Monday, March 31, 2014

2014 Fresh - March. (plus 2)

Update: IMAO Link of the Day: Cookie Palace and Staircase.
I was all set to draw another episode of Kevin Koastie this weekend. I had my paper and clipboard in place; pencils, pens and erasers on standby, when my brain took an unexpected trip into unexplored territory. See, I saw this optical illusion poster,
I Can't Sleep.
and I thought to myself, "heck, I could probably do that! I wonder what it would look like in color?"
So, no Kevin Koastie, sorry! In it's place I got this instead. (unfinished). It's a sort of a prototype. If  I can smooth out a few problems, I might be able to use this pattern in lots of ways. My imagination is all a-flutter!
Smile if you love Jesus
   But hey! With another 7 days to think about the next episode, it'll probably be the bestest ever, right? Besides, the penguin made me do it!

Oh, by the way...
New Stuff for sale on eBay! (Sold 3 so far, yay!) If you want to buy anything I've posted here, and if It's not already sold, given away or misplaced, I'll put it up on eBay for you. Show me da Money!
Little Worlds of Don Scholand - eBay listings.

   Now, where was I? Oh yeah, here's the work I completed in March, 2014, plus another unfinished one down at the bottom.
12 Point, 18 Dimension, Chain-Reaction Zig-Zag Net. (Green Labyrinth). 3/3/14
This one is a refinement of a design I did in February,
I mean this one. (12 point, 12 color, Chain-reaction Net)
   Anyway, by changing the way I drew the corners and the intersections, I created another labyrinth (in true green). All the other colors I selected were demoted to support status after the green found the 'sweet spot'. Still, it took 184 color changes to finish the design, although technically, I only used True Green twice.
Inteligent Design. 3/5/14
   I finally got this design right after doing 3 less-than-perfect versions in February. It's only perfect in the sense that I didn't make any accidental deviations from the design I intended to draw, but it was still a big deal for me. (For about 5 minutes - then I noticed that I'd misspelled the word "Intelligent" in the title!) D'oh!
Cookie Town. 3/11/14
   Will this one do, Anonymiss? I could make one that was cookie-er, or palace-ier, but I reckon this was the best compromise between a cookie and a palace that I could do. (so far).
PS: Have a Musey!
   Then for the next few weeks I obsessed with variations on that light bulb made of lightning bolts idea I used to create the Musey.
Lightning Bulb. 3/13/14
Great Ball of Fire. 3/15/14
Heavy Water Drop. 3/20/14
Rainbow Variation. 3/25/14
Easter Basket. 3/27/14
   These last four are all related in design, with differences in the details. This last one, Easter Basket, reminded me that I once promised Anonymiss a post featuring egg-shaped designs. So that will be next weeks post - The "Idea" of Eggs (and other Easter-y designs). with Kevin Koastie, unless I get distracted again.
   Oh, and the very last one is a work-in-progress connected to a kinda-sorta challenge issued by Harvey at IMAO: Hey 4of7, Build Me a Staircase! So I'm working on a design I'll call Endless Stairs.
Endless Stairs - in progress.
It ain't as elegant as M.C. Escher's "Stairs",

 but I found a variation on the same perspective trick that I could use.

Here's a close-up of it. Once I figured it out, I reused it all through the design, over and over and over...
Endless Stairs - details.
   Well, that was fun! Now it's late and I'm tired. Good night!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

It's a Maze Thing - Part Two.

   If you were here last week, you enjoyed It's a Maze Thing - The Early Years. But I was just getting warmed up! I've been finding out ways to incorporate mazes and maze-like elements into my designs 'cause it's cool for years. Sometimes I don't realize that I've created a maze until I after I finished a design, then I go at it again, with purpose - to figure out how to do it intentionally. So, let's see what I've figured out so far.
   But first, Kevin Koastie!
Update: 3/25/14 - Straight Line of the Day: Name Your Post-Apocalyptic Faction
Also: 3/25/14 - Link of the Day: It's a Maze Thing - Part Two.
A Two-fer!
History Lesson.
   If you were the leader of a group of Post-Apocalyptic survivors, what would you call the group, and what would be your rallying cry? Hmm... that might be an idea for one of IMAO's "Straight Line of the Day" features. Just sayin'...

