Friday, February 21, 2014

Here, Have a Musey!

 Update: IMAO gets a Musey!
  Last week I did a post that included an update on my plan to create an award for those who give me ideas for new art projects - who provide me with a Source of Inspiration. At that time I'd finished the line work, but hadn't chosen the colors or decided how to apply them or figured out how I was going to add the appropriate caption, "I inspired a Little World!"
   It looked like this:
The Musey - under construction.
   Then I got busy and selected my colors. I rummaged through my big old box of colored pencils for all the lightest and brightest colors, like Lemon Yellow, Cream and White, but then my brain got in the way and I started thinking... 'Hey, some of these colors have the word "Light" right in their name! And what about the "Pale" colors? Don't they deserve a mention?' And so it came to pass.
The Musey - Colored
  (Pale Grey, Light Brown, Light Maroon, Pale Pink, Light Orange, Pale Peach, Pale Flesh, Lemon Yellow, Cream, White, Light Green, Light Blue & Light Lavender.)
   And then I drew in the caption - moved by some instinct of caution, I added the caption above and below the main design, not superimposed over it. That way I could crop it and try again, if my effort was insufficient.

The Musey - Complete. (Extra Large)
  Now that I have an award to give, who should I give it to? And is it the right size? And the right format? Tailoring my designs to the needs of electronic media is still a hit-or-miss operation for me.
Let me give you an assortment to chose from.

   Now, as to who gets one... Well, the crew at IMAO of course; FrankJ, SarahK, Harvey and Basil, as well as Buttercup and Frank Jr. Then Anonymiss, jw, Oppo, Jimmy and Springeraz, who have either given me ideas that I've already been able to use to create something new, or to improve something I was already  working on, or given me ideas for future work, or have given me encouragement to keep creating by their kind praises of the work I've already displayed.
   In fact, everyone who ever took the time to leave a comment here or at IMAO or on Facebook take one! I'm feeling generous tonight!


  1. Thanks! By receiving one, I feel I've inspired not only a little world, but a little jealousy!

    Best wishes for you and your wife in this time of struggle. I'm glad you have your amazing art to distract you.

    1. Thanks, Oppo. Yeah, this whole BlogSpot thing has been a boost for me. I have to keep it in balance, of course. Job, chores at home, church, and spending time with Mary means I only have a few hours each week for playing on the interwebs, and preparing new posts for Little Worlds (and visiting IMAO) takes care of most of that. But that's a good thing.

  2. Thank you for the kind words. But it's you who inspire us to try to take the things life throws at us, and to try to make sense of it and bring a little sanity to the world. Thank you.

    1. Thanks, Basil! It would make no sense to let the world make me crazy, because the world wouldn't care, and I'd still have the same challenges, only now I'd be crazy as well. I don't know what tomorrow will bring, but I have a firm assurance that somehow, in the end, "It's going to be all right."

  3. Thank you sir. Your art is beautiful and I'm honored by being included here. Peace and comfort to you and Mary.

    1. You're welcome, springeraz! Technically, I suppose your award should be a 'Pengy' because you gave me the idea about that researchers ship getting stuck in the ice down in Antarctica that I was able to work into an episode of Kevin Koastie. And thanks.