Monday, November 10, 2014

2011 Kind'a Fresh - February.

   Tonight I'll be displaying my work from February, 2011. I did 5 designs that month. One has been posted here before, as far as I can recall, but most are completely new! Also 2 new Picture Pages and a tragically flawed new episode of Kevin Koastie.
IMAO Link of the Day: Smudges and Streaks and Smears, Oh My!

Raw February - On Coffee Stained Paper. 2/4/11

   What do you do when you spill your coffee on a new design while it's still in the pencil-sketch stage but looking really interesting and you don't want to throw it out and start over again? Easy! You soak the whole page in coffee, press it out between two paper towels, let it dry, and pretend that "I meant to do that!".

Implied Connections. 2/11/11

   Implied Connections started out as a 3-point maze but then I decided to get fancy with it. The title refers to a trick I tried with the color application, whereby the colors continued behind the forms you can see to the next adjoining forms that they would have connected with if they were real, 3-dimensional forms. I don't know If it makes the picture better, but it sure forced me to think about what I was doing at every step of the process.
   Then I did it again, only different.

The Swarm (Mostly Blue). 2/16/11

   This one gave me a creepy "Look out! They're coming for you!" vibe - (but in a Good way). So I named it The Swarm. Drawing a design that incorporates several changes in scale is hard. The individual elements are easy enough, but it's the points of conversion where the scale changes size that causes me to burn a few extra brain cells as I try to link everything together as seamlessly as possible.

Early Spring. 2/22/14

   Let's see.... I went from 'Raw February' to 'Early Spring' in only 18 days. There must have been a major change in the weather that year. ((Curse You, Global Warming!) This one is another Point Of Contact design, with the circles even more pronounced than in the last one I showed here (Circular Logic - 1/13/11) .

Created In My Image. 2/28/11

   This one is a sort of partial self-portrait. Do you remember making a turkey picture as a school make-work project around Thanksgiving time? The kiddies trace the outline of their hands on a piece of paper, then try to make it look like a turkey. This reminds me of one of those 'aura photographs' that were all the  buzz several years ago, but maybe that's just me!

   Now here's some Picture pages for you!

Black and White Test - #e36.

These last two are different, except for where they're the same.

Black & White Test #37

And now, something went wrong when I was drawing this week's cartoon. I tell ya, if I was paid for drawing these, I'd have had to throw out this effort and start again from scratch! (smudges). But then I thought, "Hey! It's still readable! Go for it!" So I did! Heck, you may not even notice the numerous streaks and smears that mar this weeks efforts. The puzzle is, I used the same pens and paper to draw last week's cartoon without a single streak! So what did I do wrong this week? Or to put it another way, what did I do Right last week?

When the smartest guy on the good ship Free Enterprise says "It's Complicated" you Know it's complicated!

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