Sunday, September 14, 2014

2012 Sorta Fresh - June.

   Hello again! My mind has been bubbling like a vigorously fermenting gallon of watermelon wine on top of the fridge with ideas for Kevin Koastie, but the challenge is to break down those ideas into a 3 or 4 panel cartoon format without filling each panel with exposition and no action. Oh, and I've also been drawing some new artsy stuff as well. In fact, before I show you my work from June, 2012, let me show you one special piece I finished last week. This is a design I did as a sort of "Hope Everything Works Out All Right For You" shout-out to Anonymiss at Nuking Politics.

Oops, Sorry! I forgot to stick the link to IMAO in earlier this week. Here it is now! (Sigh, better late than never, I guess.)
IMAO Link of the Day: Bubbling Like a Vigorously Fermenting Gallon of Watermelon Wine on Top of the Fridge.

Swirly In The Sky With Bacon. 9/8/14

   So, I think it turned out pretty good, and since Anonymiss inspired it, here's a Musey for Anonymiss!

A Musey for Anonymiss!

   Now here's the June 2012 collection!

Effervescent. 6/7/12 

Here's something else that looked fizzy to me. It's a 4-point semi-random fractile with nodes of infinite confluence (and a lot of pretty colors).

First Thursday Hypercube. 6/9/12

   I've shown this one before as part of my Hypercube collection. I could also describe is as a semi-random, semi-weaved, semi-linked structure, but it has six equal length sides, so it's a Hypercube!

Brown Tapestry With Random Nodes of Confluence.

I think I showed this one before too. As I recall, I started with a dark brown around the edges and worked my way to the center. This one is also another experiment with infinite confluence. Well, the "infinite" is sort of implied, you know.

Half a  Bubble Off Plumb Dream Catcher. 6/15/12

The Dream Catcher is mostly symmetrical, but if you look closely at the rectangle I drew around it, you'll discover what I didn't notice until I drew the rectangle. I'd missed the center of the page by about a third of an inch. I measured the edges of the rectangle from the edges of the page, so the rectangle is square and true, but the Dreamcatcher is off kilter by just a hair. If anyone asks, I meant to do that, OK? I drew it on a piece of blue construction paper, because I was out of drawing paper that day. But it's all good, I guess.

20 Color Alpha-chromatic, Top Down 3 Point Cascade, With Random Nodes of Confluence. 6/19/12

The title of this one really says it all.

Closed and Open 3-Point Progression. 6/28/12

I bought a package of parchment patterned cardstock in various shades of grey at this time, and used them as the background of nearly every picture I drew for the next couple of months. The difference between Closed and Open as regards a 3-point color progression is hard to describe, but Closed makes the result seem more solid, and Open makes it seem a bit more sparkly. Then there's the Crazy Open 3-point progression, which shouldn't be attempted by amateurs. But hey, I'm a professional so it's OK. Of course, at this point, I hadn't even invented the Crazy Open 3-point progression yet. I was about to become obsessed with spirals in July. This one has a early stage spiral at the center, and that caught my attention as I considered all the possibilities ... Ah, good times!

   Here's 2 more picture pages, in two different styles. Enjoy!

Black and White Test 19

Black and White Test 20

And now, Kevin learns the importance of knowing where the stairs and elevators are, in a running-away-from scenario.

Out of the Frying Pan, and Back Into the Frying Pan. Doh!


  1. Effervescence reminds me of old 7up ads:

    1. Some of those posters had a definite Peter Max look to them, especially the 7-up submarine one. Hmm... Pabst Blue Ribbon beer is having a contest to select artists to decorate their cans. Maybe I should send them a version of The "Idea" of Beer?