Don't Change. 11/7/12
I made sure that the 3 visible faces of the cube were highlighted in Red, White and Blue because I was feeling particularly belligerently patriotic that day. Maybe some day I'll rename this one, "See, I Told You So!"

Well, did I tease you with a sampling of my skills? Leave comments if you like, but remember that I'm a sensitive artistic type (with split personalities and a safe full of guns). Thank you.


  1. Wow! "Green Lantern" is hypnotic. I could get lost in there. "I Saw it With My Eyes Closed 2" does remind me of what it looks like when I push on my eyeballs while they are closed -- the fractals and everthing. I like Arena, too.

    Some don't do much for me -- I feel a sort of busy, uneasy confusion, like I can't sync with it, but others just bring out my fascination and wonder and warmth.

    Keep up the good work, Don! I can totally see some of these hanging on a wall for decor. Maybe at hotels or office buildings?

  2. Thanks, Kevin. Another reason I called my pictures "Little Worlds" is they're mostly fairly small (9" by 11" mainly). Hallway and hotel art tends to be larger. I've gotten advice to the effect that I should 'blow up' my designs, transfer them to canvas, or just start larger. Who knows? Maybe someday I'll do giant murals. (Hmmm... I'll need bigger colored pencils... )