Sunday, October 26, 2014

2011 Kinda Fresh - January.

   Well, I finished up showing my work from 2012 last week. Next week I'll show my new work from October, 2014. (Yay!) But this week I'll start showing my work from 2011. 2011 was a pretty good year. I tried some new stuff for the first time, creating some pretty good designs in the process. Some of these I've shown here before, in my various specialty posts, (Globes, etc.) but I'm sure you won't mind seeing them again!
   I'm also including a few new Picture Pages and a important new Kevin Koastie cartoon. Ya know, I posted my first Kevin Koastie cartoon here on Dec. 9, 2013. I'm thinking I should do a few All Kevin Koastie posts, showing all the cartoons in order so everyone can catch up without having to scroll backward through the posts to see them. What do ya think?

IMAO Link of the Day: Semi-Random Semi-Woven Semi-Curved Semi-Linked

   Anyway, here we go.

Circular Logic. 1/13/11

Circular Logic may be one of the last P.O.C. (Points Of Contact) designs I ever did. It's simple in concept, but complex in execution. I got the idea from playing 'connect the dots' with a piece of speckled grey cardboard, trying to connect each dot with at least 3 other dots. Of course, on a plain white piece of drawing paper there are no dots, so I had to make my own dots by drawing a mess of circles and semi-circles on the page, marking a dot where ever the lines crossed, then erasing all the lines, just leaving the dots. Some of the circularity came through, but with a healthy dose of randomness to keep it interesting. I once thought it would be interesting to sprinkle some pepper on a page, circle where each speck of pepper settled, and then connect those dots just to see what it would look like. So far, I've always thought of something else more interesting that I'd rather try first, but the idea is still there, floating around in the back of my head. Dang, now I'm hungry for a pepper-steak!

Outside-In. 1/19/11

   Outside-In is a semi-random, semi-woven, semi-curved, semi-linked 5-legged structure colored from the outside to the inside. I find drawing designs like these very relaxing because they require so little conscious thought on my part.

Open Weave Easter Basket. 1/25/11

   This is something new. I've done a lot of 'weave' patterns since this one, each a little more complex than the last, but the symmetry and simplicity of this one still appeals to me. Maybe, sometimes, simple is better?

Dancing Hamster. 1/28/11

   Dancing Hamster was shown previously in my 'Genius Unintentional' post. It's a 4-point maze based design, colored from the outside-in. It might have been an unimaginative effort on my part, except that the center of the design looks like a hamster dancing on its hind-legs (to me), and that makes it 'genius'!

   Here's a couple of Picture Pages for you to play with.

Black & White Test #32

Black & White Test #33

   And now, Kevin Koastie! But first, just so that you know that this is a real thing ...
According to some, the best beer in Wisconsin!

Don't you just hate it when you loose your internet connection?

   Well, that's all for this week! Let me know if you think it'd be worthwhile to show all of Kevin Koastie's Adventures in chronological order as a sort of 'anniversary special'. Thanks!

P.S. - I used up the last of my Mead SketchBook 9" x 6" drawing paper drawing this week's episode of Kevin Koastie, so I'll be going to a 8" x 10" 4-panel format starting next week. That'll do, SketchBook, you done good.


  1. Well, at IMAO, I reposted all my "Fun Facts About the 50 States" posts just so that I could have them all in the same category.

    Blogger doesn't have categories, but it has tags.

    So maybe you could put each month's KK into one post (I guess that would be 4 in each), then tag it "Kevin Koastie January", "Kevin Koastie February", etc.

    That, or something better, as your muse directs.

    1. I like that idea. I see the "Blog Archives" list along the right hand side of the page, with particular posts listed for the current month, then earlier posts grouped by month and year. Are those the "tags" you meant? If not, how do I make a tag?

  2. Re: Your Point-Of-Contact, connect-the-dots system:

    You could be a world-renowned tattoo artist. All you need is a freckly, patient assistant.

    1. Or a client with back acne? (Eeeuuuw!) :-)