Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Wonderful World of Hypercubes - Part 1.

   My designs can be divided into several broad categories; Fun With Circles, Fun With Squares, Fun With Triangles etc. I like taking simple geometric forms and figuring out new ways to make them complicated. Hopefully, in the process, I end up with something pretty to look at, or at least weird enough to be worth a second glance by a casual observer.
   Sometimes when trying something new, I'll create a sort of test pattern. I set a boundary for the design and do all my wild experimentation within those limits. Once I've hammered out the nuances of the design element, I'll use it in other designs as I see opportunity to do so. These test patterns I frequently draw in the shape of a cube (a six sided, triangle based pattern). I call them Hyper-Cubes.
   I did a lot of hyper-cubes when I was figuring out how to make my designs appear 3-dimensional, with mixed results, but other hyper-cubes I did just for the fun of it.
   So, let me show you some!
Update: IMAO Link of the Day - The Wonderful World of Hypercubes - Part 1
Jury Duty - Day 3. 4/7/04
Have you every waited 3 days to see if you'd be called to serve on a jury? I'm sure glad I bought a note-pad and a pen to pass the time.
Hyper Cube #2. 5/01/04
 I've scratched my head and rubbed my chin and said "Hmmm..." but I just can't remember what I did with Hyper Cube #1. I probably gave it away with the advice, "Hang on to it! It'll be worth a fortune some day when I'm dead!" I still give my art away occasionally, but I no longer give that advice with the presentation, since the last guy I gave one to has developed the habit of asking me about the state of my health just about every time he sees me. Hmmm... I better keep my eye on him!
Hyper-Cube #3. 5/04/04
Hyper-Cube #4. 6/13/04
Hyper-Cube #5. 7/18/04
All the green bits in this design are connected - an unexpected result that I've learned to expect when I start fiddling with the corners of perspective. Perspective can turn vicious when you corner it!
Something Different. 7/22/04
 With apologies to Monty Python's Flying Circus, I tried something different, but not "Completely Different".
Step Cube. 7/23/04
Step Cube was an attempt to do a 6-sided version of a early 4-sided pattern that I just called "Steps". I've never shown any of my 'Step' designs here for two reasons. First, because most of them were drawn on blue lined grid paper, and second, because looking back at them now, they really weren't very good. But this one is a cube, so it's in!
Double Spiral. 8/05/04
In Double Spiral I was experimenting with Tri-bars again.
Hyper-Cube #6. 10/13/04
No. 6 is about the same size as the others, but was drawn with a medium tip magic marker, instead of a fine point pen.
I Saw It With My Eyes Closed. 11/18/04
This one started as a cube, but then flew off on a wild tangent. I used the title again later.
I Saw It With My Eyes Closed 2. 5/04/12
Same idea, different treatment. Of course, #2 is Not a cube, nor did it start out as a cube, but it's just so darned cool!
Hypercube - Mostly Yellow. 4/15/05
Sea Cubed. 4/18/05
With these last two, I guess I decided that a hypercube didn't have to be cube shaped anymore. I was giddy with the possibilities!

And now, here's a Two-Fer of Kevin Koastie cartoons with deep philosophical significance (to me, anyway). Enjoy!

The Totally Mental Misadventures of  Kevin Koastie and Clarence.

   Update: 05/26/14 - Have a Happy Somber and Reflective Memorial Day!
A journey of a thousand light-years begins with a single step.

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