Monday, January 6, 2014

2013 Fresh - May.

Linked at IMAO Artistic 2-fer!
This is Kevin Koastie drawn on white paper with black ink, and scanned in Black and White mode.
Black and White
Same cartoon, in Greyscale mode.
Same cartoon in Color mode.
Now, the question is, which looks best? 'Cause that's the style I'll use from now on when drawing in black and white. I may do a color version of the cartoon someday but for now I'd like to know what my visitors think of it?

And now, May, 2013. The best of times, the worst of times...
Windmill #2. 5/2/13
3 Point Progression Wave. 5/6/13
Searching For Bos'n Higgs (Arrr!). 5/9/13
Subtle Triggers. (5 to 4) 5/13/13
Hyphenated Ripple Effect. 5/15/13
Everything in May was good up until this point. 5/15/13 was the day my wife slipped and broke her leg while at work and was rushed to the hospital. 2 days later, 5/17/13, while she was still in the hospital, she went into cardiac arrest due to a blood clot or fat embolism getting into her bloodstream from the break site. They managed to get her heart started again, but she hasn't regained consciousness since. You may notice a change in mood or subject matter from this point on.
Piercing the Darkness. 5/20/13
Hidden Reflections. 5/23/13
Rock and Fortress in Time of Trouble. 5/28/13
Alpha Chromatic Berry  Brambles. 5/31/13
Finally, one from 2005, celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary -

My buddy, my pal, my chum, my kemosabe, my partner, my teammate, my compadre, my amigo, my backup,
 my friend, my wife, my love Mary. 5/31/05
I'm glad she's not dead. I still hope she'll wake up and recover some day. I visit her 5 days a week at the nursing home. But it's lonely around here without her. Sometimes I feel sad, you know? On the other hand, sometimes I have to focus past my own troubles to be of any good to myself, Mary, or anyone else. My art helps me cope because when I'm drawing, I know there's at least one thing in the whole world that I can control, even if it's just a piece of paper on a clipboard held in one hand, and a pen or pencil help in the other. When I draw the anxiety goes away for a while. Sometimes I even smile. Philippians 4:6-7 Keep the faith, my friends.


  1. penguins!

    and i figured out how to comment.

    1. And I figured out how to increase the options for leaving comments. Everybody wins!

    2. actually, by "figured out how to comment", i meant that i finally found the note that you left for me last Dec 26 telling me that you had increased the options.

  2. Heh! So, besides the penguins, how'd you like the cartoon?

    1. i like the black and white for readability, very curious to see where the story goes.

    2. OK, the votes have been tallied - Black and White it is!

  3. Don...Little does the Professor know, his skiff is frozen in 3 meters of solid ice. He's not going anywhere. Also, your art is beautiful. Thank you. Try John 1:9, John 3:21...

    1. "his skiff is frozen in 3 meters of solid ice."
      Hmmm... I hadn't thought of that - but I can use it! Thanks!
      I did a few more designs in the spirit of Piercing the Darkness through the summer. Those verses, with their references to light would fit with those designs. I plan to do another post tonight. Stay tuned!

  4. Prayers for your wife...I'm so sorry.