Monday, March 3, 2014

Un-Real Estate.

Update: IMAO Link of the Day: Impossible Architecture 
  In several past posts I've displayed drawing of little towns constructed of cubic forms with doors, windows, roofs, domes, steeples, stairs, bridges and pathways added.
   Like this one:
Flying Castle.
   I've been doing them for years 'cause they're fun. In fact, I got the idea for calling this BlogSpot  "Little Worlds" from a town I created and entitled "I Live In My Own Little World, But That's OK, Because Everyone Knows Me There!".
   So, tonight, I thought I might show off some other towns and town-related designs I've done.
But first, Kevin Koastie!

Priorities and Perspective.
   And now, Un-Real Estate! I scraped some of these early ones from my old notebooks, before I got serious about the art-thing. You can see I was experimenting with forms and details, but scrimping a bit on the color technique (and the quality of paper I used).
Untitled. 10/4/98
Untitled and Undated.
House by the Side of the Road.
Hat tip to Sam Walter Foss.

Early Bulginess Experiment.
KAATN. (Kick Ass And Take Names) - sorta secret message.
Playing With Perspective.
   Back in 2004, I started drawing (mostly) on real drawing paper, and made sure I had a title and a date of completion for each drawing I did. These next two are experiments in scale; not strictly towns, but with town-like qualities. The outside dimensions of each were identical, but within those limits I added a strong random element in setting the structures, and then did one sort of from the bottom up, and the other from the top down. After looking them over, I gave them metaphorical titles. Hmm... maybe I should have included these in my Genius - Unintentional post instead?
Republic. 5/6/04
Monarchy. 5/7/04
   This next one is another scale experiment, on the now despised blue-lined grid paper.
Inside/Outside. 6/5/04
Star Tower. 6/12/04
MicroCosmopolitan. 11/18/09
(Amazing what a difference 5 years makes, eh?)
Close-knit Community. 2/26/10
Labor Day Fruit Salad. 9/7/10
Harmony. 8/26/12
Borrows. 11/13/12
   And last but not least....
Babel Rising. 5/16/11
Remember friends, "If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them." - Henry David Thoreau.
If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.



  1. Oh my goodness I love Flying Castle! I love the colors and the complexity and celebratey-ness of it all!

    Oooh I think Harvey promised me a palace when he made me his Empress.
    Maybe you could help him deliver? :D

    1. What? He hasn't delivered that palace yet? What about the stove?
      Hmm... Palaces... OK, now I know what to get you for Christmas!

  2. I love, love "Republic" and "Monarch." They truly should be in a Government textbook.

    As "Playing With Perspective" should be in an art textbook; and "Babel Rising" should be in a religion textbook.

    A Caesar of ancient Rome should have (and would have) built a palace based on "MicroCosmopolitan."

    You'd never get me out of "Untitled 10/4/98." You'd have to e-vict me with some sort of Internet writ.

    "Harmony" does something so different it's mind- altering, artistic, poetic, and musical simultaneously.

    I want to live in "Close-Knit Community." AND it's a good pun. What more could one ask for??

    This is not to slight the others; it's only that these are the ones I had actual thoughts on, rather than just gazing at in a dream state.

    1. Thanks, Oppo. I kind of figured you'd like this batch.
      I'll be showing my 2014 Fresh - February collection next. No towns, but some complicated patterns with maze-like qualities, including one called "Sixteen Chapel" (Here, Have a Musey!).
      After I work on something really eye-puckering, I like to relax by doing a town. It's kind of like going home for a visit and just sitting in the backyard in a lawn chair, sipping a beer and waiting to be called to supper, while telling old jokes and old stories with the kinfolks. (maybe I'm homesick).
      After I finish the one I'm working on now, which is the 4th attempt to hammer out a new design, I may need to reset my brain with another town. Besides, Anonymiss wants a palace and I need to start laying the foundations for that enterprise!
      Oh, by the way, do you like mazes? Because while I was rummaging through my notebooks, I found a slough of old mazes I've done. They might be worth a post as well.

  3. (Oppo again...)

  4. Mazes have a tricky dynamic with the viewer: they aren't as arty as towns, I think, because there is a part of your brain that is actively engaged in evaluating and dismissing as irrelevant any part of the design that does not lead to the solution of the maze -- whereas in towns, by contrast, each and every corner is an equally interesting discovery.

    1. Ah, but my mazes Are Artsy - at least I tried to make them artsy. The foundation lines of every town design is a sort of maze, but I never tried to include an actual maze in the design of a finished town, you know, with an actual entrance and exit, but I suppose I could.