Now where was I? Oh yeah, mazes!
2nd 3 Point Maze - 1/28/06
   I assume I sold or gave away 3 Point Maze #1, but I have no record of it.
3rd 3 Point Maze - 2/2/06
3 Point Linked Maze #4 - 5/8/06
5th 3 Point Maze - 5/21/06
3 Point Labyrinth - 7/4/06
   All these mazes have a similarity in shape, derived from my "Fun With Cubes" obsession, but with this next one, I tried to use the same design elements in a new way, breaking out of the six-sided cube motif.
Y Knot - 10/9/06
Over and Under Maze - 11/6/07
   Over and Under Maze has traits in common with my tapestry and door designs. I think I may have to try this one again - I see possibilities for development of this design.
Deceptively Simple Maze With Bubbles - 3/15/10
This next one is one of my favorites - the fact that I noticed that it's a maze as well was just a bonus!
Colors Flowing Like Water (Maze) - 9/2/10
   The maze begins with the ball at the top, right of the design, and ends at the ball at the bottom, left.
The next one is similar, but different.
Complex Linked Zig-Zag Maze - 6/20/11
   And then there's one more, back to my "Fun With Cubes" roots! Hat tip to Basil over at IMAO!
Fun With Cubes #4 - 3 Point Maze - July 2013.
   Well, I've done my duty and shared another batch of work with the world on a weekly basis.

Oh, by the way, I've got 4 pictures up on eBay (more to follow).
Link: Little Worlds of Don Scholand - Abstract Geometric Designs

Sunday, March 16, 2014

It's a Maze Thing - The Early Years.

Update: IMAO Link: The History of Mazes
   There are maze-like qualities to many of my designs, both in the construction and in the finished product. Mostly that's intentional, but sometimes it's an accidental by-product of form and color, which is cool when it happens, but hard to predict.
   Since the accidents have gotten some nice comments, let's see how some of my deliberate ventures into the a-maze-ing world of mazes do!
   But first, Kevin Koastie!

Maze #1. 6/04/04
   This was certainly not the first maze I ever drew, just the first one I ever bothered to entitle and date. It looks pretty rough to me now, but I remember I thought I was pretty hot stuff back then. (sigh) At least I drew it on unlined paper.
Maze #4. 6/14/06
   I have no idea of what happened to Maze #2 or #3.
Maze #5. 6/27/04
   Some of these are based on a simple 4-point pattern, but I had begun experimenting with a 6-point pattern as well, which led to my whole cubic town thing eventually. But here I was just using them to make mazes. 
Maze #7. 7/9/04
It's Amazeing! 8/24/04
   That one contains a sort-of-secret message.

Maze #6. 8/27/04
   This is where it gets confusing. I drew so many mazes in 2004, both on lined and unlined paper, that I screwed up the numbering. Fortunately, I also dated them, so at least I can keep the chronology correct!
Maze #7a. 8/30/04
Maze #8. 9/08/04
Maze #9. 11/11/04
   After 2004, I gave up on the blue-lined graph paper and started drawing exclusively on good drawing paper (and card stock, and poster board, and construction paper, and on the back of FDIC forms I swiped from the bank - but mostly good drawing paper). But I still had fun with mazes when the mood struck me.
Deceptively Simple Maze. 3/8/05
Harder Maze. 6/27/05
   Well, I've another 10 to show you, but they'll have to wait until next week.
The designs are more complex, the colors are deeper, and if you liked these at all, you will love them!
So, stay tuned!
Update: 3/17/14 - Harvey sent my a youtube video. It's Cool!
Update: 3/19/14 - speaking of mazes, here's one I sent Basil last July!
Fun With Cubes #4 - 3 Point Maze.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

