Monday, July 14, 2014

Slightly Larger Worlds - Part 1.

Update: IMAO Link of the Day: My World's Bigger Than Your World.  
 When I first started all this drawing abstract geometric designs business, I tried a lot of different kinds of art paper, some larger, some smaller. In my exuberance, I'd sometimes draw right out to the edge of the page, only stopping when I realized that I had to stop, or continue the drawing on the table top (which would be a hassle to try to frame).
   Another consideration was how to preserve the designs after they were finished. I couldn't afford to frame each one, but I wanted to keep them handy so I could show them to people, but I also wanted to protect them so they wouldn't get wrinkled or smudged. Hmmm... what to do?
   Then I discovered those clear plastic page protectors with the 3 ring binder holes conveniently attached! They're designed to snuggly hold a standard size 8.5" by 11" sheet of paper, I can get them at my friendly, neighborhood Walgreens for a very reasonable price, and they last forever! Perfect, right?
    Unfortunately, most drawing tablets don't come in 8.5" by 11" size, which meant I had to trim the paper so the pictures would fit. For most of my designs, that wasn't a problem, but what to do with the slightly larger ones? Well, ever creative, I bought a 12" by 12" scrapbook binder with clear plastic page covers build in and stuffed them into that; making a label for the outside that read, "Slightly Larger Worlds."

Slightly Larger Worlds - Cover
Now I wouldn't have to trim my pictures too tightly, Ho-ray!
   Later, I started drawing on sheets of 8.5 x 11 cardstock, which suits me to a T, and most of the time until then I remembered to leave a margin of safety around the edges of my designs so I could save them in a 3 ring binder, But not always, so my collection of 'Slightly Larger Worlds' slowly increased. I've shown some of them at this blog in previous posts; globes, hypercubes, mazes and so forth, but tonight (and next week) I'm going to show the rest! Aren't you lucky?

Step 9. 7/31/04
Step 9 is the 9th in a series of designs I just called "steps" ('cause there were so many steps in the construction of each design). This one was drawn on tan construction paper with a #2 pencil, without guidelines, colored with Crayola pencils and then traced over with a felt tip marker. Oh well!

P.O.C. 4 - 8/16/04
P.O.C. stands for "Points Of Contact". I used to busy myself by circling the little specks and flecks on a sheet of cardboard, like on the back of a drawing tablet, then connecting the dots. I don't know if that qualifies as "art", but it kept me amused for hours! Anyway, in this design, since the page of clean, white drawing paper had no specks or flecks, I made some by drawing a bunch of random circles on the page, and imposing a dot wherever two lines crossed, then erasing all the circles, just leaving the dots. Then I did some other things, and this was the result!

50 Color Exercise. 10/29/04
Purple construction paper, silver inked felt tip marker, and a brand new box of 50 colored pencils!

Embedded Random Fractile. 2/18/05
I've tried to get the hang of fractals in several forms in my pictures - I know real fractals involve complex mathematics, but the idea of some pattern repeating itself, smaller and smaller each time, was kind of neat! I called these efforts 'fractiles' because I didn't know how to spell fractal. This one is kind of neat because I fiddled around with the edges of the design to make it look as if it was embedded in a block of amber.

Oops! I left one out because I thought I'd already shown it at one of my posts about mazes, but after double-checking, I saw that I hadn't. So this counts as a
Update: 7/15/14
Random Fractile Maze, Mostly Green. 2/24/05

Random Progression. 3/14/05
In this one I ran out of page before I ran out of ideas. For some strange reason I dated this one 3/14/25. Maybe it was a message to me from myself in the future? If you could send a message to yourself from the future, or from today to yourself in the past, what would it say? Maybe, in this case it means something true, but timeless, like "See? I told you so! But did you listen? Nooooo! You had to be a big shot and do it your own way! Well, I hope you're satisfied!" or something like that.

Here's another one I overlooked when I was posting this first batch of slightly larger worlds. Oops.
Update #2: 7/15/05

Linked Structure With the Works. 4/26/05
   There! Now all my ducks are in a row! Yay!

Almost Symmetrical Linked Structure. 5/7/05
Fractile Monolith. 5/31/05
   Remember that movie, 2001, a Space Odyssey? I read that the dimensions of the monolith in the movie was supposed to be the ratio of the first three prime numbers, squared. So it was 1 x 4 x 9. I tried to capture that ratio here, with a labyrinth thrown in for good measure. I did another drawing featuring a monolith that I entitled, "My God, It's full of squiggly lines!" and gave it to a nephew of mine because he was the only one who got the joke!

Green Crystal. 6/15/05
Designs like this one are a development of my earlier crude 'step' designs. It's a easy way to fill a sheet of paper, and sometimes it turns out pretty good. Later I figured out how to add curves.

There's no way this next one will fit in my scanner, but here's as much of it as will fit at one time.

72 Colors. 6/19/05
12" x 12" brown cardstock, and a new, larger box of colored pencils to break in.

I Couldn't Stop Myself. 6/29/05
I don't remember why I felt a need to apologize for this one in the title. Perhaps I should apologize for this next one instead?

I Don't Know Where I'm Going But I'm Getting Close! 8/11/05
   Well, I've got another 12 slightly larger worlds to show off next week, so stay tuned for those!
In the meantime, here's another black and white picture page for you budding artists to work on.
Do you remember the Nickleodeon Show? At one point, good old Bill Cosby joined the cast to do a segment called "Picture Pages". I suddenly remembered the jingle they'd play to announce the segment of the show, and now it's running over and over in my head!
Caution, this link may be habit forming! Picture Pages - You Tube

Black and White test #6

And now, Kevin Koastie!

Nobody wants to be the bearer of bad news.


  1. Is there a hidden message in "Step 9"? I keep seeing letters, but enough non-letters to keep them from merging into words.

    The two with the word "Green" in their titles both looked to me like aerial views of alien garden-mazes.

    1. Nope, no secret messages in Step 9, but the step patterns did give me the idea for hidden messages. Behind most of these designs was either a square or triangular grid pattern, which lend themselves to drawing maze-like pathways, which become the foundation lines for the final result, so it's perceptive of you that you can see the maze-ness in them! Well done! :-)