Tuesday, December 23, 2014

2011 Sort'a Fresh - July (Plus some more Christmas goodies).

   Hello again! Tonight I'll be showing off the work I completed in July, 2011. I must have been short of drawing paper that summer, because everything I drew was either on the back of an FDIC form I "borrowed" from the bank, or on multi-colored card stock.
IMAO Link of the Day: Christmas and Just a Little Summer.

   But first, here's some more of the Christmas art I've been giving away. (I scanned each one into my computer before I presented them.)

   For the sake of comparison, let me re-post the last Christmas design I created that I displayed in last weeks post. (2011 Sort'a Fresh - May & June.)

3-Point Christmas Globe 2.0. 12/12/14

3-Point Christmas Globe 3.0. 12/16/14

The design of all three 3-point globes is very similar in structure, but I managed to get different results with this one by modifying my pattern of color application. I learn as I go.

Kaleidoscope Christmas. 12/16/14

Bramble Weave Christmas. 12/18/14
   With this one, I figured out a new way to add another illusion of depth to the drawing via the careful use of random numbers. I also tweaked the corners by setting 2 quarters of the design vertically, and the other 2 quarters horizontally. I liked the result so much, I tried it again (with variations.) I called it Bramble Weave Christmas 2.0. The structure of the design was the same, but the colors were different. Unfortunately, I gave that one away before I could scan it. Sorry.

Simple Perfection. 12/21/14
   This one is a single strand symmetrical weave. There are actually 6 weaves stacked on top of each other - 2 shades of grey, brown umber, maroon, mandarin and yellow. Then, working from the center, I added layers of black, aqua green, royal blue, and a sort of metallic lavender, with the previous six colors in chromatic order until I reach the edge. I ended up using each color exactly 3 times to complete the design, which seems pretty darned perfect to me! So of course I had to try it again, using the same basic pattern and the same colors, but with the introduction of the Random Element!

Complex Perfection. 12/22/14
   It's amazing how a little monkeying with a simple design can complicate things!.
So, I tried it again. This time I left out the single strand weaves and kept the Randomness. It's not finished, but I think it's going well.

Work in Progress.
   You can see how one idea leads to another. You can probably also see the pinhole in the exact center of this design where I jabbed in the compass to draw the foundation circles. (sigh) I usually hide that by making sure at least one ink line goes through the center, or by obscuring it with some dark color. (the tricks of the trade.)

Update: 12/24/14 - I finished it! Here it is!

Hyper-Complex Perfection. 12/24/14
   Now that I've showed off my new stuff, let me show you some new Old stuff.

Semi-Fractured Spiral. 7/1/11

Punctuated Spiral. 7/8/11

Fabulous Gloom. 7/14/11

Mid Summer Snowflake. 7/21/11

   I'm glad I found room for one more snowflake in this, my last post before Christmas, 2014!

Deceptively Simple Spiral. 7/27/11

   Well, that's all for Christmas, 2014 as well as July, 2011! And now, a Brand New, Sparkling, Bacon and Cabbage flavored episode of The Adventures of Kevin Koastie!
Note: After re-reading my own 'Year in Review' posts, I decided to try displaying my cartoons at less-than full-sized mode, so they will fit on the screen. I figured that if people have to shift left, right, up and down to read the danged cartoon, they might not bother to make the effort! So, here it is in a new, compact, easy to read size. Is that OK with y'all?

What kind of freak would brew a Bacon & Cabbage flavored beer? Well, me for one! (only brewed one case of it, too!)

Have a blessed, safe and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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