Sunday, April 13, 2014

The "Idea" of Little Worlds - Part 1.

   I ruffled through my notebooks tonight looking for a sampling of "Globe" style designs. Danged if I didn't find 42 of the little buggers. 42! (to any fan of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, that number will always be significant!)
   I did one years ago that used the same elements as most of these, only in an elongated cube shape, rather than a circle, added houses and such to make it a town, and, as I recall, had the center of the design disappear  into an infinite spiral. It was very cool, and someone agreed and bought it, so I can't show it to you. (This was years before I owned a computer.) Anyway, the reason I recall it now was because of the title I gave it, "I Live In My Own Little World, But That's OK, Everyone Knows Me There!". So That's why I call all my designs 'little worlds', as well as this here BlogSpot!
   See, I actually started playing with circles before I started playing with cubes, but one day I decided to try to make a circle out of cubes, and it became an on-going process of development and experimentation - different shapes, different colors, different attempts to finesse the secondary elements - Making something made of all straight lines look curved!
   What I learned from these early designs I've been incorporating into my art in other ways, but I still get the itch to create another globe from time to time.
   Here's the first 10, and another episode of Kevin Koastie - which also involves the quest for strange new worlds (sort of).

Globe #2. 04/24/04
   Several of these old globes were drawn on blue-lined grid paper, and therefore are officially Not fine art, but they show the development of the idea I was shooting for, so they're in. The numbering is off also, so I'll just go by the completion date on each.
Globe #4. 04/29/04
Globe #5. 04/30/04
Globe #6. 05/05/04
Globe #7. 05/13/04
   This next one was drawn while we were rolling down Interstate 29 on a family road trip. Mary was driving, I was bored, so out came the sketch book and I drew another globe. The road vibration made the lines shaky, so I colored it blue, as if it were shivering from the cold.
Blue Globe. 09/15/04
(It was a long road trip.)
Globe #8. 10/03/04
Globe in Amber. 10/07/04
Globe. 05/14/05
This last one is part of my "Slightly Larger Worlds" collection - Just a hair too big to fit completely on my scanner screen. Dang it!
Globe. 05/15/05
And now, old what's-his-name!

Beware the man who may be smarter than he looks!
(I had to pay an homage to the-soon-to-be-deceased Archie with a little side-of-the-head cross-hatching in that last panel.) Comments? Suggestions? I haven't awarded any Musey's for about a week, so I need more inspiration!


  1. i like the "slightly too large to fit on the scanner" effect of "slightly larger worlds".

    but i can't find a penguin! is he hiding well, or (oh, no!) forgotten?

    veni vidi penguin.

    1. What? You didn't notice the 'rubber pengy' sitting on top of the space-commode?

    2. i noticed a duck on top of the commode. couldn't bring myself to call it a penguin no matter how hard i tried. and i did try.

    3. Sorry, jw. I thought you'd think it was at least an improvement over "Penguin of the Sea". I'll keep trying.

  2. Please don't mistake a lack of commenting for anything other than speechlessness!

    I like the first one, "Globe #2," simply because my eye and mind can understand it -- I can almost believe I could've made something similar. Then, they take off into such complexity I can only admire them, without understanding their construction.

    The spiral at the center of Globe #7 gives t a non-pharmaceutical trippiness.

    If these are from 2004 and 2005 only, I shudder to think how complex the 2013-2014 ones will be!

    1. Thanks, Oppo. I used what I learned about combining elements of larger or smaller scale from making these globes in the creation of other designs like MicroCosmopolitan (from my Un-Real Estate post), Inner Strength (from my How I Did It, and What I've Done post), and Early Christmas (from my Eggs, Easter Baskets and Stuff Like That post). But I can't say they're that much more 'complex' than these early ones. Maybe more refined, with better color technique, but I was pushing the limits of tiny-ness in these early globes. I'd start with say, 1/2 inch wide forms, reduce them to 1/4 inch in the next circle out, then 1/8th, 1/16, and maybe 1/32th of an inch wide forms around the outer edge, and that's about the limit for me. Well, you'll see what I mean when I post the next batch next Sunday.