Sunday, October 26, 2014

2011 Kinda Fresh - January.

   Well, I finished up showing my work from 2012 last week. Next week I'll show my new work from October, 2014. (Yay!) But this week I'll start showing my work from 2011. 2011 was a pretty good year. I tried some new stuff for the first time, creating some pretty good designs in the process. Some of these I've shown here before, in my various specialty posts, (Globes, etc.) but I'm sure you won't mind seeing them again!
   I'm also including a few new Picture Pages and a important new Kevin Koastie cartoon. Ya know, I posted my first Kevin Koastie cartoon here on Dec. 9, 2013. I'm thinking I should do a few All Kevin Koastie posts, showing all the cartoons in order so everyone can catch up without having to scroll backward through the posts to see them. What do ya think?

IMAO Link of the Day: Semi-Random Semi-Woven Semi-Curved Semi-Linked

   Anyway, here we go.

Circular Logic. 1/13/11

Circular Logic may be one of the last P.O.C. (Points Of Contact) designs I ever did. It's simple in concept, but complex in execution. I got the idea from playing 'connect the dots' with a piece of speckled grey cardboard, trying to connect each dot with at least 3 other dots. Of course, on a plain white piece of drawing paper there are no dots, so I had to make my own dots by drawing a mess of circles and semi-circles on the page, marking a dot where ever the lines crossed, then erasing all the lines, just leaving the dots. Some of the circularity came through, but with a healthy dose of randomness to keep it interesting. I once thought it would be interesting to sprinkle some pepper on a page, circle where each speck of pepper settled, and then connect those dots just to see what it would look like. So far, I've always thought of something else more interesting that I'd rather try first, but the idea is still there, floating around in the back of my head. Dang, now I'm hungry for a pepper-steak!

Outside-In. 1/19/11

   Outside-In is a semi-random, semi-woven, semi-curved, semi-linked 5-legged structure colored from the outside to the inside. I find drawing designs like these very relaxing because they require so little conscious thought on my part.

Open Weave Easter Basket. 1/25/11

   This is something new. I've done a lot of 'weave' patterns since this one, each a little more complex than the last, but the symmetry and simplicity of this one still appeals to me. Maybe, sometimes, simple is better?

Dancing Hamster. 1/28/11

   Dancing Hamster was shown previously in my 'Genius Unintentional' post. It's a 4-point maze based design, colored from the outside-in. It might have been an unimaginative effort on my part, except that the center of the design looks like a hamster dancing on its hind-legs (to me), and that makes it 'genius'!

   Here's a couple of Picture Pages for you to play with.

Black & White Test #32

Black & White Test #33

   And now, Kevin Koastie! But first, just so that you know that this is a real thing ...
According to some, the best beer in Wisconsin!

Don't you just hate it when you loose your internet connection?

   Well, that's all for this week! Let me know if you think it'd be worthwhile to show all of Kevin Koastie's Adventures in chronological order as a sort of 'anniversary special'. Thanks!

P.S. - I used up the last of my Mead SketchBook 9" x 6" drawing paper drawing this week's episode of Kevin Koastie, so I'll be going to a 8" x 10" 4-panel format starting next week. That'll do, SketchBook, you done good.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

2012 Sorta Fresh - The Final Chapter (October and November).

   Tonight I'll be showing off the work I completed in October, 2012, plus the few I did in November of that year which I didn't give away to family and friends as Christmas presents. Besides that stuff, I've got some more picture pages and a new cartoon you might find amusing.

IMAO Link of the Day: A Little Nuts On That One.

Pattern Experiment. 10/1/12

   Once again, I tried to integrate the roundness of a sphere with the vertical and horizontal lines of a grid pattern. The result was good visually, but still crude (to me) in it's execution. But hey, I even learn from my mistakes, so one of these days I'll get it right!

The Final Smack-Down. 10/3/12

   The Final Smack-Down started out as an angel picture, but ended up looking like two angels fighting. Go ahead, Michael! Smack him one for me!

