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2012 Sorta Fresh - May.

   Tonight I'll be showing the work I completed in May of 2012. It was another good month for me, with 8 completed designs. Oh, and there'll be some other stuff down at the bottom, of course.

IMAO Link of the Day: This side up ... No, Wait! That side up.

   First is a Two-Fer, a picture with two different titles, depending on which way round you chose to display it. It's also a vertically aligned off-kilter design, just for your information. I've displayed this one before, but I like it, so here it is again!

The Hammer Dropped. 5/2/12

...and if you turn it around, it becomes ...

Keyhole. 5/2/12

Golden Turtle. 5/14/12

Golden Turtle, like Hootie Owl and The "Idea" of Watermelon, started out as abstract geometric designs - another experiment is line, proportion and aspect, with no particular title in mind when I began. But a young girl caught a glimpse of it and said, "That bit in the middle looks like a turtle!"
   As they say, "Once you see it, you can't un-see it!", so I when I saw what she saw, only one title would do! (I really hope I never accidentally draw something that looks like something I don't want to see - IYKWIMAITYD!)

Warm and Cold. 5/17/12

   In Warm and Cold I tried a variation on a Dream-Catcher design; uniform in pattern all the way to the center, and all the way out to the corners of the page, with the middle bit just about as tightly drawn as I could manage. The chose of colors really seem to compliment the design - sort of like a rainbow caught in a blender, but in a good way!

   Towards the end of the month I gave myself a challenge. I wanted to draw 5 different designs, each utilizing different forms and patterns, but all colored with the same 10 colors, applied in the same order. I thought this would highlight the differences while simultaneously uniting the designs by the shared color palette. The first was drawn on a full sized sheet of drawing paper, but the rest were drawn on 6" by 9" paper. In fact, on paper from the same drawing pad that I'm currently using to draw my Kevin Koastie cartoons, so, like the cartoons, I'll display those "full size". You're welcome!
   PS: the dating on these 5 designs is screwed up - There's no way I could have drawn and colored them all in just 3 days, but I'm pretty sure I finished them all in May, so what the heck!

10 Color Study #1. 5/28/12
10 Color Study #2. 5/30/12
10 Color Study #3. 5/30/12
10 Color Study #4. 5/29/12
10 Color Study #5. 5/31/12

Well, that's all I've got for May, 2012! Stay tuned for next weeks post, when I start experimenting with Spirals - which became quite an obsession with me for a while there. Er, that'll be 2012 Sorta Fresh - June, of course.

Here's a picture page of a design I'm working on which may eventually find its way into the delicate but capable hands of Anonymiss  of Nuking Politics fame.
   According to this post at IMAO Support Appreciated. , Anonymiss needs our prayers, good wishes, encouragement, and/or positive vibes. So spare a thought for her if you will, or at least eat a cookie in her honor!

Black & White Test #18

And now... Kevin Koastie!

Kevin exercises the 'Better Part of Valor". 

He who turns and runs away, lives to fight another day!

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