Saturday, January 25, 2014

2013 Fresh - November.

   This is the work I completed in November before Thanksgiving.
Update: Link of the Day at IMAO.

   But first, Kevin Koastie!
Travel Options. 1/25/13
Infinite Confluence (to the 8th power) Rubber Ducky. 11/1/13
   I finished Rubber Ducky one day too late for Holloween, but it's as creepy as anything I've done in years.

Sea Shore 2. 11/11/13
Dark Days, Bright Future. 11/18/13
Whatever the Opposite of Bulgyness Is. 11/20/13
Bulgyness. 11/22/13
   These last three are 8 point nets. One Circular, one concave and one convex.
And now it's late and I'm tired. Good night!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

2013 Fresh - October.

   I seem to have gotten a lot done in October. Must have been the nice weather we had that month.
Update: IMAO - Variety is Also the Spice of Art.

Spinning. 10/1/13
   I never get tired of circle-based designs - there's always something new to try.
It's Moving! 10/2/13
   I used the edge of a Sacajawea gold dollar to make the wavy lines.
October Snowflake. 10/3/13
    I posted this one in my earlier post, (The "Idea" of Snowflakes) but this is where it belongs (in a chronological sense).
Wobbly World. 10/6/13
   This one is the same as "It's Moving!" only more so.
Green Energy. 10/8/13
   I still prefer 60 watt incandescent bulbs for home lighting.

Eucharist. 10/11/13
   This one and the following one are further explorations of the circular zig-zag net design I created for Anonymiss of Nuking Politics, (The "Idea" of Cookies).
Trinity. 10/17/13
   Of course, later on I expanded it further to the full-bore 8 point 12 dimensional zig-zag net, but that's another story.
Zig-Zag Monolith. 10/19/13
Labyrinth. 10/22/13
   I use the word Labyrinth to describe designs that have maze-like qualities, but without an entrance or an exit. Kind of like that old song, Hotel California. "You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave!"
Snow Globe. 10/24/13
    See? More circles!
Door Into Autumn. 10/29/13
   This one is my first attempt at a 8 point zig-zag. I later developed it into such well received works like The Princess and the Pirate - A Love Story, and The "Idea" of Cupcakes. You'll see that I did a few more variations in November. Well, that's a total of 11 designs completed in 30 days. October was a good month - all things considered. I hope you like them!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

2013 Fresh - September, plus 1.

Update: IMAO Link of the Day; Unraveling and Reraveling and a Gratuitous Penguin

Here's the work I completed in September, 2013, plus one from the tail end of August.

But first, Kevin Koastie!

Dramatic Fist Shaking Galore. 1/18/14
   This is where I began developing what I call the 'Zig-Zag Net'.
Broad Sweep Zig-Zag Net. 8/30/13
Narrow Sweep Zig-Zag Net. 9/5/13
3rd Variant, Zig-Zag Net. 9/7/13
4th Variant, Zig-Zag Net. 9/11/13
5th Variant, Zig-Zag Net. 9/13/13
   After cranking out 5 variants of the design in rapid fire I said to myself, "Self, you got this down good enough, now have some Fun with it!" So I did!
The Illusion of Buldginess. 9/19/13
   This was a fun one to draw, even though I Did end up misspelling 'bulginess'. Oops.
6 Degrees of Separation. 9/23/13
   This one is pretty much the same design as the last one, only more so.
Unraveling. 9/25/13
Reraveling. 9/28/13
   These last two are related in design, used the same colors in the same order, but with a minor difference in the rule I set for the application of each color. Different rules, different results. Maybe there's a metaphor in there somewhere?

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2013 Fresh - August. (mostly)

 Here's the work I finished in August, 2013, with one exception.
UPDATE: IMAO - Because the colored pencils told him to.

Blue Summer. 8/5/13
   Years ago, I created a design I entitled "Summer". A lady liked it and bought it. I thought, "If that was so popular, I'll make another just like it!" unfortunately, I couldn't remember how I'd made it. So I did a series of 10 drawings I called, "Quest For Summer, 1 thru 10". I finally figured out how I did it, and now I can crank out a 'summer' whenever I want to! Yay! Of course, no two are alike, because there's still room for the randomness to play in the secondary details and colors, but they all bare a family resemblance.

Right to Left, Top to Bottom, Random Progression (30 colors)
Top to Bottom, Right to Left, Center - Out, Random Progression, (21 or so colors) 8/9/13
   These two were experiments in random design. I reached into my box of colored pencils with my eyes closed and used whatever color came out first. Then I counted how many colors it took to finish the design. With the second one, I began the color progression from the top AND the center just because but it looks good to me. But I got so 'into' the details, that I forgot to keep count of the colors I used. Oops.

Hidden Message. 8/14/13
      I had the idea that I could work 'hidden messages' into my work, so that only the person who owned it would know what it said. Positive little messages like, "Lord, give me patience, Right Now!" or more emotionally satisfying but morally questionable messages like, "If I wanted your opinion, I'd beat it out of you!" or "If I wanted any crap out of you I'd squeeze your head!" But there didn't seem much interest in it so I stopped. Mostly.

