Sunday, August 10, 2014

2012 Sorta Fresh - February.

   Here's another batch of designs from February, 2012. As with the last batch from January, I've posted some of these before, but others have never been seen before on the interwebs! Enjoy!
Update: IMAO Link of the Day - Attack of the 8 Point Globe!

Brickwork. 2/1/12

In Brickwork I tried to continue the pattern all the way to the center, but the lines ended up too close together. the shapes and colors kinda sorta reminded me of bricks or tiles, hence the title.

Illusion of Roundness. 2/6/12

   I posted this one before in one of my posts featuring 'globes'. In the comments Oppo said he could see a 'green monster' in the center. So an alternative title could be Oppo's Green Monster. The accidental creation of something I didn't intend is what I've called "Genius Unintentional". It happens sometimes - what'cha gonna do?
   This one is also my first (unsuccessful) attempt at a 6-point globe.

Convex Window. 2/9/12

   Convex Window, on the other hand, may be my first (and so far only) attempt at an 8-point globe. I just didn't realize it at the time. I went on to try different takes on the same motif, but I think I may have to go back and try this one again.

Protraction. 2/13/12

Magenta Sunrise. 2/16/12

   These next two are related in form and color pallet, but different in two significant secondary elements. One of structure, the other of color application. The differences are revealed in the titles. Both are experiments. I wanted to compare both elements in two related designs, with the hope that their similarities would make them a matched set, attractive to a discerning buyer maybe(?) Well, no buyers yet so here they are!

Off-Kilter, Broad-Progression, Semi-Fractured, Hyphenated Dream Catcher. 2/21/12

Centered, Narrow-Progression, Semi-Fractured, Hyphenated Dream Catcher. 2/28/12

   And that's it for February 2012. No new picture pages to share this week, but here's a new episode of Kevin Koastie. You can color that in if you want to, I guess.

OK, now I think the gunny is just "messing with the new guys head". Next he'll probably send him to find a pint of Relative Bearing Grease.


  1. "Question..."

    "Yes? You in the back?"

    "I know you've covered this before, but for our new readers --- do you start from the outside and work your way in (as the description of 'Brickworks' implies), or vice versa?

    "And a follow-up, if I may:

    "Drawing the lines versus coloring in -- do you see them as two wholly separate creative operations, and if so, are they always working in tandem, or have they ever worked in opposition? I only ask because your black-and-white renditions look so different from your finished products, and in my hands defy any attempts to turn them into anyting artistic, through adding color, as you seem to do with ease."

    1. "Harumph! Yes, Thank you for your questions! Ahem!"
      Sometimes I start from the center out, like in Protraction, or from the outside in, as in Illusion of Roundness. With Convex Window I started around the edge of the circular part and work in to the center and out to the edge of the design at the same time. In Brickwork I started with that orange-y red circle near the center and worked in to the center and out to the edge. Sometimes I start from the top or bottom, sometimes from both top and bottom at the same time. If I'm doing a design that includes a sort of weave structure, I do the structure first, then color in the spaces between the structure. The trick with my colors is this. I try to never color two blocks that are side by side the same color. It's OK if the corners touch, but if the long sides of two blocks touch, I'll color one, leave the other blank, and fill that one in with the next color in the progression. That way, it "sparkles".
      I sometimes select the colors I use very democratically - I shuffle them, then line them up and pick the 10 tallest pencils. That way all the pencils get used about the same amount. I usually apply the colors in chromatic order - greys, browns, then Roy G. Biv (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet - the colors of the rainbow). Other times I apply the colors Alpha-chromatically (in alphabetical order) just for a change of pace. With other designs, like Towns, I will pick 3 related colors for the right side, left side and top of the structure, to create an illusion of depth and shadow.
      There are some designs where I've seen a need to change the order of colors, or to add additional colors to highlight some aspect of the design - for example, I Saw It With My Eyes Closed 2, which would have been too dark in the center if I hadn't added a bright yellow color where I did.
      The drawing, of course comes first, but always with the intent to color them in. I've learned to hold back my impulse to add an infinity of fiddly-bits to the designs because if the blocks are too small they're hard to color properly. (any part of the design surrounded by lines is what I call a "block".) Also, if the design is too simple, the blocks will be too large and it's hard to color those in evenly. So I rough out the design, start layering in the details, and I keep working at it until "it looks right". Then I figure out which colors to use, the order of their use, and where to start. The pattern grows from there. I sometimes imagine that the blocks are like a series of dry pools, and the colors are water. As the water fills each pool and flows to the next adjacent pool, it changes color. The colors flow from block to block until the entire design is filled. The shape and size and position of the blocks determines how the water (colors) flow.
      I hope that helps!

  2. Thanks! I especially like the part about the pools. The Artistic Secret Service told me to get moving along; the press conferene is over -- but I 'll catch you next time with any new questions that occur to me.


    hint hint

    1. What are you suggesting? I haven't been to San Diego in years!

      Hmmm... A story line involving a sort of "space ark" full of baby animals? Kevin accidentally hatches a baby penguin which 'imprints' on him so that it thinks he's its mother? Hmmm... I'll have to think about it. Thanks!