Sunday, May 11, 2014

2014 Fresh - April.

   Here's a look at the new work I completed in April, 2014.
Update: IMAO Link of the Day: Ironically, He Finished "Endless Stairs."

Smile if You Love Jesus. 4/1/14
This is, of course, the fully colored finished version of the picture I showed at the tail-end of my 2014 Fresh - March collection.
I mean this one!
I had to create a new square-grid guide sheet to help me do this sort of thing, and I ended up doing a lot of square-grid designs in April.
   But it wasn't all "fun with squares" in April, I also finished Endless Stairs!
I mean this one!
So here it is in all it's Extra large, Full Color glory!
Endless Stairs. 4/2/14
Then it was back to squares!
Hidden Cross. 4/7/14
The next one is a variation on a over & under maze, but I got too clever by half and tried to highlight some of the lines after I'd already colored in most of the design, with the result that I smeared and blotted the ink several times, and I can't even blame the smudging on errant rain drops this time. (Dang it!)
I Fixed It Until I Broke It. 4/15/14
Good Thursday Maze. 4/17/14
To solve this maze you follow the path from the upper right-hand corner to the lower left-hand corner, but for extra points you have to find your way to the center first.
   This next one might give you eye-strain, but I swear, there Really is a maze in there somewhere!
Hidden Maze. 4/19/14
4 Point Linked Lattice Window. 4/22/14
4 Point Unlinked Lattice Window. 4/24/14
   And because it's Final Four time again, I did another series of Earth vs Air vs Water vs Fire designs. You'll have to wait until I post my 2014 Fresh - May collection to see who won the series!
Final 4 - 1st Round - Fire vs. Water - Water Wins, 13 to 5. 4/28/14
   I'm sorry there's no cartoon this week, but there's some stuff going on here that I have to deal with. Prayers and general good wishes will be appreciated, and I'll explain later. Thank you.


  1. i hope that whatever you are dealing with works out ok.

    "I Fixed It Until I Broke It. 4/15/14" my decade of the "80s

    1. Thanks, jw. Next week will be especially busy, but after that things should return to normal, if the "Luck" is with me.

  2. All the good wishes, prayers, "Luck," and strength to you this month!