2014 Fresh - February. (Plus One)

   Sorry, no updates on Kevin Koastie this week. He'll have to lurk in that alley for a little while longer. In the meantime, here's a look at the work I completed in February of this year, with one extra thrown in for reasons I'll explain later. I hope you like them!
Update: IMAO link of the day - It's a Semi-Intelligent Universe
Punxsatawney Phil (Lavender Labyrinth) 2/5/14
This one is another accidental discovery. I was playing with the pattern I'd developed to go around the 'semi-intelligent' design I've been working on. I wanted to see how it would fill a whole page. I added three blank spaces equidistant from the center of the design to give the lines something extra to ricochet off of, and found that they made a sort of face when I turned the paper upside down. Since I finished the line work on Ground Hog's Day, the name to assign to the face was easy. The secondary title refers to the fact that the lavender path, beginning above the Maroon rectangle, covers almost every part of the design. So, if you like following paths that eventually lead you right back to where you started, enjoy!
Semi-intelligent Design 3.0. 2/10/14 
 Dang, still haven't got it quite right!
Sixteen Chapel. 2/14/14.
This one is an improvement over my previous effort, '7/16th Chapel' in that I got to use all 16 colors I'd selected. In fact, I changed colors 216 times to complete this design. Phew! Since I believe Oppo gave me the idea for the title of this piece, score that as another Musey for Oppo!
The Musey. 2/19/14.
... Which coincidentally was the next design I completed in February. I was going for the look of a light bulb made of lightening bolts, but some people see a hot-air balloon. As someone who sees things that aren't really there all the time, who am I to argue? It'll do.
Night Hides the World, But Reveals the Universe. 2/24/14.
   Working on the pattern I developed for 'Sixteen Chapel' I decided to double-up on my six-point zig-zag net to make a twelve-point zig-zag net. Using 12 colors in a top-down, right to left progression, it took 358 color changes to finish this design. Double Phew!
   Oh, and the title was inspired by a comment Oppo left at a previous post, so that's another Musey for you-know-who!
12 Point, 12 Color, Chain-Reaction Net. 2/26/14.
   This one is the same pattern as the previous one, but I started it at twice the size, therefore half as complex, so I could see what I was doing without puckering my eyes again. I decided to call it a Chain-Reaction Net to distinguish it from the prior Zig-Zag nets I'd done. I ain't done with this pattern yet! (Only 115 color changes.)
One True Path. 3/7/14.
   I threw this last one into this collection, although I finished it last Friday, because I'm going to be giving it away on Monday. The bank where I work hired a new teller who wasn't there at Christmas time last year, so she didn't get one of the pictures I drew in lieu of Christmas presents. When she plaintively asked, "You mean I have to wait until next Christmas?", I broke down and promised her I'd "rip one out" for her. It actually turned out pretty good, I think. The title points out that of all the paths around the center of the design, only one is complete. All the rest begin and end at the pointy-bits around the lower half of the design. Some of those don't even reach to the center. Make of that whatever mystical or metaphysical hay you like!. So, this one is either a late Christmas, or an early Easter present. It's all good, I guess.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Un-Real Estate.

Update: IMAO Link of the Day: Impossible Architecture 
  In several past posts I've displayed drawing of little towns constructed of cubic forms with doors, windows, roofs, domes, steeples, stairs, bridges and pathways added.
   Like this one:
Flying Castle.
   I've been doing them for years 'cause they're fun. In fact, I got the idea for calling this BlogSpot  "Little Worlds" from a town I created and entitled "I Live In My Own Little World, But That's OK, Because Everyone Knows Me There!".
   So, tonight, I thought I might show off some other towns and town-related designs I've done.
But first, Kevin Koastie!

Priorities and Perspective.
   And now, Un-Real Estate! I scraped some of these early ones from my old notebooks, before I got serious about the art-thing. You can see I was experimenting with forms and details, but scrimping a bit on the color technique (and the quality of paper I used).
Untitled. 10/4/98
Untitled and Undated.
House by the Side of the Road.
Hat tip to Sam Walter Foss.

Early Bulginess Experiment.
KAATN. (Kick Ass And Take Names) - sorta secret message.
Playing With Perspective.
   Back in 2004, I started drawing (mostly) on real drawing paper, and made sure I had a title and a date of completion for each drawing I did. These next two are experiments in scale; not strictly towns, but with town-like qualities. The outside dimensions of each were identical, but within those limits I added a strong random element in setting the structures, and then did one sort of from the bottom up, and the other from the top down. After looking them over, I gave them metaphorical titles. Hmm... maybe I should have included these in my Genius - Unintentional post instead?
Republic. 5/6/04
Monarchy. 5/7/04
   This next one is another scale experiment, on the now despised blue-lined grid paper.
Inside/Outside. 6/5/04
Star Tower. 6/12/04
MicroCosmopolitan. 11/18/09
(Amazing what a difference 5 years makes, eh?)
Close-knit Community. 2/26/10
Labor Day Fruit Salad. 9/7/10
Harmony. 8/26/12
Borrows. 11/13/12
   And last but not least....
Babel Rising. 5/16/11
Remember friends, "If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them." - Henry David Thoreau.
If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.