Sunday, March 23, 2014

It's a Maze Thing - Part Two.

   If you were here last week, you enjoyed It's a Maze Thing - The Early Years. But I was just getting warmed up! I've been finding out ways to incorporate mazes and maze-like elements into my designs 'cause it's cool for years. Sometimes I don't realize that I've created a maze until I after I finished a design, then I go at it again, with purpose - to figure out how to do it intentionally. So, let's see what I've figured out so far.
   But first, Kevin Koastie!
Update: 3/25/14 - Straight Line of the Day: Name Your Post-Apocalyptic Faction
Also: 3/25/14 - Link of the Day: It's a Maze Thing - Part Two.
A Two-fer!
History Lesson.
   If you were the leader of a group of Post-Apocalyptic survivors, what would you call the group, and what would be your rallying cry? Hmm... that might be an idea for one of IMAO's "Straight Line of the Day" features. Just sayin'...

Now where was I? Oh yeah, mazes!
2nd 3 Point Maze - 1/28/06
   I assume I sold or gave away 3 Point Maze #1, but I have no record of it.
3rd 3 Point Maze - 2/2/06
3 Point Linked Maze #4 - 5/8/06
5th 3 Point Maze - 5/21/06
3 Point Labyrinth - 7/4/06
   All these mazes have a similarity in shape, derived from my "Fun With Cubes" obsession, but with this next one, I tried to use the same design elements in a new way, breaking out of the six-sided cube motif.
Y Knot - 10/9/06
Over and Under Maze - 11/6/07
   Over and Under Maze has traits in common with my tapestry and door designs. I think I may have to try this one again - I see possibilities for development of this design.
Deceptively Simple Maze With Bubbles - 3/15/10
This next one is one of my favorites - the fact that I noticed that it's a maze as well was just a bonus!
Colors Flowing Like Water (Maze) - 9/2/10
   The maze begins with the ball at the top, right of the design, and ends at the ball at the bottom, left.
The next one is similar, but different.
Complex Linked Zig-Zag Maze - 6/20/11
   And then there's one more, back to my "Fun With Cubes" roots! Hat tip to Basil over at IMAO!
Fun With Cubes #4 - 3 Point Maze - July 2013.
   Well, I've done my duty and shared another batch of work with the world on a weekly basis.

Oh, by the way, I've got 4 pictures up on eBay (more to follow).
Link: Little Worlds of Don Scholand - Abstract Geometric Designs


  1. Heh ... "2nd 3 Point Maze" -- I see a bunch of frogs with their hands on their hips and otherwise!

    1. A lady I know had a similar response when she first saw that one. I've thought about doing another in that style, then transforming the forms into figures of animals or people somehow. Something to think about!

    2. Then she and I would split a Musey. I'm half aMused.

    3. (I've figured out why I sometimes come out as "Anonymous." If I use my "Go" ("Return") key rather than the website's "Publish" button, it registers as Anonymous rather than the name I entered.)

    4. We learn something new every day!