Monday, November 3, 2014

2014 Fresh - October.

Tonight I'll be showing the work I completed in October, 2014. I don't know if I'm getting better, but I think I'm definitely getting faster, because I completed 12 designs in 31 days. Well, the first one doesn't count, because I started that one near the tail-end of September, so call it 11.5 designs. Still, that's pretty fast. If I was working in an art factory, the other workers would be pressuring me to "work slower! Do you want the rest of us to look bad?".

IMAO Link of the Day: Pirates Everywhere.

Piercing the Darkness. (In Memory of Emma). 10/1/14

   I drew this one in memory of a little old lady I met. She was my wife's roommate at the nursing home for several months. When I visited with Mary, I'd read to her, and Emma liked to listen to me reading to Mary. So, after Mary died, I continued to visit with Emma on the weekends and I'd read to her. Well, she died in September so I drew this picture in her memory. Sometimes I get to do the scripture readings at church on Sunday. People tell me I read good. I tell them I've had a lot of practice. Rest in Peace, Emma.

Symmetrical Chaos. 10/3/14

I did several variations of a 'broken weave' design in October. These first two were built to a circular structure, and these next three are built to a rectangular/diagonal structure. I found that the final result depends on where you start; in both the designing and the coloring.

Jolly Roger (Arrr!) 10/6/14

   Since I've been 'celebrating' Talk Like A Pirate Day for 6 weeks so far in The Adventures of Kevin Koastie, I may be excused for seeing Pirate paraphernalia  even in abstract geometric designs.

Spruce. 10/8/14

   Spruce is named after a Chihuahua-sized, wire-haired, bug-eyed, little rat-dog we used to own when I was a kid. He was a good dog, but just about as homely as a dog can be. We named him spruce because his fur was like pine-needles. Imagine my surprise when I saw his distorted visage peering out at me from the lines and colors of this design!
   So I decided I'd try to replicate the result by trying to replicate the process.

Furious Gloom 2. 10/10/14

   This one also had a sort of face-like quality, but not quite as dog-like, so I named it after my old imaginary buddy Furious Gloom.
I mean this guy.

   Then, inspired by a comment Jimmy left at IMAO, I began trying to adapt my designs to the form of a Mobius Strip.

Mobius-ish Strip (first attempt). 10/14/14

Mobius-ish Strip (second attempt). 10/17/14

   Neither of these designs quite capture the paradox of a Mobius strip - that is, of a 3 dimensional form with only one side and one edge - but they do prove that figure 8's are a lot harder to draw than humble circles. Anyway, here's a Musey for Jimmy for the idea.
A Musey for Jimmy!

   This next one started as another stab at a Mobius strip, morphed into a semi-random single strand weave pattern, with a central mirror reflection design, but then I faced a problem.

The Fly (close up) 10/21/14
I had to tip it on its side and call it "The Fly" to avoid any title that would include the phrase "blue balls". Phew! I'm glad I was clever enough to avoid That embarrassment!

Going Out In a Blaze Of Glory. 10/22/14

   This one is a tribute to the first 10 colors in my current box of 100 colors to dwindle down to less than 3 inches in length. So I literally "decimated" them; but I got one last good picture out of them on their way out. Rest in Pieces, Black, Pale Grey, Midnight Brown, Brown, Peach, Mandarin, Golden Rod, Apple Green, Dark Blue and Soft Lavender.

   I finished off the month playing with variations of a briar-weave design.

Almost Perfect. 10/24/14

Autumn Rose. 10/28/14

More Perfecter. 10/30/14

Now here's two more Picture Pages, and then a new Kevin Koastie cartoon! Yay!

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