Sunday, June 1, 2014

2014 Fresh - May.

    Well, I've got a pile of old "Hyper-Cubes" still to show you, but right now it's time to show off some new stuff, including the first Not-A-Dream-Sequence episode of  Kevin Koastie for a While, and maybe an experiment you can all participate in!
   If you've been here before, you'll know that my wife died last month after a long illness. (Thanks again to all those who left kind, comforting and supportive comments here or at IMAO.)
Little Worlds - Tribute.
 I'll try to make a few comments on that in the body of this post, but only as it relates to the works I completed this month. If I seem detached, forgive me, but I'm still dealing with some things on the personal side. Here I want to focus on the art.
Update: IMAO Link of the Day: Audience participation experiment 
Final 4 - Round 2 - Air vs. Earth - Air Wins, 11 to 7. 5/01/14
I began the 2014 "final 4" competition at the end of April (2014 Fresh - April).
I changed the rules this year in that each design narrows down to an inner core of 18 triangular blocks, so that the scoring would  be simpler.

   If you look closely you might notice a coffee stain on this page, (Air vs. Earth)  but I was able to cover it up pretty well, so I just went ahead and finished the design as is. If you were cheering for earth to win like it did last year, sorry, but the stain had no effect on the ultimate results of this contest! (so say the judges - me, myself, and I!)

PS: here's Final 4, Round 1 again -
Final 4, 1st Round, Fire vs. Water, Water Wins, 13 to 5. 4/28/14

Air vs. Water - Final 4 - Final Round - Air Wins, 14 to 4. 5/06/14
   I completed Air vs. Water in the afternoon of May 6th. My wife Mary died later that evening.
   Anyway, I wasn't in the mood to start anything new for a couple of days, but I had one old, unfinished piece I'd been saving in the same drawing pad I've gotten the paper from for the last 3 episodes of Kevin Koastie, so I finished that to give me something to do while I was waiting to do the other things I had to do. It's small, (9" x 6") like the cartoons, so I can show it 'full-sized'.

8 point, 8 color Zig-Zag Net, Mostly Orange. 5/8/14

   As I've mentioned before, drawing helps me cope because it remains a tiny corner of my life that I can retreat to when everything around me seems out of control. Of course, since I also depend on  Randomness to make my designs interesting, it turns out I'm not entirely in control even when I'm drawing. That was the case when I decided to create a tribute design for Mary. The first attempt was a challenge to draw, but impossible to read.
Hidden Tribute: Born - 8-24-51, Died - 5-6-14, Loved - Forever. 5/13/14
So, I tried again, this time reversing the design elements to make the message easier to read. This one I included in my Tribute Post.

Tribute: Born - 8:24:51, Died - 5:6:14, Loved - Forever. 5/16/14
   We had a memorial service for Mary on the 19th, and I went back to work on the 21st because staying active sure beats spending time alone. And so I made this one. I tried to express some of the things I've been thinking about in the cartoons this month as well.
Life Goes On. 5/22/14
    I couldn't let a whole month go by without doing a 'Town' design, so I did a second take on a popular design.
Flying Castle 2.0. 5/28/14
Then I got to thinking about the title of the IMAO Link of the Day post that linked to my Tribute post. "If IMAO Had a Flag it Would Be Flying at Half-Staff."

So I finished the month by designing a flag for IMAO!
IMAO Flag. 5/30/14
And now.....

...and that's how "scientific consensus" works!
   Oh, I almost forgot about the experiment!
A while back I received a suggestion that one way of making money from my art would be to create an adult coloring book. No, not an adult-themed coloring book (although.... hmmm.... Naaah!) but a book of black and white drawings, suitable for coloring in by bored but technically skilled adults and older adolescents. So I made a Xerox copy of one of the drawings I did this month, before I colored it in. So, if you want to -  copy, print and see how you do at coloring my design. Please note; this is Not a contest - no judging, no prizes. Heck, it's not really even an experiment. Just let me know if you actually took the time to print out this design to color yourself, or to give to someone else to color. Thank you. You can use pencils, magic markers, glitter and glue, whatever floats your boats, kids!

Black and White Test #1

Update: And while we're at it, maybe you'd like to take a stab at the IMAO Flag idea as well?
Black and White Test #2


  1. I'm gonna try it.

    Who better than you to create an IMAO flag?

    The reason I'm not always commenting "What a great piece of art this is!" on your site is the same reason I'm not always going "Good line, Frank! Funny one!" on IMAO. Hope you realize that. Loved all the 3-D ones last month....

    1. Thanks, Oppo. I'll post more Hypercubes next week. I'm working on a 5-D design this week - still some design problems, but I think it has potential.

  2. I barely have the patience to try it, even just coloring it using graphics software. But I think you're on to something. Long ago, I picked up something fun, "the First Computer Design Coloring Book," with much simpler designs, many similar to the pop art of Victor Vasarely.

  3. That would "Op art," rather. Ya know.

    1. I loved those old Op art posters. I did a Bing search of Victor Vasarely. Holy Smokes! The guy produced a lot more work besides the old posters I remember from my misspent youth. But I see where some of my influences come from (and a few ideas for future work). Thanks, Les!

  4. i had forgotten about vasarely so i went to his official website and got hit with a virus. or at least notified that my software blocked one.

    just FYI

    1. I didn't know he Had an official website! I just looked for images of his work. Thanks for the FYI.