Saturday, February 8, 2014

Mandala, Tapestries, Windows, Self Portraits, and Valentines.

   I've been thumbing through my old notebooks since I posted my work from January of this year, looking for a work I could use as an illustration of the "Idea" of Inspiration. Also I promised a commenter, Lizbeth Dusseau,  (2013 Fresh - March.)  that I would display the designs I'd drawn in years past that I called Mandalas. Mandala - Wikipedia
   I could only find one that I'd actually named a mandala, but I found an assortment that kinda-sorta put me in mind of that sort of generically mystical design (no offense meant to Hindus or Buddhists).
So, let me know which one you like best. If you've got a favorite from previous posts here, let me know in the comments. Thanks.
Update: Harvey at IMAO has some Good Ideas!
Another Update: No, it's not that guy whose funeral Obama took a selfie at.

Triple Mandala. 8/17/11
I called this one 'Triple Mandala' because of the triple weave background (with fiddly-bits) behind the hyphenated open-center dream-catcher in the foreground. If this was the only Mandala I ever drew I would have just called it 'Mandala', but dang it, I can't remember what I did with the others! Did I sell them? Give them away? Well, I hope whoever has'em now enjoys them!

Tapestry. 9/13/05
   Tapestry is also a labyrinth, but it had a sort of rug or wall-hanging quality to it, so I went with 'Tapestry'. I've done other designs that fill the page in a similar rectangular fashion. Sometime you just want to fill in the corners, you know?
Brown Tapestry with Random Nodes of Confluence. 6/11/12
    I've also done a fair number of 'windows' and a few 'doors'. What's the difference? A tapestry you look at, a window you look through, and a door you pass through. Oh, then there are the 'mirrors'. Ask me about the 'mirrors' some other time!
Window. 12/03/06
Bad Apple Window. 8/16/11
Convex Window. 2/9/12
Buddy's Requiem Window. 7/17/12
Buddy was a small, fluffy black and white stray dog we adopted. We had him for about 6 years and then he died of some kind of kidney/liver problem. He was a good dog, so if I can memorialize a ream of drawing paper or a box of pencils, I can sure memorialize a dog. Good boy, Buddy.

Here's a series of three self-portraits. (Well, partial self-portraits, anyway.)

Self Portrait. 6/18/05
Created in my Image. 2/28/11 
Caught a Falling Star. 3/17/11

   So, that's my magical mystical mystery tour for this week.
   Valentines Day is next week, and I've been invited to show any Valentines Day related designs I might have laying around the place at a show at a local art gallery. (Painted Planet Art Space). Well, if there's free cheese cubes and celery sticks in it for me, I'm there! Since the only Valentine I've had in nearly 30 years is my wife Mary, you'll notice 3 of the 4 incorporate her name into the design.
One I've posted before.
Mary. 7/29/05

Also Mary. (20th anniversary)

Valentine. 3/26/10
The Abundance of my Heart. 5/24/10
Happy Valentines Day!


  1. i gotta go with bad apple window, but buddy's requiem window is a close second. caught a falling star comes in third.

    1. Thanks, jw. You know, I hadn't originally intended that big, round bit in the center of that design to be an apple, but I dropped one of my colored pencils on it while it was still in the early stages of development, and it caused a streak on the upper left side of the paper that I couldn't completely erase, so I decided to turn it into a stylized apple stem, and the rest, as they say, was easy! So I guess that proves my point, that inspiration comes from many sources - even mistakes!

    2. Er... not that I mean that any of the suggestions I've received for new works of art are mistakes! ahem. ;)

  2. These are all awesome.

    Sorry about Buddy.

    We're probably going to lose you once the art world discovers you!

    That "Caught a Falling Star" is transcendental... I just can't verbalize what it is it's transcending.

    Two more mistakes or unsolicited suggestions for you:

    Tapestries (or Rugs) From a Bizarre


    Each day, NASA posts an "Astronomy Picture of the Day." Yesterday's was accompanied by a title and a quote that seems right up your alley:

    Astronomy Picture of the Day -- Night Hides the World
    NASA ^ | February 07, 2014
    Explanation: Stars come out as evening twilight fades in this serene skyscape following the Persian proverb "Night hides the world, but reveals a universe."

    1. Thanks, Oppo! I'll add your suggestions into the stewpot of my creative process, and see what bubbles up!

  3. are you still looking for the spanish translation for "angels of death"?

    i give you "ángeles de la muerte" according to google translate

  4. i just accidently looked at these with no other lights on in the room. they explode out of the screen in a totally different way than when there is other light around. answered the question i had wanted (ok, feared) to ask about brighter pigments.

    1. Thanks, jw. Yeah, I looked for a English/Spanish translation on google also and got the same phrase, so I guess that'll do. (I was wondering what they might called the Los Angeles International Airport in the future after a half-dozen world wars). I was working on a new Kevin Koastie cartoon, and had it all sketched in in pencil, and then I spilled coffee on it, so I'll have to do it over again. Oops, Sorry!
      As to the dark room option, Cool! If you click on the images, you get a gallery option with one picture in the center, and all the others in thumbnail size along the bottom. With the black background, the colors 'Pop' even more. I could try highlighting my designs with fluorescent colors - that might be cool too!

    2. coffee on kevin koastie? here:

    3. That guy is lucky he didn't get his eyes pecked out! But what a cute way to be blinded! Later tonight, or early in the morning, (depending) a new chapter in the Adventures of Kevin Koastie begins - without coffee stains!

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