Monday, September 29, 2014

2012 Sorta Fresh - August.

   Hello folks! Usually I post something new on Sunday evenings after I get home from work. But I had to work late on Sunday, so didn't have time to create a new post before my bedtime. Rather than stay up late and risk oversleeping and being late for work Monday morning (again) I decided to hit the hay and do the post tonight. So here I am! And it was well worth the wait, 'cause I got some good stuff to share.
   I completed eight designs in August, 2012, seven of which incorporate spirals of some kind.
So let the Spiral Mania begin!
IMAO Link of the Day: Spiralmania (not the Def Leppard album)

Double Nautilus Spiral. 8/1/12

They tended to become more complex as the month progressed.

Almost Fractal Spiral. 8/3/12

Rising Spiral. 8/7/12

   I added a zig-zag element to fill the bottom of the page, and colored it from the center out which produced some interesting 'ray' effects. To make sure everyone could see the spiral, I traced it over with a fine tipped felt marker. I asked myself the question, "How far can I push the details of this design, how far can I go in adding fiddly bits?" The answer seems to be, "Too far! Rein it in a little, why don't ya?" So I did.

Getting Closer. 8/17/12

   I don't know why I added that extra line to the right, central side of the design, which created an extra area of fiddly-ness that broke the symmetry of the pattern, but I'm sure it probably looked like the right thing to do at the time.

   Now that I had the basic spiral figured out, I started getting fancy with it again.

Cosmic Egg, Cracking. 8/20/12

Then I did something completely different.

Raspberry Angel. 8/22/12

   Raspberry Angel gets its title from the two raspberry colored swoops to the left and right which look like wings to me. The colors flowed from there in to the center and out to the edges. This ain't your average Christmas card angel - more like one of those "wheels within wheels" angels Ezekiel saw. (Gosh, I hope they don't mind!)

   Then I decided to add spirals to other design elements I'd used before to see how they'd work together.

Counter-Rotating Star. 8/23/12
Harmony. 8/26/12
   And.... we end the month with Harmony! I did one more spiral in September, 2012, and then got busy with some globes and other stuff as if my fit of spiral-mania never happened. I guess I got it out of my system (for now).

   Here's three new picture pages. You'll get to see the finished designs when I post my "2014 Fresh - September" collection next week.

Black and White Test #23

Black and White Test #24

Black and White Test #25

Today in The Adventures of Kevin Koastie, we learn that the crew of the R.S.E. Space Guard Cutter Free Enterprise know how to party!

(Banned From Argo - Traditional Star Fleet Filk Song).

In Vino Veritas (but beer works too)

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