Sunday, September 21, 2014

2012 Sorta Fresh - July.

   Tonight I'll be showing off the work I completed in July, 2012. (with some other stuff )
I recall I promised some epic spiral designs at the end of my last post, 2012 Sorta Fresh - June. Well, there's a few spirals in tonight's selection, but you might have to squint a little to find them. Upon review, it seems I didn't go full-blown spiral crazy until August. But I did some good stuff in July, so I hope no one will feel disappointed!
Update: IMAO Link of the Day: 2012 Sorta Fresh - July

Ripples. 7/3/12

   Ripples is a double compression zone, vertically oriented off-kilter design with a center-out 3-point progression color scheme, as you can plainly see.

Leggo. 7/7/12

Leggo is an exercise finding uses for the 'nodes of confluence' design element. I set the limits of the design, then filled it in with squares, diagonal lines, curves and a bunch of really teeny fiddly bits. When it was finished, I stared at it in puzzled fascination, trying to think of a title for this one. I finally decided that it looked sorta like a big, multi-colored Leggo block. Oh well.
* Update: In the comments, Oppo said it reminded him of "A View of a Partly Cloudy Night Sky  From a Room with No Roof" which is a Way better title than 'Leggo'. Oh, and Lego is spelled with only one 'g'. I still learn something new every day; unfortunately, sometimes it's something that I should have learned years ago! D'oh!

Buddy's Requiem Window. 7/12/12

   This one became a memorial to a stray dog we adopted and named Buddy. He had such a fluffy coat of black and white fur that I was tempted to have him skinned and made into a pair of gloves when he died - but I didn't.
   Looking at this design again, I see some possibilities that need exploring. Hmmm... yep, definitely seeing some possibilities here!

    The next one is a two-fer. (two fer the price of one) I colored it in from the left and right edges in just 'cause, you know? When I finished it and stared at it for a minute, I noticed that something was staring back at me. Then I turned it upside down and still saw it! Have you ever seen a portrait where the eyes seem to follow you? Well, these eyes might follow you all the way home and into your dreams! Just sayin'...

It Lurks Between the Lines. 7/16/12
... and when you turn it over ...
Between the Lines it Lurks. 7/16/12

Pseudo-Mandelbrot Egg. 7/19/12

   OK, There's a spiral! I like how the middle bit of this design turned out. Maybe someday I'll figure out how to do it again. Harumph!

Wave Interference Pattern. 7/27/12

   I tried a complex variation on a 3-point progression with this design. Maybe too complex, since I never tried it again.

   After having fits with Wave Interference Pattern, I finished off the month with something simpler, but pretty.
Crystal Spiral. 7/31/12

Now here's a couple of Picture Pages for you.

Black and White Test #21

Black and White Test #22

And now, Kevin Koastie! Arrrr!

Thanks to Harvey for reminding me that Talk Like A Pirate Day was this week!


  1. Another way of looking at "Lego" is as a view of a partly-cloudy night sky, from a room with no roof.

    After all this time, and all your explanations, I still can't understand how you make such intricate designs. Still awe-inspiring.

    1. "A View of a Partly-Cloudy Night Sky, From a Room With No Roof" - I may have to re-title that design! Thanks, Oppo! And Lego is spelled with One 'g' - I'll have to remember that. Now Leggo just makes me think of toaster waffles for some reason. Hmmm... a waffle based design...