Friday, January 3, 2014

2013 Fresh - April (plus a few extras).

   Hmmm... You know, from now on, when (if) I get linked again, I'm going to add the links to the post itself, rather than mention it in my following post as I've been doing, 'cause that's what all the 'cool' bloggers seem to do. Like this - Link of the Day: Artistic 2-fer!

   Anyway, down to business! I've got some more drawing to show, this time from April, 2013. But first, here's one I gave away last December (2012) to a guy at the bank where I work. He showed it to me the other day and I asked him if I could borrow it to post here. He said he's saving it against the day of my ultimate demise when he hopes it will suddenly become worth a fortune. (I'm keeping my eye on him.) I put the date of completion on all my work, but this one is unique because it's the only one I ever drew that had an expiration date! (It's a visual riddle - can you guess the answer?)

Tic, Tic, Tic... 12/17/12
Here's a hint; the numbers I worked into the design at the top are 2012:12:20:23:59:56.

   And now, April!
9 color Complex Zig-Zag Easter Egg. 4/2/13
Happy Easter! I later developed this pattern into the full-blown 8-point, 12-dimensional zig-zag net, but the pattern at this stage has its charms also because of the structured randomness I could play with. (It involved rolling dice, but it's hard to explain.)

Eggsactly. 4/3/13
   This is a Two-fer (two fer the price of one.) because it looked like an egg to me when I looked at it this way, but when I turned it upside down ...
Lightening Bug. 4/3/13
... It looked like a Lightening Bug (with lightening bolts, even). So I gave it 2 titles, depending on how you present it. If you hang it sideways, you're on your own!

Color Experiment - Magenta. 4/5/13
   I experimented here not only with the color pattern, but with the structure, shape and treatment of the lines of the design. It started as circular, but I stretched it at the top and bottom, then bulged it in the middle. The lines sometimes collide, sometimes pass under the previously drawn lines, and, because I left random gaps in the lines, pass over the previously drawn lines - just to see how it would look.

   This next one was actually drawn in March, but as it became part of a series of related drawings, I present it here.
   The big annual college basketball tournament was on last Spring, and all the news reports were asking, "Who will make it to the Final Four?" Well, that got me wondering about the 'First Four' and who would win a tournament among them? I refer, of course, to the four basic elements from classic Greek natural philosophy; Earth, Air, Fire and Water.
   So, to graphically represent this clash of the elements, I drew 3 designs, different in pattern, but uniform in composition, selected colors that represented the different elements, and raced to the center of each design, starting from the top and bottom with two conflicting sets of colors - depending on random fluctuations in the design to break any tie, the winner being determined by which set of colors dominated the central hub of each pattern. I got the idea from my earlier drawing, "Which One Wins? The One You Feed."
I mean this one.

So, here's my interpretation of the ultimate "Final Four" Tournament:

Final 4 - 1st Round. Earth vs. Sky (Air), Earth Wins - 5 to 4. 3/9/13

Final 4 - 2nd Round: Fire vs Water, Water Loses - 3 to 5. 4/10/13
Final 4 - Final Round. Earth vs. Fire, Earth Wins - 13 to 11. 4/12/13
   Yay! Earth wins! We should celebrate with beer! And speaking of beer, if you study the structure of "Earth vs. Fire", you'll see where I got the inspiration for "The 'Idea' of Beer", possibly my most popular picture at IMAO.
I mean this one.
Both are developments of that 'Transpermia' design I came up with earlier back in March. See how one thing leads to another?
   Hurrying on....
Unfinished Zig-Zag Globe. 4/16/13
Semi-Random, Curved, Linked Structure, Broad Progression. B2T. 4/22/13
This one and the next one were experiments in how changes in the way I set down my colors would effect the overall look of the finished design. So I drew 2 similar designs, used the same colors in the same order in both, but with 2 slight differences.
Semi-Random, Curved, Linked Structure, Narrow Progression T2B. 4/23/13
Either broad or narrow progression, and one was colored in from the bottom to the top, (B2T) and the other from the top to the bottom, (T2B). Broad means the colors advance from edge to edge where ever two forms touch within the design. It creates a wash of color over the design. Narrow means the colors advance only along one side of each form until that form is complete colored or the side meets a hard edge. It makes a design seem more 3 dimensional, but it takes longer to color in all the fiddly little bits. I was trying to decide which method I prefer. Still undecided. (shrugs shoulders).
    That's all for now. Have a good weekend!


  1. I came to both your March one and this one, from IMAO. Wonderful!!!!
    I tabbed your site.

    I love your work. Thanks for putting it online.

    Minta Marie Morze

  2. I'll have more by tomorrow, including a new episode of Kevin Koastie!