Sunday, March 16, 2014

It's a Maze Thing - The Early Years.

Update: IMAO Link: The History of Mazes
   There are maze-like qualities to many of my designs, both in the construction and in the finished product. Mostly that's intentional, but sometimes it's an accidental by-product of form and color, which is cool when it happens, but hard to predict.
   Since the accidents have gotten some nice comments, let's see how some of my deliberate ventures into the a-maze-ing world of mazes do!
   But first, Kevin Koastie!

Maze #1. 6/04/04
   This was certainly not the first maze I ever drew, just the first one I ever bothered to entitle and date. It looks pretty rough to me now, but I remember I thought I was pretty hot stuff back then. (sigh) At least I drew it on unlined paper.
Maze #4. 6/14/06
   I have no idea of what happened to Maze #2 or #3.
Maze #5. 6/27/04
   Some of these are based on a simple 4-point pattern, but I had begun experimenting with a 6-point pattern as well, which led to my whole cubic town thing eventually. But here I was just using them to make mazes. 
Maze #7. 7/9/04
It's Amazeing! 8/24/04
   That one contains a sort-of-secret message.

Maze #6. 8/27/04
   This is where it gets confusing. I drew so many mazes in 2004, both on lined and unlined paper, that I screwed up the numbering. Fortunately, I also dated them, so at least I can keep the chronology correct!
Maze #7a. 8/30/04
Maze #8. 9/08/04
Maze #9. 11/11/04
   After 2004, I gave up on the blue-lined graph paper and started drawing exclusively on good drawing paper (and card stock, and poster board, and construction paper, and on the back of FDIC forms I swiped from the bank - but mostly good drawing paper). But I still had fun with mazes when the mood struck me.
Deceptively Simple Maze. 3/8/05
Harder Maze. 6/27/05
   Well, I've another 10 to show you, but they'll have to wait until next week.
The designs are more complex, the colors are deeper, and if you liked these at all, you will love them!
So, stay tuned!
Update: 3/17/14 - Harvey sent my a youtube video. It's Cool!
Update: 3/19/14 - speaking of mazes, here's one I sent Basil last July!
Fun With Cubes #4 - 3 Point Maze.

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