Sunday, January 12, 2014

2013 Fresh - July

   Here's the work I completed in July, 2013.
UPDATE: Link! July 2013 and Kevin Koastie and an Appeal to Basil

   But first, a history lesson!
History Revision - Unintentional. 1/12/14
   And now, July!
Zeno's Paradox; Illustrated. 7/3/13
Zeno was an ancient Greek Stand-Up Philosopher who basically said you can never reach your destination because before you crossed the whole distant, you had to cross half the distant, and then half of that distant, and half of that, etc. etc. That's the paradox. Zeno talked a good line of BS, but I'll bet he lost a lot of bar bets when his logic puzzles failed to meet the expectations of reality. So I set out to illustrate the paradox by creating a spiral in the center that constantly approaches the center but never actually gets there. (allowing for the limits of vision, the width of my pen, and the grain of the paper, of course). Then augmented that with a border design that keeps reducing in size while doubling in surface area. So I've got a pretty picture that's infinitely small at its center, with a infinite circumference, but with a finite surface area. Just an idea I had.

It Touched the Edge and Just Went Crazy. 7/8/13
... that happens more often than you might think!

Red Window. 7/11/13
Complex Symmetry. 7/15/13
   Aaaand that's all I got for July! I started scratching my head and trying to remember what I did with the rest of the month and then I vaguely remembered creating 5 designs, all in a row, that I called 'Fun With Cubes - #1, #2, #3, #4 & #5'. That was part of my one-time, voluntary, art-redistribution scheme to share-the-art, ensure equality of art-outcomes and otherwise resolve my art-guilt by sending them all to Basil at IMAO as explained in my first post here A Little Story.
   So if Basil would post them, (hint, hint) you all could see them, and I would link them here. But he hasn't and you all can't and I won't. Huh, Maybe that's why redistribution schemes never work?

Update: 3/11/14 - Basil came through! Little Worlds Art No. 1
Fun with Cubes #1 - Braided Cube. July 2013
Basil says he'll post the rest later. Good old Basil!
Update: 3/15/14 - Little Worlds Art No. 2

Fun With Cubes #2 - City Block. July 2013
Update: 3/17/14 - IMAO link: Little Worlds Art No. 3
Fun With Cubes #3 - Summer 2013. July 2013
Update: 3/19/14 - IMAO link: Little Worlds Art No. 4
Fun With Cubes #4 - 3 Point Maze
Update: 3/24/14 Little Worlds art, No. 5
Fun With Cubes #5 - Nature Favors the Hidden Flaw. July 2013.


  1. My apologies. I'm actually visiting family this week, but have added a note to my calendar for when I'm back in Columbus on Monday.

  2. Thanks, Basil!
    Folks, I apologize for putting Basil on the spot - I was trying to be funny and suspect I may have only been rude. I'll let that be a lesson to me.