Last Stand. 8/15/13
   Throughout the summer, my box of colored pencils suffered a war of attrition. As each pencil was worn down to a height of less than 3 inches I could no longer get a good grip on it, and had to retire it. (very sad). This was the last blaze of glory for the last ten or so colors left from a once proud box of 86 colors. It kind of reminds me of the 300 Spartans at Thermopylae, really.
Generations (Requiem for a Box of 86 Colors). 8/19/13
   I used the last 3 pencils from the old box to start off this new design, then finished it with a selection of colors from my new box of 100 pencils - Kind of like Captain Kirk passing the heritage of the Enterprise to Captain Piccard in that movie. "Oh my...".
Lavender Town. 8/27/13
   After the trauma of breaking in a new box of pencils, I needed to relax by creating another town. Since I now had three different shades of lavender to play with, I used them all. Very mellow.

   I did one more design in August, but since it ties into a series of drawings I did in September, you'll have to wait to see it. Stay tuned!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

2013 Fresh - July

   Here's the work I completed in July, 2013.
UPDATE: Link! July 2013 and Kevin Koastie and an Appeal to Basil

   But first, a history lesson!
History Revision - Unintentional. 1/12/14
   And now, July!
Zeno's Paradox; Illustrated. 7/3/13
Zeno was an ancient Greek Stand-Up Philosopher who basically said you can never reach your destination because before you crossed the whole distant, you had to cross half the distant, and then half of that distant, and half of that, etc. etc. That's the paradox. Zeno talked a good line of BS, but I'll bet he lost a lot of bar bets when his logic puzzles failed to meet the expectations of reality. So I set out to illustrate the paradox by creating a spiral in the center that constantly approaches the center but never actually gets there. (allowing for the limits of vision, the width of my pen, and the grain of the paper, of course). Then augmented that with a border design that keeps reducing in size while doubling in surface area. So I've got a pretty picture that's infinitely small at its center, with a infinite circumference, but with a finite surface area. Just an idea I had.

It Touched the Edge and Just Went Crazy. 7/8/13
... that happens more often than you might think!

Red Window. 7/11/13
Complex Symmetry. 7/15/13
   Aaaand that's all I got for July! I started scratching my head and trying to remember what I did with the rest of the month and then I vaguely remembered creating 5 designs, all in a row, that I called 'Fun With Cubes - #1, #2, #3, #4 & #5'. That was part of my one-time, voluntary, art-redistribution scheme to share-the-art, ensure equality of art-outcomes and otherwise resolve my art-guilt by sending them all to Basil at IMAO as explained in my first post here A Little Story.
   So if Basil would post them, (hint, hint) you all could see them, and I would link them here. But he hasn't and you all can't and I won't. Huh, Maybe that's why redistribution schemes never work?

Update: 3/11/14 - Basil came through! Little Worlds Art No. 1
Fun with Cubes #1 - Braided Cube. July 2013
Basil says he'll post the rest later. Good old Basil!
Update: 3/15/14 - Little Worlds Art No. 2

Fun With Cubes #2 - City Block. July 2013
Update: 3/17/14 - IMAO link: Little Worlds Art No. 3
Fun With Cubes #3 - Summer 2013. July 2013
Update: 3/19/14 - IMAO link: Little Worlds Art No. 4
Fun With Cubes #4 - 3 Point Maze
Update: 3/24/14 Little Worlds art, No. 5
Fun With Cubes #5 - Nature Favors the Hidden Flaw. July 2013.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2013 Fresh - June. (Plus early Christmas - or late, depending on your point of view.)

   Here's the work I completed in June, 2013.
Update: IMAO link - Hootie Owl and other Intricacies

Hootie-Owl. 6/4/13
When I was working on this one,  and it was still in the pencil and ink phase, a little old lady walked by and asked me, "What's that? A hootie-owl?" Well, that name will do as well as any other, I guess.

Gently Cooking Hypercube. 6/6/13
Breaking Out. 6/9/13
Breaking Through. 6/11/13
These designs were all variations on a design element I call (Broken Braid Basket Weave). It kept me interested for a week or two. Then I decided it was time to go to Happy Town.
Happy Town. 6/14/13

Spiraling Towards the Zero Point. 6/17/13
Broken Braid Sunrise. 6/19/13
Plum Center 6/24/13
Outside-In Fractile Thumbprint. 6/26/13
I forgot the cardinal rule of tobacco dipping artists - wipe your hands after dipping! So that stylized brown thumbprint at the bottom is covering up a real tobacco stained thumbprint. Dang it!

Well, that brings us to mid-year. Back in February I did a picture I entitled "Crazy Sky".
I mean this one.
This last one I gave as a Christmas present back in December, then borrowed back so I could post it here. I could have entitled this one "Sane Sky". You can see that the designs are related, but one is a bit more 'evolved' than the other. There's always room for improvement!

... and on Earth, peace to men of good will. 12/20/13
Well, that's all for now. Peace!