Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Wonderful World of Hyper Cubes - Part 2.

  I apologize for not posting anything here on Sunday as has become my custom, but I fell asleep on the couch instead. But now I'm well rested and ready to share some more art with you all.
   Our subject tonight is Hyper Cubes. What wikipedia says about them. My designs are experiments in shape, scale and color combinations confined within a six-sided form that always retains some aspect of a simple cube (but with fiddly bits). They're not strictly 'hypercubes' in a mathematical sense, but I've got to call them something, right?

Hypercube. 5/20/05
Linked Hypercube, Slightly Curved. 5/23/05

Hypercube. 6/09/05

Symmetrical Linked Cube. 7/01/06

Mostly Linked Structure. 1/10/07

All the forms in 'Mostly Linked Structure that are colored in shades of red are connected to each other, one edge or corner leading into another. So, following the color scheme I'd selected, I Had to color them all red. I Had to, don't you understand? (sobs) I Had to do it! (ahem!) Well, anyway, the blue, green, and brown bits are Not linked in the same way, which provided a pleasing contrast, so that's all right.
   In 2007 I changed jobs and didn't have as much time to draw as I had before, but I still found time to do a few small works in my spare time. These next 3 are all less than 6" across.
Tiny Linked Cube. 9/24/07

Trapped Cube. 9/28/07

'Trapped Cube' was also featured in my 'The "Idea" of Snowflakes' post. It's  been a while since I did a design in this style, but maybe I should give it another go. I see untapped possibilities here. Hmmm...
Inner Fire. 10/18/07

Years passed before I did another cube. I was playing with other designs, like fractiles and circles, and as I recall, I did some whittling. (carved a stick into the shape of a Cobra wearing a ballet slipper, a sweat sock and a fish-net stocking with garter belt as a gift for one of my bosses at the request of his mother, who, with motherly pride said, "My son is such a good salesman, he could sell socks to a snake!"
   When I did do another cube, it was because I had a new design element to test; this time what I called 'a weave'.
Summer Cubed. 7/23/10

And then I saw a documentary about "String Theory" which went Waaaay over my head, but I did remember them talking about there being eleven dimensions of space-time and I thought to myself, "Ok, I can use that!"
11 Dimensions, No Waiting. 6/28/11

And finally....

Just an average day aboard the good ship Free Enterprise!


  1. When I look at these hypercubes I think, "We are in the presence of genius."

  2. Thanks, Oppo! I'll have another batch of Hyper Cubes posted tonight. Sorry I didn't respond sooner, but I've been away from the interwebs for a while.