Sunday, February 23, 2014

Genius - Unintentional.

Update: LOTD - Hallucinations Welcome.
   Have you ever done something and didn't notice that you'd done it until after it was over? And then there's that Steve Urkel moment when you say, "Did I do that?" But sometimes it's a good thing? Yeah, that happens to me a lot!
   So, here's an assortment of pictures I've done that all have a extra little 'something' that I didn't intend, but recognized after the picture was complete, and incorporated into the title as if, as Pee Wee Herman would say, "I meant to do that!", when honestly, it was more like, "Whoa! I did NOT see that coming!".
   PS: If you don't see it, don't worry, it's not really there. In most of these, it's kind of like seeing shapes in clouds - a very individualistic imaginative pursuit. But most of them are pretty, so enjoy that at least.
Update 2/26/14: Here's one more I found in my file of drawings done on blue-lined graph paper.
(I also added some commentary and a highlight from the last picture.)

Sumo Wrestlers 10/6/04
No one told me back then that great art just wasn't done on grid paper. Huh.

Dancing Clown. 11/17/04
Blue Man. 7/19/05
Fractile Face. 11/24/05
Furious Gloom (mask). 6/10/10
Casper Walking His Dog. 6/22/10

Dancing Hamster. 1/28/11
Swirly Cat (Schrodinger's Cat?) 8/10/11
   This next one needs a bit of explanation - "Darwin's Dilemma?" was intended as a pure abstract design; a random, semi-curved linked structure with a bottom-to-top color progression. But when I finished it, I saw, partially hidden in the structure, a sad, monkey-like creature looking out at me. I didn't plan to put it there, but by some confluence of random design elements, a recognizable form appeared. So my title, "Darwin's Dilemma" was my too-clever-by-half way of saying, "Hey! Look at the Monkey!"
Darwin's Dilemma? 9/27/11

Shooting From the Hip. 10/23/11
   Shooting from the Hip was actually drawn the other way around, but it didn't look like anything to me until I turned it upside down, then it jumped out at me.
T2B+R2L=PD (Dragon). 3/23/12
(Top to Bottom plus Right to Left equals Pseudo-Dragon - That describes how I applied the colors. The head of the dragon is just above the center of the design.)

This next one is another Two-Fer. It's 2 pictures in 1, depending on how you hang it!
The Hammer Dropped. 5/2/12
Keyhole. 5/2/12
   This next one has a similar story to a picture previously posted here (Hootie Owl). Whereas Hootie Owl was named by a little old lady, this one was named by a little young lady who saw it and blurted out her quick first impression.
Golden Turtle. 5/14/12
Could it be a distant glimpse of Great A'tuin?

   The next one is another Two-Fer but scary, so Watch Out! (Just shown once this time, because it's almost the same either way.)
It Lurks Between the Lines/Between the Lines It Lurks. 7/16/12
Pseudo-Mandelbrot Egg. 7/19/12
Trans-Dimensional Ninja Stealth Monkeys. 9/13/12
I even drew a little portrait in the corner of this last one to help you see what I saw scattered throughout this design.

 (kind of like Secret Service gnomes or NSA monitoring elves - When You Can't See Them, That's When You Know They're There!)

Friday, February 21, 2014

Here, Have a Musey!

 Update: IMAO gets a Musey!
  Last week I did a post that included an update on my plan to create an award for those who give me ideas for new art projects - who provide me with a Source of Inspiration. At that time I'd finished the line work, but hadn't chosen the colors or decided how to apply them or figured out how I was going to add the appropriate caption, "I inspired a Little World!"
   It looked like this:
The Musey - under construction.
   Then I got busy and selected my colors. I rummaged through my big old box of colored pencils for all the lightest and brightest colors, like Lemon Yellow, Cream and White, but then my brain got in the way and I started thinking... 'Hey, some of these colors have the word "Light" right in their name! And what about the "Pale" colors? Don't they deserve a mention?' And so it came to pass.
The Musey - Colored
  (Pale Grey, Light Brown, Light Maroon, Pale Pink, Light Orange, Pale Peach, Pale Flesh, Lemon Yellow, Cream, White, Light Green, Light Blue & Light Lavender.)
   And then I drew in the caption - moved by some instinct of caution, I added the caption above and below the main design, not superimposed over it. That way I could crop it and try again, if my effort was insufficient.

