Wednesday, January 15, 2014

2013 Fresh - August. (mostly)

 Here's the work I finished in August, 2013, with one exception.
UPDATE: IMAO - Because the colored pencils told him to.

Blue Summer. 8/5/13
   Years ago, I created a design I entitled "Summer". A lady liked it and bought it. I thought, "If that was so popular, I'll make another just like it!" unfortunately, I couldn't remember how I'd made it. So I did a series of 10 drawings I called, "Quest For Summer, 1 thru 10". I finally figured out how I did it, and now I can crank out a 'summer' whenever I want to! Yay! Of course, no two are alike, because there's still room for the randomness to play in the secondary details and colors, but they all bare a family resemblance.

Right to Left, Top to Bottom, Random Progression (30 colors)
Top to Bottom, Right to Left, Center - Out, Random Progression, (21 or so colors) 8/9/13
   These two were experiments in random design. I reached into my box of colored pencils with my eyes closed and used whatever color came out first. Then I counted how many colors it took to finish the design. With the second one, I began the color progression from the top AND the center just because but it looks good to me. But I got so 'into' the details, that I forgot to keep count of the colors I used. Oops.

Hidden Message. 8/14/13
      I had the idea that I could work 'hidden messages' into my work, so that only the person who owned it would know what it said. Positive little messages like, "Lord, give me patience, Right Now!" or more emotionally satisfying but morally questionable messages like, "If I wanted your opinion, I'd beat it out of you!" or "If I wanted any crap out of you I'd squeeze your head!" But there didn't seem much interest in it so I stopped. Mostly.

Last Stand. 8/15/13
   Throughout the summer, my box of colored pencils suffered a war of attrition. As each pencil was worn down to a height of less than 3 inches I could no longer get a good grip on it, and had to retire it. (very sad). This was the last blaze of glory for the last ten or so colors left from a once proud box of 86 colors. It kind of reminds me of the 300 Spartans at Thermopylae, really.
Generations (Requiem for a Box of 86 Colors). 8/19/13
   I used the last 3 pencils from the old box to start off this new design, then finished it with a selection of colors from my new box of 100 pencils - Kind of like Captain Kirk passing the heritage of the Enterprise to Captain Piccard in that movie. "Oh my...".
Lavender Town. 8/27/13
   After the trauma of breaking in a new box of pencils, I needed to relax by creating another town. Since I now had three different shades of lavender to play with, I used them all. Very mellow.

   I did one more design in August, but since it ties into a series of drawings I did in September, you'll have to wait to see it. Stay tuned!


  1. Just thinking an alternate title for Blue Summer would be "Attack of the Borg After Assimilating the Easter Bunny Planet".

    Which is why I leave the titling to you...

  2. "Resistance is fuchsia!"
    I like it!