Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Wonderful World of Hypercubes - Part 3.

   I apologize for not posting anything last week. I had to attend another funeral and I've been in a sort of blue mood all week. Well, Life Goes On, and so does Little Worlds, so here's another batch of Hypercubes for you to enjoy!

PS: A friend told me today - "Although your art gives me joy, I say take as much time as you need to get your soul in order, first. When the art comes, the art comes..." Well, here it comes, ready or not!

Hierarchies of Will. 4/23/12
   Hierarchies of Will refers to a term I found in a book about St. Thomas Aquinas, the famous theologian. I may not have this exactly right, since I'm not the inspired genius St. Aquinas was, but it means that although God is sovereign, with absolute control over the whole universe, we still have free will because God allows us to make choices that have real consequences within the limited sphere of our personal lives, but that those choices aren't permitted to interfere with God's overall plan because, Hey! He's God!
   Anyway, as the "creator" of these designs, I sometime feel that the design has a will of it's own. A line says, "I Will be drawn this way, not that way!" or a color says, "If that bit is that color, then this bit Will be My color!" And I say, "OK, smart guy, we'll do it your way, and see what it gets you!" Of course, as "creator" I have the ultimate veto. If the design looks ugly, I scrap it and start again.
   Nothing as dramatic as raining for 40 days and 40 nights, but I guess it tells the pens and pencils who's boss, right?

First Thursday Hypercube. 6/9/12
   Does anyone know what the term "First Thursday" refers to? 'Cause I can't remember now!

New and Improved Hypercube. 6/21/12
   In this one I combined elements of a hypercube and a dream-catcher, with bits of infinite confluence and a 3-point color progression, which is cool, I guess.

Fundamentals Don't Change. 11/7/12
   I was still bent out of shape by the results of the 2012 election when I did this one. All that talk about "Fundamentally transforming" America just set my teeth on edge, so I made sure that the 3 visible sides of the cube came out in Red, White and Blue! (sigh - only 2 years and 7 months to go.)

   Now I've got just 6 more to display. They've been seen before by some. (Way back in my first post to this BlogSpot, as amended). Little Worlds - A Little Story and at another post later that first year.
Little Worlds - Christmas Time at My House. Of course you may have seen them at as well. I'm referring to the 6 "Fun with Cubes" pictures I did in 2013 for Basil, who also blogs at IMAO.
Fun With Cubes #1, Braided Cube. July 2013
Fun With Cubes #2, City Block. July 2013
Fun With Cubes #3, Summer 2013. July 2013
Fun With Cubes #4, 3 Point Maze. July 2013
Fun With Cubes #5, Nature Favors the Hidden Flaw. July 2013
Fun With Cubes #6, Christmas Cube. 12/14/13
   Well, that's it so far. I still do cubic-ish designs from time to time, but it's been a while since I did one as a matter of pure research. But who knows when my next brain-storm will begin to ferment and only another hypercube will relieve the pressure?

And now ...

And That's When Kevin Learned to Keep His Dreams to Himself.

   By the way, Little Worlds went over the 10,000 page view mark this week! Wow! Thanks, everybody!
   Oh, I almost forgot, here's another "Color It Yourself" picture to play with, if you want to! Stay tuned for more!
Black and White Test #3.


  1. 1st Thursday

    1st Thursday is an award winning program highlighting downtown arts, culture and entertainment on the first Thursday of every month. All 1st Thursday attractions are free from 5-8pm.

    does that ring a bell?

  2. You know, that rings a bell! I think I drew "First Thursday Hypercube" at the art shop in Memphis where I displayed my art during such an event. I was the "featured artist" that day. Yeah... it's all coming back to me now... Thanks, jw!

  3. In "New and Improved Hypercube," I've convinced myself I see a shamrock in the lower right. I don't know what to make of that. Nothing else in the design seems to relate to shamrocks, or "clubs" in a deck of cards. Just thought I'd pass it along for your information. Maybe it's some of that hidden "Luck" that crops in from time to time.

    P.S.: my eye enjoys the sensation/game of trying to figure out whether it's looking at the Hypercube from the inside or from the outside, or both at the same time. My mind hasn't made up its mind on the subject, though!

    1. Yep, the 'shamrock' is just one of those 'genius unintentional' things. Like seeing shapes in a passing cloud. If I ever figured out how make shapes appear in the middle of a complex, semi-random pattern like that at will, I'd call myself a genius indeed! Hmmm... if I drew the shape first and then built the design around it and pretended that it just appeared as a fluke...? Nawh, where'd be the fun in that? :-)

  4. june 7, 2012

  5. or perhaps dec 21, year unknown to me:

    or august 8, year unknown to me:

    you go to the painted planet in memphis a lot. or at least facebook posts you a lot.

    1. Yes, I did for a while, but the shop closed at the end of December, 2012. The lady who owned the shop has started a new venture where my work may be displayed again in the Memphis area. (She also sings with her own band and promotes other music groups. She also paints, makes jewelry, and runs a support group for women who have or have survived bouts with cancer. She sure knows how to keep busy!)