Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Wonderful World of Hypercubes - Part 3.

   I apologize for not posting anything last week. I had to attend another funeral and I've been in a sort of blue mood all week. Well, Life Goes On, and so does Little Worlds, so here's another batch of Hypercubes for you to enjoy!

PS: A friend told me today - "Although your art gives me joy, I say take as much time as you need to get your soul in order, first. When the art comes, the art comes..." Well, here it comes, ready or not!

Hierarchies of Will. 4/23/12
   Hierarchies of Will refers to a term I found in a book about St. Thomas Aquinas, the famous theologian. I may not have this exactly right, since I'm not the inspired genius St. Aquinas was, but it means that although God is sovereign, with absolute control over the whole universe, we still have free will because God allows us to make choices that have real consequences within the limited sphere of our personal lives, but that those choices aren't permitted to interfere with God's overall plan because, Hey! He's God!
   Anyway, as the "creator" of these designs, I sometime feel that the design has a will of it's own. A line says, "I Will be drawn this way, not that way!" or a color says, "If that bit is that color, then this bit Will be My color!" And I say, "OK, smart guy, we'll do it your way, and see what it gets you!" Of course, as "creator" I have the ultimate veto. If the design looks ugly, I scrap it and start again.
   Nothing as dramatic as raining for 40 days and 40 nights, but I guess it tells the pens and pencils who's boss, right?

First Thursday Hypercube. 6/9/12
   Does anyone know what the term "First Thursday" refers to? 'Cause I can't remember now!

New and Improved Hypercube. 6/21/12
   In this one I combined elements of a hypercube and a dream-catcher, with bits of infinite confluence and a 3-point color progression, which is cool, I guess.

Fundamentals Don't Change. 11/7/12
   I was still bent out of shape by the results of the 2012 election when I did this one. All that talk about "Fundamentally transforming" America just set my teeth on edge, so I made sure that the 3 visible sides of the cube came out in Red, White and Blue! (sigh - only 2 years and 7 months to go.)

   Now I've got just 6 more to display. They've been seen before by some. (Way back in my first post to this BlogSpot, as amended). Little Worlds - A Little Story and at another post later that first year.
Little Worlds - Christmas Time at My House. Of course you may have seen them at as well. I'm referring to the 6 "Fun with Cubes" pictures I did in 2013 for Basil, who also blogs at IMAO.
Fun With Cubes #1, Braided Cube. July 2013
Fun With Cubes #2, City Block. July 2013
Fun With Cubes #3, Summer 2013. July 2013
Fun With Cubes #4, 3 Point Maze. July 2013
Fun With Cubes #5, Nature Favors the Hidden Flaw. July 2013
Fun With Cubes #6, Christmas Cube. 12/14/13
   Well, that's it so far. I still do cubic-ish designs from time to time, but it's been a while since I did one as a matter of pure research. But who knows when my next brain-storm will begin to ferment and only another hypercube will relieve the pressure?

And now ...

And That's When Kevin Learned to Keep His Dreams to Himself.

   By the way, Little Worlds went over the 10,000 page view mark this week! Wow! Thanks, everybody!
   Oh, I almost forgot, here's another "Color It Yourself" picture to play with, if you want to! Stay tuned for more!
Black and White Test #3.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Wonderful World of Hyper Cubes - Part 2.

  I apologize for not posting anything here on Sunday as has become my custom, but I fell asleep on the couch instead. But now I'm well rested and ready to share some more art with you all.
   Our subject tonight is Hyper Cubes. What wikipedia says about them. My designs are experiments in shape, scale and color combinations confined within a six-sided form that always retains some aspect of a simple cube (but with fiddly bits). They're not strictly 'hypercubes' in a mathematical sense, but I've got to call them something, right?

Hypercube. 5/20/05
Linked Hypercube, Slightly Curved. 5/23/05

Hypercube. 6/09/05

Symmetrical Linked Cube. 7/01/06

Mostly Linked Structure. 1/10/07

All the forms in 'Mostly Linked Structure that are colored in shades of red are connected to each other, one edge or corner leading into another. So, following the color scheme I'd selected, I Had to color them all red. I Had to, don't you understand? (sobs) I Had to do it! (ahem!) Well, anyway, the blue, green, and brown bits are Not linked in the same way, which provided a pleasing contrast, so that's all right.
   In 2007 I changed jobs and didn't have as much time to draw as I had before, but I still found time to do a few small works in my spare time. These next 3 are all less than 6" across.
Tiny Linked Cube. 9/24/07

Trapped Cube. 9/28/07

'Trapped Cube' was also featured in my 'The "Idea" of Snowflakes' post. It's  been a while since I did a design in this style, but maybe I should give it another go. I see untapped possibilities here. Hmmm...
Inner Fire. 10/18/07

Years passed before I did another cube. I was playing with other designs, like fractiles and circles, and as I recall, I did some whittling. (carved a stick into the shape of a Cobra wearing a ballet slipper, a sweat sock and a fish-net stocking with garter belt as a gift for one of my bosses at the request of his mother, who, with motherly pride said, "My son is such a good salesman, he could sell socks to a snake!"
   When I did do another cube, it was because I had a new design element to test; this time what I called 'a weave'.
Summer Cubed. 7/23/10

And then I saw a documentary about "String Theory" which went Waaaay over my head, but I did remember them talking about there being eleven dimensions of space-time and I thought to myself, "Ok, I can use that!"
11 Dimensions, No Waiting. 6/28/11

And finally....

