Sunday, July 20, 2014

Slightly Larger Worlds - Part 2.

   Let's see, where was I? Oh yeah, here's the rest of my 'Slightly Larger Worlds' and some other stuff you might enjoy.

   The title of this first one was inspired by a Dilbert cartoon.

Dilbert, by Scott Adams, 1995

The Sound of Paradigms Shifting Without a Clutch. 8/15/05
So... I guess I owe Scott Adams a Musey? Fair enough!

A Musey for Dilbert!

Cornucopia. 8/16/05 

Spiral. 8/17/05

Mostly Green. 8/22/05

Full Blown Linked Spiral. 8/30/05

   As you can see by the previous four designs, I was playing with a lot of different styles in August of 2005. However, they all had one thing in common; they were all slightly too large!

Compressed Fractile. 01/16/06

Quest For Summer. 02/25/06

Tree of Life. 9/15/06
   I did two different versions of 'Tree of Life' for a prospective customer. She bought the other one.

Netted Stars. 11/27/06

Year In Review. 12/31/06

Complex Sanity. 5/21/07

Big Swirly. 11/20/07

   Well, that's it! Since 2007, I've done some larger designs, (11" x 14" or even 14" x 17"), but I've avoided the grey zone of "slightly larger".  Maybe I've just gotten better at managing the scale of my imagination. This group of designs are therefore unique, select, exclusive, rare ... in other words, Misfits!

   Now, here's another few picture pages for your consideration.

Black and White Test #7

Black and White Test #8.

And finally ...

"Species-ism" raises it's ugly head!

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