Monday, August 4, 2014

2014 Fresh - July.

   All righty then! Tonight I'm gonna show y'all the work I finished in the month of July. But first, I'm going to conduct a test of my slowly developing blogger skillz by trying to link a cute video with a catchy tune. Caution! The tune has been bouncing around in my head for more than a week now!

Yogscast - Diggy Diggy Hole (2014) - Lyrics - Youtube.

Update: IMAO Link of the Day - When Random Asymmetry attacks.

Wings for Jerome. 7/3/14

   First today is the last picture I included with my 2014 Fresh - June collection, Wings for Jerome. I intend to buy a nice frame for this one and ship it to his widow, so enjoy it while you can.

Semi-Random, Semi-Weaved, Semi-Linked Alpha-Chromatic Structure (small). 7/7/14

Semi-Random, Semi-Weaved, Semi-Linked Alpha-Chromatic Structure (large). 7/9/14

   These two are completely different, except for where they're exactly alike. I used different sized and different colored drawing paper on each, and different colors to finish them, but I observed the same rules of design in each (with variations). I could probably do a hundred of these, and never repeat the same pattern once.

Perfection. (Well, close enough anyway.) 7/11/14

   Back in June I was wrestling with a 5-point globe design. I finally got it pinned down. So, here we have a cross inside a 4-point globe, inside a 5-point globe, inside a Briarwood weave. It turned out the way I wanted it to, so that close enough to perfect for me!

   Of course, once I hammered out the details of the 5-point globe design, I set it aside and focused on the background detail of the last design, dragging it to the foreground and making it stand on its own!
(sort of)

Briar Weave Window. 7/15/14

In the Beginning Was the Cube. 7/16/14

   With this one, I went back to my "The 'Idea' of Cookies" design, stretched it, fiddled with the secondary elements, tried for a 6-point globe at the center, and extended the design out to the edges of the page with just colors, (no ink). I ended up with a 6-sided void in the center of the design, so I put a cube there, but the title isn't a lie, because That's where I began coloring the design, from the cube - out to the edges. I like designing and drawing these things, and I sometimes go to great pains with all the fiddly details, but they don't really come to life for me until I start applying the colors.
That's why I get more emotionally attached to the colored pencils than I do to the drawing pens, I guess.

   Have you heard that there's renewed fighting in Gaza? Something about Palestinian children shooting rockets at the United Nations or something ... Anyway, I'd been hearing the term "Iron Dome" in the news a lot, so that inspired the title of this next one.

Iron Dome. 7/19/14
   Oh, and it's also another attempt to figure out the subtleties of a 6-point globe.

Dynamic Balance. 7/22/14

Slightly Stretched Single Strand Symmetrical Weave. 7/24/14

Semi-Random Asymmetrical Single Strand Weave with Star Globe. 7/29/14

   These three designs were all variations on a Single Strand Weave. Again, they're all different, except for where they're the same.
   But this last one is extra different because of the randomness which led to the asymmetry. I said to myself, "Self! You must pursue this further! But forget about the weaving, just deal with the random asymmetry!"
   Well, I usually do what I tell myself to do, but I insisted on certain conditions, which were amiably settled in mutually agreed arbitration, resulting in this last design.
   (I'm working on another experiment in uniform semi-random asymmetry right now and it looks pretty good, if I do say so myself! Who knows what other wonders the month of August will reveal?)
Stay tuned!

The  Butterfly Effect - Illustrated. 7/31/14

Here's 2 more picture pages for you to color if you want to!
Black and White Test #12

Black and White Test #12b.

And finally, Kevin Koastie searched for Intelligent Life... on Earth!

It's a good thing that guy didn't mention 'Intelligent Design', or he'd have Really been in trouble!

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