Sunday, February 16, 2014

The "Idea" of Angels.

   I haven't posted anything at this BlogSpot for a week because my wife, Mary has been very sick. They had to transfer her from the nursing home to a nearby hospital for treatment. She seems to be getting stronger now, but is still not out of the woods. I've been spending every spare minute I could find at her bedside.
   Now that she seems a little better, I reckon I should celebrate by showing off some pretty pictures I drew on the theme of 'Angels'. Angels even get a mention in a new and significant episode of The Adventures of Kevin Koastie.

Update: I opened a Ebay account. Link to ebay-Little Worlds of Don Scholand - Tribes.  Yay!
Update: Don't forget this one! Link to ebay - Little Worlds of Don Scholand - Inner Strength Let the Bidding War begin!

   I've shown a few angel pictures in past posts here. You can go back and look at them again if you want. We'll wait for you.
   OK, now here's some new angel stuff. (Well, sort-of-new angel stuff).
Wings of the Cherubim. 9/25/10
Wings of the Seraphim. 9/29/10
Sword of the Cherubim. 8/3/11
      The first 2 were variations on a theme. I was playing with a semi-random 4-point design and figured out a way to create a wing-like treatment of the secondary design elements. This naturally made me think of angels. This 3rd design looked like a fence of sword blades to me, and that reminded me of the sword that guards the way to the Tree of Life ( Gen. 3:24).
   I later used the same basic design motif in the first picture I ever sent to IMAO, only bent into a sort of zig-zag.
Stealth Angel. 3/29/12
    So far, we've had wings and swords, so it's high time we had a whole angel!
Raspberry Angel. 8/22/12
Angel of the Dynamic Balance. 10/9/12
Mobius Angel. 10/18/12
Rainbow Angel (partial) 3/23/13
Rainbow Angel was too large to fit entirely in my scanner, so I did the best I could do.

   Last, but not least, my personal favorite Angel picture.
The Final Smack-down.  10/3/12
   And now, a history-making episode of Kevin Koastie!

   Oh yeah, by the way, I'm almost done with my design for The Musey. I haven't decided on the colors or the background, but it definitely looks like a light bulb. So here's what I got so far. Should it have a background pattern, or should I just leave it blank? Should I draw the caption onto the design, or superimpose a caption with some sort of Photoshop?
   Any suggestions? Any examples?
The Musey - under construction.


  1. first, best wishes to your wife. i wish i had more to offer, but reality intervenes.

    second, i wouldn't dare to intrude on the Musey design, but i do like the way this guy uses color. i like it so much i have two of his works hanging on my walls:
    just don't forget the bacon clusters.

    lastly, as kevin koastie makes his escape, don't forget the penguins:

    1. Don't worry, I don't think I'll Ever forget the penguins!