Saturday, January 18, 2014

2013 Fresh - September, plus 1.

Update: IMAO Link of the Day; Unraveling and Reraveling and a Gratuitous Penguin

Here's the work I completed in September, 2013, plus one from the tail end of August.

But first, Kevin Koastie!

Dramatic Fist Shaking Galore. 1/18/14
   This is where I began developing what I call the 'Zig-Zag Net'.
Broad Sweep Zig-Zag Net. 8/30/13
Narrow Sweep Zig-Zag Net. 9/5/13
3rd Variant, Zig-Zag Net. 9/7/13
4th Variant, Zig-Zag Net. 9/11/13
5th Variant, Zig-Zag Net. 9/13/13
   After cranking out 5 variants of the design in rapid fire I said to myself, "Self, you got this down good enough, now have some Fun with it!" So I did!
The Illusion of Buldginess. 9/19/13
   This was a fun one to draw, even though I Did end up misspelling 'bulginess'. Oops.
6 Degrees of Separation. 9/23/13
   This one is pretty much the same design as the last one, only more so.
Unraveling. 9/25/13
Reraveling. 9/28/13
   These last two are related in design, used the same colors in the same order, but with a minor difference in the rule I set for the application of each color. Different rules, different results. Maybe there's a metaphor in there somewhere?


  1. hmmm...

    1. Sorry, even after 500 years of cataclysmic change, polar bears are Still at the North Pole, penguins at the South Pole!

  2. Un- and reraveling are helpful to me today. This week I have been lamenting the sorrows of modern life but today I can rejoice that this modern system allows me to see your work. My dad is happy to have access to it too.

    1. Hi, Catherine! Be sure to tell your friends about the site too! If I get enough viewers, I may be able to sell advertising, and someday, art! (wink). ;-)