Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Secret Messages and Stuff.

   Over the years, as I learned to wrestle with randomness in my designs, I tried different gambits for getting the foundation lines of my designs set so that I'd have something on which to build. I had to build within the confines of the page I was drawing on, of course, but also within the confines of the pattern I'd chosen. If the pattern was too regular or repetitive, it looks like floor tile. If it's too random, it looks like an explosion in a floor tile factory.
   So, in my quest to find the happy medium, I tried sneaking secret messages into some of my designs. Then the challenge was to make the  messages readable, but not too readable, workable as an abstract design, but with a wink and a nod to those who could see the message - a sort of visual joke.
   Some of the messages were intended to be inspiring, others more risqué or crude. Some, looking back on them now, just seem silly to me. But anyway, here they are.
   I thought about displaying these without revealing what the 'secret messages' were supposed to be, just making the viewers guess, but that seems rude, in a way. So, I'll reveal the secret message in the caption  below each design for your convenience. If you want to guess - be sure you don't read the captions!
Update: IMAO link of the day - Secret Messages and Stuff 

   These first two make a matched set - providing one, two-part message.

Secret Message #1 - 4/15/04
Pain is just weakness leaving the body!

Secret Message #2. 4/16/04
The trick is not caring that it hurts!

Secret Message #3. 4/22/04
Kick ass and take names

Secret Message #4. Tribute to R.R. 6/5/04
Win One For
(R.R. is Ronald Reagan)
   I had the idea that if I created a work of art that contained a secret message; the one who bought it , framed it and proudly displayed it could take secret glee in knowing what it said while their visitors wouldn't have a clue. Considering what some of the secret messages were, it'd probably be a good thing if they couldn't be read unless you knew where to look. Considering that I never sold any of these, I no longer care if anyone can read them or not!

We Always Get Paid. 8/11/04
Snafu, Fubar and Bohica: Collections

It's Amazeing! 8/24/04
Its a maze ing

Secret Message #6. 9/4/04
If I Want Any Crap Out Of You I'll Squeeze Your Head.

Secret Message #7 - Tribute to J. F. S.
Life is like a $#!t sandwich. The more bread you have, the less $#!t you have to eat!

J.F.S. refers to my brother John, who told me the "secret of life" one day while we were sitting around the kitchen table, eating sandwiches. It was the only time in my life I ever ROFLMAOed for real, and the internet hadn't even been invented yet. The 'secret message' contained a rude word, which unfortunately was too easy to read, so to obscure it, I turned the whole thing upside-down.

Secret Message #9. 11/23/04
If I Wanted Your Opinion, I'd Beat It Out Of You!

WWJD. 12/9/04
   I couldn't resist trying the letters WWJD in a design; not so much as a secret message, but just as a foundation for a regressive fractile design I was working on. I Did answer the question, "what would Jesus do?" in a later secret message. (see below).

Secret Message 3/8/05
Talk To Da Hand

   At this point I decided to try the same secret message, in different styles, several times.

Secret Message. 7/10/05
Lord, give me patience right now!

This next one is a mystery even to me! I created it, labeled it "Secret Message", then filed it away for about a year. Now I can't remember what the secret message was supposed to be and I can't decipher it. Should I consider that a success or a failure?

Secret Message. 7/10/05
I got no idea!

Secret Message. 7/18/05
Lord give me patience right now!

Secret Message. 7/21/05
Lord give me patience right now!

Now, in answer to the question, "What would Jesus do?" I have the answer!

Jesus Would Ride (Rev. 19:11). 8/1/05

   Then there was a slight pause before I did another secret message. (Only eight years). But since those later designs have been featured here before at previous posts, I won't bother to drag them up again at this time. Besides I have some new stuff to show off.

Black & White Test #4

Black & White Test #5

And last but not least ...

Secrets of Command.


  1. “Literal Literary Abstract Expressionism” with viewer participation.
    I was trying to describe what it is that you do do. How would you?
    Thanks, for sharing your work, your effort, your fun. Each piece is a treat.

    1. Hmm... "Literal Literary Abstract Expressionism"! I like it! Thanks!
      The short answer to what I do is 'abstract geometric designs', but not everything I do is purely abstract, or geometric, (or by design). I guess you could say that every design is the expression of the result of an experiment. I ask myself, "What would happen if I did THIS? or THAT?" As I finish each design, I answer my own question, and learn a little more than I knew before. I take what I've learned, I see what works and what doesn't, and I combine that knowledge in new ways, always learning, and in the process, (hopefully) creating some pretty pictures for people to enjoy! Since I've got infinite possibilities to explore, I don't think I'll ever get tired of doing this stuff.
      I'll be posting some more stuff tonight. Stay tuned!

  2. Hi 4of7, is there a way to get in touch with you (e.g. by e-mail)?

    1. dscholand@peoplepc.com is my e-mail address. If you mention "Little Worlds" in the subject line, I'll notice it when I check my 'Suspect E-mail file' and then I can add you to my address book.