Sunday, March 9, 2014

2014 Fresh - February. (Plus One)

   Sorry, no updates on Kevin Koastie this week. He'll have to lurk in that alley for a little while longer. In the meantime, here's a look at the work I completed in February of this year, with one extra thrown in for reasons I'll explain later. I hope you like them!
Update: IMAO link of the day - It's a Semi-Intelligent Universe
Punxsatawney Phil (Lavender Labyrinth) 2/5/14
This one is another accidental discovery. I was playing with the pattern I'd developed to go around the 'semi-intelligent' design I've been working on. I wanted to see how it would fill a whole page. I added three blank spaces equidistant from the center of the design to give the lines something extra to ricochet off of, and found that they made a sort of face when I turned the paper upside down. Since I finished the line work on Ground Hog's Day, the name to assign to the face was easy. The secondary title refers to the fact that the lavender path, beginning above the Maroon rectangle, covers almost every part of the design. So, if you like following paths that eventually lead you right back to where you started, enjoy!
Semi-intelligent Design 3.0. 2/10/14 
 Dang, still haven't got it quite right!
Sixteen Chapel. 2/14/14.
This one is an improvement over my previous effort, '7/16th Chapel' in that I got to use all 16 colors I'd selected. In fact, I changed colors 216 times to complete this design. Phew! Since I believe Oppo gave me the idea for the title of this piece, score that as another Musey for Oppo!
The Musey. 2/19/14.
... Which coincidentally was the next design I completed in February. I was going for the look of a light bulb made of lightening bolts, but some people see a hot-air balloon. As someone who sees things that aren't really there all the time, who am I to argue? It'll do.
Night Hides the World, But Reveals the Universe. 2/24/14.
   Working on the pattern I developed for 'Sixteen Chapel' I decided to double-up on my six-point zig-zag net to make a twelve-point zig-zag net. Using 12 colors in a top-down, right to left progression, it took 358 color changes to finish this design. Double Phew!
   Oh, and the title was inspired by a comment Oppo left at a previous post, so that's another Musey for you-know-who!
12 Point, 12 Color, Chain-Reaction Net. 2/26/14.
   This one is the same pattern as the previous one, but I started it at twice the size, therefore half as complex, so I could see what I was doing without puckering my eyes again. I decided to call it a Chain-Reaction Net to distinguish it from the prior Zig-Zag nets I'd done. I ain't done with this pattern yet! (Only 115 color changes.)
One True Path. 3/7/14.
   I threw this last one into this collection, although I finished it last Friday, because I'm going to be giving it away on Monday. The bank where I work hired a new teller who wasn't there at Christmas time last year, so she didn't get one of the pictures I drew in lieu of Christmas presents. When she plaintively asked, "You mean I have to wait until next Christmas?", I broke down and promised her I'd "rip one out" for her. It actually turned out pretty good, I think. The title points out that of all the paths around the center of the design, only one is complete. All the rest begin and end at the pointy-bits around the lower half of the design. Some of those don't even reach to the center. Make of that whatever mystical or metaphysical hay you like!. So, this one is either a late Christmas, or an early Easter present. It's all good, I guess.


  1. aside from the egregious lack of penguins, not bad. Punxsatawney Phil looks like a smiley face emoticon who has been dining on magic mushrooms.

    1. Besides penguins, what would you like to see in Kevin Koastie? If you woke up 500 years in the future, what would be your first move?

  2. if i were to wake up 500 years in the future, my first move would be to the snooze alarm for just 5 more years. as for what would i like to see in KK?. i only see kevin koastie with penguins. Hawk to his Spenser, Joe PIke to Elvis Cole, Friday to Robinson Crusoe. Bullwinkle to Rocky. Harvey to Frank J. i'm pretty sure that that isn't where you are going. i see both light bulbs and hot-air ballons in the musey, though.

  3. I love the colors in the chain reaction net. You should make an Easter Egg!

    I also love the musey. jw is right. It hints at both a light bulb and a hot air balloon. I think that's perfectly appropriate as one indicates a bright idea, and one, reaching for the sky! :)

    1. I have done some Easter Egg shaped designs in the past. Maybe I'll do and 'Idea' of Eggs post around Easter. Thanks for the idea!

  4. You are very generous. With your Museys, of course, but also with your art. Lucky co-workers!


    Blown away by the mazes. I still can't grasp HOW you do them, even after reading "How I Do It."

    I guess it's a left-brain thing: my brain left!

    In a shameless bid for another Musey, I'd like to suggest one for Anonymiss, since she had that rough patch recently, and you of all people seem to know what that's like. The "idea" of Anonymiss.-- a woman on a male-heavy forum?

  5. Anonymystery?



    1. Any abstract geometric forms that could convey the 'idea' of "a woman on a male-heavy forum" would seem to be fraught (Fraught, I tell you!) with the gravest possible danger of being misconstrued as something other than innocent. Maybe I'll just make her a nice castle instead! But if I use any of your suggested titles, you can have another Musey!