Angel of the Dynamic Balance. 10/9/12

   I did several 'angel' pictures in October that year. Maybe I was praying more than usual just before the election? (sigh)

Mobius Angel. 10/18/12
   I even started calling things angels that weren't really angels at all! Hmm... this one has a sort of Mobius pumpkin look to it, now that I come to think about it!

I Think I Went a Little Nuts On This One. 10/23/12

   These last three pictures are all based on the same elongated circle framework, with variations. You can probably tell I was stuck for a title for this one.

   And now, here's two completely different designs from November, 2012.

12 Color Cascade With Random Nodes of Confluence. 11/9/12

Burrows. 11/13/14

   And that's it for art from 2012! Everything I did in December that year was given away. I'll most likely do the same thing again this year, but this year, for the first time, I have a scanner! Yay! So I'll at least have a record of my work that I can share on the interwebs.

Now here's a couple of Picture Pages.

Black and White Test #30

Black and White Test #31

Finally, our hero recklessly demonstrates the Power of Positive Thinking!

"They Like Me! They Really Like Me!"

Sunday, October 12, 2014

2012 Sorta Fresh - September.

   Last week I did a post titled "2014 Fresh - September". Coincidentally this week I'm showing work from a different September. Don't let it spook you, OK?
IMAO Link of the Day: Trans-Dimensional Ninja Stealth Monkeys.

Almost Symmetrical Receding Spiral. 9/5/12

   This is the last of the Spiral-Mania collection. I tried to combine a dream-catcher pattern with spirals instead of circles, then colored it in from the top and bottom at the same time, which made it pretty close to symmetrical, but the randomness had it's say and increased as I got closer to the center. The center does seem to be receding, which is cool. Remember, it's not small, it's just very far away.

Rounding the Square. 9/9/12

   Still playing with my protractor, trying to integrate a square grid with a radial grid. I'd return to this again later in the month and in October.

Trans-Dimensional Ninja Stealth Monkeys. 9/13/12

   This may not be the first design in which trans-dimensional ninja stealth monkeys appeared, but it IS the first design in which I noticed they were there! I even drew a sketch of one in the lower right corner to try to help other people see what I meant by the title. Here, let me blow up that detail for you...

Trans-Dimensional Ninja Stealth Monkey (detail)

Ah, there's the sneaky litter booger! A girl once asked me where I get my ideas for my designs.
I told her, "I just draw what I see, my dear!".  Well, that's a good story, but it ain't exactly true. I have no idea where I get my ideas for my designs, but I get the titles for my designs from the designs themselves! Like with this next one, for example.

Serenity. 9/19/12

Serenity is a development  of what I tried in Stealth Monkeys, only with about twice as many fiddly-bits and 4 times as many colors. The stealth monkeys are there again, only smaller, and that bit up near the top center of the design was completely unexpected; so I started coloring the design from that point, out to the edges, to make sure it would remain noticeable. I call it "The Space Puppy" and it looks so calm and undisturbed by the chaos around it, that I named the design after what the 'Space Puppy' seems to be experiencing. You will always need serenity when you're dealing with ninja stealth monkeys! A-yup, I reckon! (Heh, if you don't like that story, make up one of your own, I won't mind!)

Breaking Out. 9/27/12

   The combination of lines, shapes, sizes and colors in Breaking Out really helped create the illusion of roundness (or perhaps bulginess). But there's always room for improvement.

   Now here's 2 more picture pages. They're similar in outline, but differ in the details. Hammering out the details of this design is trickier than I thought at first.

Black and White Test #28

Black and White Test #29

And now, with a subtle nod to the artistic skillz of FrankJ at IMAO, another episode of Kevin Koastie! Enjoy!

