Sunday, May 4, 2014

The "Idea" of Little Worlds - Part 4.

   I was going to show my 2014 Fresh - April collection tonight, then I remembered I still had a batch of globes and sorta-globes to show off, so I'll do that instead.
Update: IMAO Link of the Day - Mostly Circular. 

Warm and Cold. 05/17/12
10 Color Study #4. 05/29/12
10 Color Study #4 was one of a series of 5 drawings I did on a pad of 6" by 9" drawing paper. Since it looked kind of small when presented at the usual scale of my larger designs, I presented this one in Full Size scale. Neither this one or the first one are strictly globes, but they're mostly circular and I like'em, so they're in!
Rounding the Square. 09/09/12
OK, now we're back in sphere territory!
Breaking Out. 09/27/12
Pattern Experiment. 10/01/12
This last group is from 2013, which I've already displayed at previous posts, but what the heck!
Breaking Out. 06/09/13
Oops, two designs, same title!
Breaking Through. 06/11/13
Wobbely World. 10/06/13
Snow Globe. 10/24/13
Dark Matters. 03/03/13
Unfinished Zig-Zag Globe. 04/16/13
Well, that's all for now.
   And now, in a different format, using different paper, (from that same 6" by 9" pad I drew 10 Color Study #4 on), One more dream sequence for Kevin Koastie! That pad of Fanboy cartooning paper I bought was larger, stiffer, more expensive and in most ways superior paper, but I couldn't seem to draw a 4-panel cartoon without smudging the ink! So until I refine my technique, I'm gonna try this.
   Oh, and let your mother (or any mothers you know) know that you feel lucky for having been born!
Happy Mother's Day! Love you, Ma!

It's a Wonderful Life! (on average, statistically speaking, I guess!)


  1. "Pattern Experiment" is perfection -- the Mona Lisa of globes.

    1. Thanks, Oppo! After I drew the design, I colored it in with layers of colors from the top to the bottom, in what I call a "three point progression". Minor fluctuations in the design caused the color progression to warp a bit towards the bottom, but the globe-ness of the design still shows through. Now, if I could figure out how to combine the smooth curvature of a 'protraction' globe with the 3-D structural appearance of the earlier 'cubic' globes... well, I'll keep working on it.

  2. as i scrolled through these, my brain named three of them before i saw your titles and there weren't nuthin' i could do about it.
    "Wobbely World" became "Slightly Off Center"
    "Dark Matters" became "Kitty Cat"
    "Unfinished Zig-Zag Globe" became "Another Can of Worms"

    absolutely no idea why.

    1. I've done a whole slew of designs built around concentric circles (as you can tell). Some years ago I decided to create one in which the circles would be off-center. I titled that one "Off-Kilter". Once I come up with a new idea, I have to explore the possibilities of the concept - it's like eating potato chips, I can't eat just one! The funny thing about Wobbely World is that the center is Not off-center, it just looks that way! I did another one I haven't show yet in which the center Was off-center, but I revealed the true center of the design by drawing one colored line around true center, and coloring the rest of the design from the outside in and from the inside out, causing the layers of color to clash at the junction of true center and perceived center, thus revealing the true center. I called it "Finding True Center". Maybe I'll do a post someday featuring all my Off Kilter designs in one place.
      Kitty Cat? yeah, I can see that. Here, have a Musey!
      Another Can of Worms? Ditto! But could you see why I called it 'unfinished'?

    2. can i see why you called it unfinished? well, yeah, but that's whole 'nother can of worms. (maybe it was the 8th?)

      i got another musey? cool.