The Musey - Complete. (Extra Large)
  Now that I have an award to give, who should I give it to? And is it the right size? And the right format? Tailoring my designs to the needs of electronic media is still a hit-or-miss operation for me.
Let me give you an assortment to chose from.

   Now, as to who gets one... Well, the crew at IMAO of course; FrankJ, SarahK, Harvey and Basil, as well as Buttercup and Frank Jr. Then Anonymiss, jw, Oppo, Jimmy and Springeraz, who have either given me ideas that I've already been able to use to create something new, or to improve something I was already  working on, or given me ideas for future work, or have given me encouragement to keep creating by their kind praises of the work I've already displayed.
   In fact, everyone who ever took the time to leave a comment here or at IMAO or on Facebook take one! I'm feeling generous tonight!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

The "Idea" of Angels.

   I haven't posted anything at this BlogSpot for a week because my wife, Mary has been very sick. They had to transfer her from the nursing home to a nearby hospital for treatment. She seems to be getting stronger now, but is still not out of the woods. I've been spending every spare minute I could find at her bedside.
   Now that she seems a little better, I reckon I should celebrate by showing off some pretty pictures I drew on the theme of 'Angels'. Angels even get a mention in a new and significant episode of The Adventures of Kevin Koastie.

Update: I opened a Ebay account. Link to ebay-Little Worlds of Don Scholand - Tribes.  Yay!
Update: Don't forget this one! Link to ebay - Little Worlds of Don Scholand - Inner Strength Let the Bidding War begin!

   I've shown a few angel pictures in past posts here. You can go back and look at them again if you want. We'll wait for you.
   OK, now here's some new angel stuff. (Well, sort-of-new angel stuff).
Wings of the Cherubim. 9/25/10
Wings of the Seraphim. 9/29/10
Sword of the Cherubim. 8/3/11
      The first 2 were variations on a theme. I was playing with a semi-random 4-point design and figured out a way to create a wing-like treatment of the secondary design elements. This naturally made me think of angels. This 3rd design looked like a fence of sword blades to me, and that reminded me of the sword that guards the way to the Tree of Life ( Gen. 3:24).
   I later used the same basic design motif in the first picture I ever sent to IMAO, only bent into a sort of zig-zag.
Stealth Angel. 3/29/12
    So far, we've had wings and swords, so it's high time we had a whole angel!
Raspberry Angel. 8/22/12
Angel of the Dynamic Balance. 10/9/12
Mobius Angel. 10/18/12
Rainbow Angel (partial) 3/23/13
Rainbow Angel was too large to fit entirely in my scanner, so I did the best I could do.

   Last, but not least, my personal favorite Angel picture.
The Final Smack-down.  10/3/12
   And now, a history-making episode of Kevin Koastie!

   Oh yeah, by the way, I'm almost done with my design for The Musey. I haven't decided on the colors or the background, but it definitely looks like a light bulb. So here's what I got so far. Should it have a background pattern, or should I just leave it blank? Should I draw the caption onto the design, or superimpose a caption with some sort of Photoshop?
   Any suggestions? Any examples?
The Musey - under construction.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Mandala, Tapestries, Windows, Self Portraits, and Valentines.

   I've been thumbing through my old notebooks since I posted my work from January of this year, looking for a work I could use as an illustration of the "Idea" of Inspiration. Also I promised a commenter, Lizbeth Dusseau,  (2013 Fresh - March.)  that I would display the designs I'd drawn in years past that I called Mandalas. Mandala - Wikipedia
   I could only find one that I'd actually named a mandala, but I found an assortment that kinda-sorta put me in mind of that sort of generically mystical design (no offense meant to Hindus or Buddhists).
So, let me know which one you like best. If you've got a favorite from previous posts here, let me know in the comments. Thanks.
Update: Harvey at IMAO has some Good Ideas!
Another Update: No, it's not that guy whose funeral Obama took a selfie at.

Triple Mandala. 8/17/11
I called this one 'Triple Mandala' because of the triple weave background (with fiddly-bits) behind the hyphenated open-center dream-catcher in the foreground. If this was the only Mandala I ever drew I would have just called it 'Mandala', but dang it, I can't remember what I did with the others! Did I sell them? Give them away? Well, I hope whoever has'em now enjoys them!