If you can't be honest, at least be interesting.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

2014 Fresh - September.

   Tonight I'll be displaying my new work from September. I completed 9 designs. Wait a minute, let me get out my calculator ... let's see, 30 days times 24 hours divided by 9 equals 80 hours work on each design. Hmm... at 10 dollars an hour, that means each one should be worth $800. (I wish!).
   To be fair, I did some other things last month besides draw pictures. Things like working, sleeping, eating, brushing my teeth, brewing wine, looking at goofy videos on Youtube, checking my e-mail, reading the posts and leaving comments at IMAO, watching TV, drinking beer, going to church, doing laundry, feeding the dogs and cats, cleaning the kitty litter box, mowing the lawn, buying gas and groceries ... Ya know, If I couldn't draw while I was at work, I probably wouldn't find any time to draw at all! (I love my job!)

IMAO Link of the Day: It Starts With Bacon.
   Anyway, Here's the first one I completed in September. This one was inspired by Anonymiss, as shown in a previous post (2012 Sorta Fresh - June).

Swirly in the Sky with Bacon. 9/8/14.
If anyone writes a song to go with this picture, I'll award them a Musey!

When Pumpkins Collide. 9/10/14

   I originally planned to call this one something like "Asymmetrical Reflections", but the colors I selected inspired a more seasonal title.

   These next two pictures are completely identical, except for the one design decision that makes them completely different. Can you spot it?

Semi-Random, Slightly Curved, Linked Structure. 9/12/14

Semi-Random, Mostly Curved, Linked Structure. 9/16/14

What can I say? Decisions have Consequences!

   You'll recall that back in July I tried to create a tribute picture for my brother Jerome (may he rest in peace). The final product was simply titled "Wings For Jerome".

I mean this one!

Well, I told our Mom that I was sending it to Jerome's widow, and Mom says she wants one too in that special voice Mom's have.
Q: How does a Mom change a light bulb?
A: "Oh, don't mind me! I'll just sit here in the dark." (That voice.)

So I did another one for Mom. It's not a direct copy, because I can't seem to do two designs exactly the same even if/when I try, but I hope she likes it. (er, just kidding about the voice, Mom! Love ya!)

Wings For Jerome (For Mom). 9/18/14

Oh, by the way, Happy Birthday Mom! (I'm not saying how old she is, but Warren G. Harding was president when she was born. You figure it out!)

Badge. 9/22/14
This one was an experiment investigating the possibilities of adding randomness to a symmetrical single strand basket weave design, with a 4-point globe inside a 5-point globe at the center of the design for good measure. It's a variation on the design I used to make Wings For Jerome (For Mom) above - but while I was working on it, three different people told me it looked like a policeman's badge to them, so that's what I called it.

Pier 1 Imports. 9/24/14
I wanted to do another semi-random single stand weave design (in the shape of an egg) but I left my random number generator (dice) at home that day, so I asked 3 clerks at a Pier 1 Imports shop to call out numbers between 1 and 6 for me. Since they helped me set the parameters of the design, I named it in honor of their most excellent establishment!

Semi-Random 5-Layer Basket Weave Window. 9/26/14
I did the random thing with a double-strand weave this time, and ended up with 5 separate weaves (grey, brown, red, orange and green). The weave was so tight, I decided to just color the spaces between the strands bright yellow and let it go at that. Oh, and it's not an optical illusion - the sides of the design Do bulge out slightly.

   In my 2012 Sorta Fresh - July post I showed a picture titled Pseudo-Mandelbrot Egg. I expressed the desire to figure out how I'd gotten that spiral-y bit near the center to turn out that way. The first time was a fortuitous accident, but I wanted to be able to do it deliberately; so I sat down and studied it until I saw what I had to do.

Pseudo-Mandelbrot Spiral. 9/29/14
And I did it! Yay! The rest of the design didn't turn out too shabby either, if I do say so myself.

Here's two more picture pages. These both use what I call a 'broken weave' design element which can create some interesting color effects - depending on the color pattern followed, of course.

Black and White Test #26

Black and White Test #27

And now, because my cousin Joyce says she's addicted to Kevin Koastie, here's her weekly fix!

Beer is the answer! What was the question?