Sunday, October 19, 2014

2012 Sorta Fresh - The Final Chapter (October and November).

   Tonight I'll be showing off the work I completed in October, 2012, plus the few I did in November of that year which I didn't give away to family and friends as Christmas presents. Besides that stuff, I've got some more picture pages and a new cartoon you might find amusing.

IMAO Link of the Day: A Little Nuts On That One.

Pattern Experiment. 10/1/12

   Once again, I tried to integrate the roundness of a sphere with the vertical and horizontal lines of a grid pattern. The result was good visually, but still crude (to me) in it's execution. But hey, I even learn from my mistakes, so one of these days I'll get it right!

The Final Smack-Down. 10/3/12

   The Final Smack-Down started out as an angel picture, but ended up looking like two angels fighting. Go ahead, Michael! Smack him one for me!

Angel of the Dynamic Balance. 10/9/12

   I did several 'angel' pictures in October that year. Maybe I was praying more than usual just before the election? (sigh)

Mobius Angel. 10/18/12
   I even started calling things angels that weren't really angels at all! Hmm... this one has a sort of Mobius pumpkin look to it, now that I come to think about it!

I Think I Went a Little Nuts On This One. 10/23/12

   These last three pictures are all based on the same elongated circle framework, with variations. You can probably tell I was stuck for a title for this one.

   And now, here's two completely different designs from November, 2012.

12 Color Cascade With Random Nodes of Confluence. 11/9/12

Burrows. 11/13/14

   And that's it for art from 2012! Everything I did in December that year was given away. I'll most likely do the same thing again this year, but this year, for the first time, I have a scanner! Yay! So I'll at least have a record of my work that I can share on the interwebs.

Now here's a couple of Picture Pages.

Black and White Test #30

Black and White Test #31

Finally, our hero recklessly demonstrates the Power of Positive Thinking!

"They Like Me! They Really Like Me!"


  1. So THAT'S what you meant by "I can use that" in Harvey's post about McCoy's ring....

    1. "Pattern Experiment" crude? It's a bulging masterpiece!

    2. Once you've seen a salt shaker in "Angel of the Dynamic Balance," you can't unsee it.

    3. Find a Italian bakery with a "S" in its name, and selling them a print of "Mobius Angel" should be easy --- there are a cannoli and a "S" in the center!

    4. "Went a Little Nuts on This One" could be an aerial view of a pro football stadium from the Goodyear blimp -- if you're having a really interesting vision moment. Or, viewing the clash of two teams through a Collide-o-scope.

    1. Thanks, Oppo!
      I was thinking about having the Doctor aboard the Free Enterprise getting his hands on Mr. Sprock's ring (slipping it onto his pinkie finger, of course,) as a sort of tribute to Deforester Kelly. What effect that would have on the good doctor, I've haven't worked out yet - Maybe turn him into a Dwarf?

      I like Pattern Experiment, but I think I could improve it with some more work.