Tapestry. 9/13/05
   Tapestry is also a labyrinth, but it had a sort of rug or wall-hanging quality to it, so I went with 'Tapestry'. I've done other designs that fill the page in a similar rectangular fashion. Sometime you just want to fill in the corners, you know?
Brown Tapestry with Random Nodes of Confluence. 6/11/12
    I've also done a fair number of 'windows' and a few 'doors'. What's the difference? A tapestry you look at, a window you look through, and a door you pass through. Oh, then there are the 'mirrors'. Ask me about the 'mirrors' some other time!
Window. 12/03/06
Bad Apple Window. 8/16/11
Convex Window. 2/9/12
Buddy's Requiem Window. 7/17/12
Buddy was a small, fluffy black and white stray dog we adopted. We had him for about 6 years and then he died of some kind of kidney/liver problem. He was a good dog, so if I can memorialize a ream of drawing paper or a box of pencils, I can sure memorialize a dog. Good boy, Buddy.

Here's a series of three self-portraits. (Well, partial self-portraits, anyway.)

Self Portrait. 6/18/05
Created in my Image. 2/28/11 
Caught a Falling Star. 3/17/11

   So, that's my magical mystical mystery tour for this week.
   Valentines Day is next week, and I've been invited to show any Valentines Day related designs I might have laying around the place at a show at a local art gallery. (Painted Planet Art Space). Well, if there's free cheese cubes and celery sticks in it for me, I'm there! Since the only Valentine I've had in nearly 30 years is my wife Mary, you'll notice 3 of the 4 incorporate her name into the design.
One I've posted before.
Mary. 7/29/05

Also Mary. (20th anniversary)

Valentine. 3/26/10
The Abundance of my Heart. 5/24/10
Happy Valentines Day!

Monday, February 3, 2014

2014 Fresh - January!

   Sorry I didn't post anything here last week. There was some stuff happening here that put me off my stride. On the nights when I had time to post, all I wanted to do was sleep, so I did. Well, I'm feeling better now, So here's the work I completed in January, 2014, and a new episode of Kevin Koastie to boot!
Update:  Link of the Day - IMAO It must be global warming, Right?

Revenge is a Beach. episode 5.
   Dang, I just realized that I misspelled Antarctica in the last panel. Oh well...

   This first one is what I referred to as a "new and improved" version of "Dark Grey to Posh Purple" in a comment exchange with Oppo in a previous post. (2013 Fresh - March)
Dark Grey to Posh Purple
Polar Vortex Descending. 1/8/14
Well, it's new, but is it improved?

5 Times Around Is Enough. 1/11/14
I went through my selected color pallet 5 times on this design; first coloring the braided forms, then the bits between the forms from the inside out, until it just felt like it was time to stop.
The "Idea" of Beer, Part 2 (Beer vs. Foam - Foam Wins, 11 to 7). 1/16/14
   I've been trying to do with single strand braids what I'd previously done with double strand braids, but the tricky bit is that with a double strand, you draw the center line first and the 2 remaining lines just naturally follow. But with a single strand, the second line has to always be to the right or left of the first line, or it won't match up on the return curve and the single become a double again.
   Well, that previous paragraph made perfect sense to me. The point is that I tried and failed with 'The "Idea" of Beer, Part 2' to get the exact effect I was shooting for.
   So I tried again. I was so sure that I'd figured out how to make it work that I decided in advance to name this next drawing "Intelligent Design".
Semi-Intelligent Design. 1/22/14
   The title tells the story. I still didn't quite get it right, but I wasn't done yet! Next time I'd get it just right, for sure!
Semi-Intelligent Design 2.0. 1/24/14
   (sigh) OK, now I'm done. (for now.)  Actually, I just got bored with the central design, and became interested in the border treatment. I developed it further but you'll have to wait for my 2014 Fresh - February post to see what I came up with.
The Polar Vortex Strikes Again. 1/28/14
Another January weather inspired design. Dang, it's been cold!

Seven/Sixteenth Chapel. 1/31/14
   Oppo also suggested, in the post previously mentioned, a design built around 16 sided polygons that I could call "The Sixteen Chapel". I took a shot at it in this design, using a sixteen point form at the center, and intending to use 16 colors to color it in. However, the pattern of color application I chose, combined with the intricacies of the design, meant that I only got to use seven of the sixteen colors. Whoa, didn't see that coming! Hence the title change. But I'll keep working on it.