Monday, February 3, 2014

2014 Fresh - January!

   Sorry I didn't post anything here last week. There was some stuff happening here that put me off my stride. On the nights when I had time to post, all I wanted to do was sleep, so I did. Well, I'm feeling better now, So here's the work I completed in January, 2014, and a new episode of Kevin Koastie to boot!
Update:  Link of the Day - IMAO It must be global warming, Right?

Revenge is a Beach. episode 5.
   Dang, I just realized that I misspelled Antarctica in the last panel. Oh well...

   This first one is what I referred to as a "new and improved" version of "Dark Grey to Posh Purple" in a comment exchange with Oppo in a previous post. (2013 Fresh - March)
Dark Grey to Posh Purple
Polar Vortex Descending. 1/8/14
Well, it's new, but is it improved?

5 Times Around Is Enough. 1/11/14
I went through my selected color pallet 5 times on this design; first coloring the braided forms, then the bits between the forms from the inside out, until it just felt like it was time to stop.
The "Idea" of Beer, Part 2 (Beer vs. Foam - Foam Wins, 11 to 7). 1/16/14
   I've been trying to do with single strand braids what I'd previously done with double strand braids, but the tricky bit is that with a double strand, you draw the center line first and the 2 remaining lines just naturally follow. But with a single strand, the second line has to always be to the right or left of the first line, or it won't match up on the return curve and the single become a double again.
   Well, that previous paragraph made perfect sense to me. The point is that I tried and failed with 'The "Idea" of Beer, Part 2' to get the exact effect I was shooting for.
   So I tried again. I was so sure that I'd figured out how to make it work that I decided in advance to name this next drawing "Intelligent Design".
Semi-Intelligent Design. 1/22/14
   The title tells the story. I still didn't quite get it right, but I wasn't done yet! Next time I'd get it just right, for sure!
Semi-Intelligent Design 2.0. 1/24/14
   (sigh) OK, now I'm done. (for now.)  Actually, I just got bored with the central design, and became interested in the border treatment. I developed it further but you'll have to wait for my 2014 Fresh - February post to see what I came up with.
The Polar Vortex Strikes Again. 1/28/14
Another January weather inspired design. Dang, it's been cold!

Seven/Sixteenth Chapel. 1/31/14
   Oppo also suggested, in the post previously mentioned, a design built around 16 sided polygons that I could call "The Sixteen Chapel". I took a shot at it in this design, using a sixteen point form at the center, and intending to use 16 colors to color it in. However, the pattern of color application I chose, combined with the intricacies of the design, meant that I only got to use seven of the sixteen colors. Whoa, didn't see that coming! Hence the title change. But I'll keep working on it.


  1. alternate name for The Polar Vortex Strikes Again. 1/28/14-

    "here kitty kitty"

  2. "Polar Vortex Descending" IS new and improved, because of the new and improved secret ingredient - - - Bulginess!

    Vishnu, as quoted by J. Robert Oppenheimer, on viewing these artworks: "Now I am become Life, the creator of worlds."

  3. ... And thanks for the mentions!

  4. jw and Oppo, give yourselves a "I was a Source of Inspiration at Little Worlds" award! (with Bacon Clusters).

  5. I love the Dark Grey to Posh Purple. Harvey was right. There is so much movement in your art it warms me up. :)

    (which is nice in this crazy winter of "global warming")

    1. Thanks, Anonymiss. You've earned a couple of 'awards' yourself, you know! The funny thing is, if I ever get that 'semi-intelligent' design exactly right, I'll probably loose interest in it and move on to something else. It seems that it's the solving of puzzles of design, color, and proportion that gets me fired up.