Sunday, August 17, 2014

2012 Sorta Fresh - March.

   March 2012 was a low-production month for me. At least, if I produced any more designs in March, I may have sold them or given them away. Since my record keeping is a perfect match for my memory, I have no idea what I was doing for the first 11 days of this month. But on the other hand, 3 of the 4 have never been posted here before, so enjoy!
IMAO Link of the Day - Dragon vs Bunny Rabbit

Solar Flare. 3/12/12

   Solar Flare is a off-kilter, center-out, hyphenated dream catcher. Just another day at the office!

Bottom Up Coincidental Spiral. 3/14/12

   With Bottom Up Coincidental Spiral I colored it from the bottom to the top. I was surprised at how the colors naturally flowed into the spiral pattern. I learn something new every day.

Blue Cyclone. 3/19/12
   Another off-kilter variation with a different sort of edge treatment.

Dragon T2B+R2L=PD. 3/23/12

   The formula stand for "Top to bottom plus right to left equals pseudo-dragon." It just looks like a dragon to me. With a few twitches to the design, it might have looked more like a bunny-rabbit.

   Here's 2 new picture pages. I found something new and interesting to do with cubes.

Black and White Test 14

Black and White Test 15

And finally, Kevin Koastie stumbles into another adventure - with apologies to J.R.R. Tolkien.

Update: 8/18/14: Also apologies to Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett, and any other authors whose work I may misquote, lampoon or outright plagiarize in the weeks ahead. And special recognition to any Fire-Breathing Penguins who may be fans!
The world has changed - I feel it in the water, I smell it in the air!



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    1. Thanks, jw! That's Awesome! I had to add an update to this post to include that image. (just above the cartoon.) So... did you take that photo on your last vacation? Bravo!

    2. no, i think this was vacation.