Just an average day aboard the good ship Free Enterprise!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

2014 Fresh - May.

    Well, I've got a pile of old "Hyper-Cubes" still to show you, but right now it's time to show off some new stuff, including the first Not-A-Dream-Sequence episode of  Kevin Koastie for a While, and maybe an experiment you can all participate in!
   If you've been here before, you'll know that my wife died last month after a long illness. (Thanks again to all those who left kind, comforting and supportive comments here or at IMAO.)
Little Worlds - Tribute.
 I'll try to make a few comments on that in the body of this post, but only as it relates to the works I completed this month. If I seem detached, forgive me, but I'm still dealing with some things on the personal side. Here I want to focus on the art.
Update: IMAO Link of the Day: Audience participation experiment 
Final 4 - Round 2 - Air vs. Earth - Air Wins, 11 to 7. 5/01/14
I began the 2014 "final 4" competition at the end of April (2014 Fresh - April).
I changed the rules this year in that each design narrows down to an inner core of 18 triangular blocks, so that the scoring would  be simpler.

   If you look closely you might notice a coffee stain on this page, (Air vs. Earth)  but I was able to cover it up pretty well, so I just went ahead and finished the design as is. If you were cheering for earth to win like it did last year, sorry, but the stain had no effect on the ultimate results of this contest! (so say the judges - me, myself, and I!)

PS: here's Final 4, Round 1 again -
Final 4, 1st Round, Fire vs. Water, Water Wins, 13 to 5. 4/28/14

Air vs. Water - Final 4 - Final Round - Air Wins, 14 to 4. 5/06/14
   I completed Air vs. Water in the afternoon of May 6th. My wife Mary died later that evening.
   Anyway, I wasn't in the mood to start anything new for a couple of days, but I had one old, unfinished piece I'd been saving in the same drawing pad I've gotten the paper from for the last 3 episodes of Kevin Koastie, so I finished that to give me something to do while I was waiting to do the other things I had to do. It's small, (9" x 6") like the cartoons, so I can show it 'full-sized'.

8 point, 8 color Zig-Zag Net, Mostly Orange. 5/8/14

   As I've mentioned before, drawing helps me cope because it remains a tiny corner of my life that I can retreat to when everything around me seems out of control. Of course, since I also depend on  Randomness to make my designs interesting, it turns out I'm not entirely in control even when I'm drawing. That was the case when I decided to create a tribute design for Mary. The first attempt was a challenge to draw, but impossible to read.
Hidden Tribute: Born - 8-24-51, Died - 5-6-14, Loved - Forever. 5/13/14
So, I tried again, this time reversing the design elements to make the message easier to read. This one I included in my Tribute Post.

Tribute: Born - 8:24:51, Died - 5:6:14, Loved - Forever. 5/16/14
   We had a memorial service for Mary on the 19th, and I went back to work on the 21st because staying active sure beats spending time alone. And so I made this one. I tried to express some of the things I've been thinking about in the cartoons this month as well.
Life Goes On. 5/22/14
    I couldn't let a whole month go by without doing a 'Town' design, so I did a second take on a popular design.
Flying Castle 2.0. 5/28/14
Then I got to thinking about the title of the IMAO Link of the Day post that linked to my Tribute post. "If IMAO Had a Flag it Would Be Flying at Half-Staff."

So I finished the month by designing a flag for IMAO!
IMAO Flag. 5/30/14
And now.....

...and that's how "scientific consensus" works!
   Oh, I almost forgot about the experiment!
A while back I received a suggestion that one way of making money from my art would be to create an adult coloring book. No, not an adult-themed coloring book (although.... hmmm.... Naaah!) but a book of black and white drawings, suitable for coloring in by bored but technically skilled adults and older adolescents. So I made a Xerox copy of one of the drawings I did this month, before I colored it in. So, if you want to -  copy, print and see how you do at coloring my design. Please note; this is Not a contest - no judging, no prizes. Heck, it's not really even an experiment. Just let me know if you actually took the time to print out this design to color yourself, or to give to someone else to color. Thank you. You can use pencils, magic markers, glitter and glue, whatever floats your boats, kids!

Black and White Test #1

Update: And while we're at it, maybe you'd like to take a stab at the IMAO Flag idea as well?
Black and White Test #2