Sunday, October 12, 2014

2012 Sorta Fresh - September.

   Last week I did a post titled "2014 Fresh - September". Coincidentally this week I'm showing work from a different September. Don't let it spook you, OK?
IMAO Link of the Day: Trans-Dimensional Ninja Stealth Monkeys.

Almost Symmetrical Receding Spiral. 9/5/12

   This is the last of the Spiral-Mania collection. I tried to combine a dream-catcher pattern with spirals instead of circles, then colored it in from the top and bottom at the same time, which made it pretty close to symmetrical, but the randomness had it's say and increased as I got closer to the center. The center does seem to be receding, which is cool. Remember, it's not small, it's just very far away.

Rounding the Square. 9/9/12

   Still playing with my protractor, trying to integrate a square grid with a radial grid. I'd return to this again later in the month and in October.

Trans-Dimensional Ninja Stealth Monkeys. 9/13/12

   This may not be the first design in which trans-dimensional ninja stealth monkeys appeared, but it IS the first design in which I noticed they were there! I even drew a sketch of one in the lower right corner to try to help other people see what I meant by the title. Here, let me blow up that detail for you...

Trans-Dimensional Ninja Stealth Monkey (detail)

Ah, there's the sneaky litter booger! A girl once asked me where I get my ideas for my designs.
I told her, "I just draw what I see, my dear!".  Well, that's a good story, but it ain't exactly true. I have no idea where I get my ideas for my designs, but I get the titles for my designs from the designs themselves! Like with this next one, for example.

Serenity. 9/19/12

Serenity is a development  of what I tried in Stealth Monkeys, only with about twice as many fiddly-bits and 4 times as many colors. The stealth monkeys are there again, only smaller, and that bit up near the top center of the design was completely unexpected; so I started coloring the design from that point, out to the edges, to make sure it would remain noticeable. I call it "The Space Puppy" and it looks so calm and undisturbed by the chaos around it, that I named the design after what the 'Space Puppy' seems to be experiencing. You will always need serenity when you're dealing with ninja stealth monkeys! A-yup, I reckon! (Heh, if you don't like that story, make up one of your own, I won't mind!)

Breaking Out. 9/27/12

   The combination of lines, shapes, sizes and colors in Breaking Out really helped create the illusion of roundness (or perhaps bulginess). But there's always room for improvement.

   Now here's 2 more picture pages. They're similar in outline, but differ in the details. Hammering out the details of this design is trickier than I thought at first.

Black and White Test #28

Black and White Test #29

And now, with a subtle nod to the artistic skillz of FrankJ at IMAO, another episode of Kevin Koastie! Enjoy!

If you can't be honest, at least be interesting.


  1. Ummm, you'd better copyright or trademark "Space Puppy" before any corporations do.

    I foresee a future in which kids have Space Puppy toys and stuffed animals, and movie versions are everywhere.

    1. Hmmm... I hadn't thought of that! Maybe I'll work The Space Puppy into a future episode of Kevin Koastie, kind of like The Watcher from Marvel comics, only fuzzier? Thanks, Oppo!

  2. Heh... Plan K-9 From Outer Space.

    I assume a space kitten would be heavily involved with string theory.

    1. Hmmm... a puppy with infinite Cosmic powers... that reminds me of the joke about the agnostic insomniac with dyslexia who stayed up all night wondering if Dog existed.