Monday, July 28, 2014

2012 Sorta Fresh - January.

   Let's see, I do one post per week, but I only show my new stuff once every month, or 12 times per year, so since there's 52 weeks in a year, that means I have to find something to post 40 times per year that isn't new stuff. So here's some old stuff (and some new stuff, down at the bottom). I've posted some of these before (Globes, Hypercubes, etc.) but now I'll show them in chronological order, 'cause Ve Must Haff Order!!!! (ahem)
Update: IMAO link of the day - Beware of Discrimination.

Little Worlds 2012 - Cover.

PS: I didn't create this video, but I wish I had. I just learned that I can copy videos into my BlogSpot! Yay! Enjoy!

Harvest Moon 2.2. 1/9/12

Antique Bronze. 1/14/12

Daydream Catcher. 1/20/12

Illusion of Curvature 2. 1/24/12

Briar Patch. 1/30/12

   Now here's some more black and white picture pages. I guess you could call these previews of coming attractions, since you know I'm going to post these again after I finish coloring them.
   These three are variations on a single strand weave pattern. On the third one, I experimented with adding a random element in the second phase of construction with interesting results. Enjoy!

black and white test 9
black and white test 10

black and white test 11

   I've been told that these designs remind some people of eyeballs (when seen from the side). Hmm... I might be able to use that!

And now, more Future History with Kevin Koastie!

It's "I before E, except after C." right?

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