Sunday, November 23, 2014

2011 Kind'a Fresh - April.

   Tonight I'll be revealing my work from April, 2011. I'll also begin revealing why we're not all bowing before our Elvish Overlords (yet).

IMAO Link of the Day: Coffee-Stained Mess-terpiece.

As an aside; it just dawned on me that's it's been over a year since I created my first post here. Of course, it wasn't until Dec. 3, 2013 that I did my second post - I had to get a scanner - but I've been going gang-busters ever since. So far, 61 posts, and 18,170 page views. Thanks to all the bloggers and fans at IMAO for your encouragement. Just tonight, Harvey sent me an E-mail with the subject line, "Saw this, thought of you". It's both encouraging and inspiring - it's simple, once you see it, but I admit I'd never thought of it before! Here it is:

(How to draw your hand in 3D)

   First up is another coffee-stained mess-terpiece. As I recall, I coffee-stained the paper deliberately, just for the fun of it. As it turned out, it was appropriate, considering the dark subject matter of this design.

3 Day Power Outage (It Sucked!). 4/10/11

   We were without lights or power for 3 days in early April - making do with candles and lanterns at night, which were chilly 'cause we didn't have heat either. Now, with another color selection, this same design could have been as cheery and happy as a day in Spring, but after living without television for 3 days my wife was in a foul mood, and as everyone knows, "If Momma ain't happy, ain't Nobody happy!". Fortunately, power was restored, good humor returned, and life was good again! Yay!

Seeking True Center. 4/20/11

   Seeking True Center is a off-kilter dream catcher. What appears to be the center of the design is actually about 1/2 inch to the left of the center of the page. To reveal the true center, I used my trusty compass to draw one circle around the true center point in dark brown or mahogany (I disremember which). I then colored the rest of the design from the inside-out, the outside-in, and from the true circle in both directions. This broke up the color progression which otherwise would have been  pretty, but uninteresting. Again, a little carefully crafted randomness brought the design to life!
   Oh, and I did the background cross-hatching and shading in shades of blue and green, just because.

Symmetrical Pulses. 4/22/11

   Symmetrical Pulses is exactly like Seeking True Center, except for the places where it's completely different. The background cross-hatching, for example, is what I tried but failed to do for the background of Seeking True Center; but I learned from my mistake that time, so that's all right.
   And whereas Seeking True Center was a off-kilter design and this one is exactly bulls-eye perfectly centered... hmmm... never mind! Except that they both incorporate circles in their designs, they're nothing alike.

Closed Weave Easter Basket. 4/26/11

   This one is an attempt to re-capture the magic of my earlier work, Open Weave Easter Basket.
I mean this one.
But I got busy fiddling with the details - double strand weave instead of single strand, trying to
3-D-ify the corners, and filling in the stretched bits of the weave instead of leaving them open. And then there's that weird 'eye-thing' going on at the center! Let me give you a close-up of that.
What was I thinking?!

   Oh well, I've passed a lot of water since then. I learn a little more with each design, even if it's something to add to my list of what doesn't work!

   Now here's two more picture pages, and then Kevin Koastie!

Black & White Test #41

Black & White Test #42

   Here's a little video  that helped inspire tonight's cartoon.

Oops! "Immortal" is spelled with two M's! Dang!


  1. If we could see sound waves, then "Symmetrical Pulses" could be seen as the wave propagation, from the center, of the 'Close Encounters' theme -- or some other. (Or maybe "We Will Rock You.")

    1. Boom, Boom, Pow! Boom, Boom, Pow! We will ... We will ... Rock you!
      Yeah, I can see that! I may try that 3D trick that Harvey showed me to make another sort of "Ripple" design. Hmmm... the "Idea" of sound waves?
      Thanks, Oppo!

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