Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2013 Fresh - June. (Plus early Christmas - or late, depending on your point of view.)

   Here's the work I completed in June, 2013.
Update: IMAO link - Hootie Owl and other Intricacies

Hootie-Owl. 6/4/13
When I was working on this one,  and it was still in the pencil and ink phase, a little old lady walked by and asked me, "What's that? A hootie-owl?" Well, that name will do as well as any other, I guess.

Gently Cooking Hypercube. 6/6/13
Breaking Out. 6/9/13
Breaking Through. 6/11/13
These designs were all variations on a design element I call (Broken Braid Basket Weave). It kept me interested for a week or two. Then I decided it was time to go to Happy Town.
Happy Town. 6/14/13

Spiraling Towards the Zero Point. 6/17/13
Broken Braid Sunrise. 6/19/13
Plum Center 6/24/13
Outside-In Fractile Thumbprint. 6/26/13
I forgot the cardinal rule of tobacco dipping artists - wipe your hands after dipping! So that stylized brown thumbprint at the bottom is covering up a real tobacco stained thumbprint. Dang it!

Well, that brings us to mid-year. Back in February I did a picture I entitled "Crazy Sky".
I mean this one.
This last one I gave as a Christmas present back in December, then borrowed back so I could post it here. I could have entitled this one "Sane Sky". You can see that the designs are related, but one is a bit more 'evolved' than the other. There's always room for improvement!

... and on Earth, peace to men of good will. 12/20/13
Well, that's all for now. Peace!


  1. Re: the naming of Hootie Owl":

    Thankfully, that woman wasn't around in the 1500's.

    Michaelangelo's "David" might have been called "Nekkid Boy" or "Mmmmmmm; Mmmmmm, Mmmmph."

    1. Well, at least she used her imagination enough to see Something there! Sometimes my designs create images, but they're like the fleeting images we see in the shapes of clouds. Once you see it, you can't escape it, but I didn't intend it when I drew it. Since she said "Hootie-Owl" that's what I see when I look at it, so I just went with it!

  2. i sent Hootie-Owl to the World Bird Sanctuary. (actually, i sent them all because i couldn't send just one, but it was for Hootie-Owl that i sent them).

    1. You should be able to copy and paste these images if you want to, or do the 'save as' thing and download them. But sending a link works too. Thanks for spreading the word.

  3. "Happy Town" - I've gazed at it lovingly for long enough to decide that, in fact, a carpenter could make one. And then paint it identically to this. Imagine the income potential if a gallery offered not only 3-D versions but also prints of this masterpiece!

    1. To really be 3-D, my little towns would have to have a reverse side as detailed as the front, or maybe do it as a base relief? I named it Happy Town because I put in as many doorways as the pathways had room for, in order to make it more welcoming. I'm thinking of doing a town bent into a circle, kind of like "The Idea of Cookies". Or maybe a spiral? Hmm... the corners would be a bit tricky, but if I get the proportions right, it just might work!