Monday, November 17, 2014

2011 Kind'a Fresh - March.

   Tonight I'll be showing off the work I did in March, 2011. Tonight I'm also cooking a big pot of potato and chicken gizzard stew, but that's another story. 
    Oh, more good news! I bought some new pens to ink my cartoons with, and they're faster drying than the one I was using before, so no smudges this week! Yay!

Update:  11/17/14 - My computer was working slower than molasses last night, so this evening I downloaded some software from (As seen on TV!) and cleaned up my machine. Now it runs like new! Yay! Anyway, that's why I didn't finish this post on Sunday night. Sorry for the delay.

Simple Zig-Zag With Links. 3/3/11
   Have you ever noticed something for the first time, even though it's been right under your nose for years? I use a 6-point grid pattern that I drew to help me draw my cubic-style designs. I clip the pattern and my drawing paper to a clear plastic clipboard, secure the bottoms of the pages with a rubber band, and then hold the clipboard  up to the light. I can see the pattern through the paper and that helps me draw the guide lines that are the beginning of each design. Well, one day, trying to decide what to draw next, I noticed (for the first time) the artistic possibilities of the grid pattern itself!
   I later developed this into the 12 point, 18 dimension, chain-reaction zig-zag net, but this is where it started!

Complex Zig-Zag with Links and Windows. 3/9/11

   The difference between this one and the first one is in my treatment of the secondary structures. Whereas before I'd filled in the spaces between the lines with pointy bits, this time I extended the pointy bits all the way through the middle to the next adjoining line, which gave the whole design a more 3-D-ish look. Of course, that made it harder to connect all the bits with links, so I left those bits open and called them 'windows'. Quite simple, really!

Daylight Savings Time - Spring Ahead. 3/13/11

   With this one I was playing with the ability to create the illusion of depth by simply changing the direction of the lines. The illusion becomes more pronounced if you hold the picture at an angle of about 70 degrees and look at it with one eye closed - just sayin'...

Caught a Falling Star. 3/17/11

   How did that old song go? "Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket; save it for a rainy day!"
Been there, done that!

Perry Como boogies down.

Windmill. 3/22/11

   Everything just came together with this design! (One of my favorites.) The forms, the proportions, the selection of colors and the way the colors flowed to fill the design - it's all good! Now, if I could just do that every time! But then again, if they were all masterpieces, I'd never learn anything new!

   Well, that's all the art from March, 2011. Here's 3 Picture Pages, and then a New and Improved episode of Kevin Koastie!

Black & White Test #38
Black & White Test #39

Black & White Test #40

Even Anthropomorphic Personifications need Love too!


  1. We sang, "Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket and catch your pants on fire."

    1. "Or would you rather swing on a star, Carry moonbeams home in a jar, and be better off than you are? Or would you rather be a pig?"

      "Are those my only choices?"

      (Heh! I'm glad we didn't learn everything we know about astronomy, physics or biology from popular songs!) :-)